The Shifting Landscape Of Sports During A Pandemic
17 min

Eric Jackson, who covers sports for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, says some of the ways that leagues and teams are adapting to competition during the pandemic may be with us for some time.

For the Life of the World / Yale Center for Faith & Culture
For the Life of the World / Yale Center for Faith & Culture
Matthew Croasmun, Drew Collins, Miroslav Volf, Ryan McAnnally-Linz, Evan Rosa
Joyful Recognition, All Is Gift: Four Perspectives on Gratitude in 2020 / Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Sarah Schnitker, Jessica Hooten Wilson, Miroslav Volf
Defining gratitude as joyful recognition, the courage to be grateful, comparing gratitude for self-help vs gratitude in prayer, resilience, seeing all as gift and everything as grace. Featuring: Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Sarah Schnitker, Jessica Hooten Wilson, and Miroslav Volf. Show Notes * 1:07 - Miroslav Volf * Our gratitude for you listeners! * Sometimes complaint comes easier than gratitude, requiring the courage to be grateful. * Misconceptions about gratitude: repayment of debt, obligation to the giver, a strategy for happiness or subjective well-being. * Miroslav’s view of gratitude: Joyful recognition * Gratitude is "joy over the giver, joy over the gift, joy over having received the gift and having been set into relation to the giver marked by freedom.” * 6:45 - Stacey Floyd-Thomas * Slow down and focus on what matters most * Despite what may seem grim in this moment, redeem now as a holy time. * Gratitude as not merely a disposition but an essential duty of defiance and determination that keeps us bound to our first duty: to care for our neighbors as our very best selves. * Maya Angelou: “Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you say your nightly prayer, and let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” * 10:18 - Sarah Schnitker * Praying gratitude together as more than self-help * The difference between gratitude as prayer and gratitude as a tool for feeling happier * 14:30 - Jessica Hooten Wilson * “Thank you for the fleas.” Corrie Ten Boom’s _The Hiding Place_ * 1 Thessalonians: “Give thanks in all circumstances." * "All is gift. Even sufferings of many kinds are gifts if we offer them up and allow God to redeem them." * Cultivate a gracious imagination that sees all as grace A recent review from one of our listeners: "So much is happening and our society has rules where we often check our deepest meaning systems at the door. This works until a year like this year when we need to draw on much deeper resources, and we want a way to connect as a community. This group seems committed to softening those isolating norms, and showing us all what that could look like to do so with love and respect." (Donnied48, 10/5/2020, via Apple Podcasts)
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