A Mother Loses Her Daughter To COVID-19 After Her Own Fight With The Disease
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Melita Nichols tells the story of losing her 27-year-old daughter, Qunia "Nia" Roberts, to the coronavirus after her own fight with COVID-19. Roberts remains one of the youngest people to die of the disease in hard-hit southwest Georgia.

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The President, COVID-19, and Impact on the American Public
On October 2nd, 2020 President Trump announced that he and his wife, Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. After disclosing his positive test, President Trump was taken to Walter Reed hospital, and questions and rumors circulated about his condition. In press conferences from Walter Reed, medical professionals cited HIPAA privacy laws for not sharing specific details regarding the president’s health, leaving the American public guessing. After a controversial car ride around Walter Reed by the president, questions remained about the exposure to COVID-19 of those closest to him. On October 5th, the president was released from Walter Reed, when he gave a thumbs up before walking inside the White House and took off his mask. Now back at the White House, will this experience result in any change? On Lawyer 2 Lawyer, host Craig Williams is joined by Harry Nelson, founder and managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, the largest boutique healthcare law firm in Los Angeles, to discuss the health of the president and whether it is a national security issue to not know his condition; to take a look at White House staff members and others testing positive; and to consider the duty of all employers to keep employees safe, the controversy over wearing masks, and the impact of the president’s words regarding the virus on the American public. Special thanks to our sponsors, Blue J Legal and LEX Reception.
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