Healthy AF
Trying to get healthy and stay healthy is f-ing hard! Everybody struggles with some aspect of it, no matter what they look like or what they tell you. There is no magic formula - a healthy lifestyle is a choice we need to make daily. This podcast is here to support, inform and entertain you on your journey towards health.  Join Amy Chang and Fran Paradine, both Health Coaches, as they talk about their own struggles, interview super-cool “experts”, and discuss all topics related to health. Fran Paradine, LCSW, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach partners with women and men to overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks that stop them from reaching their optimal health. After spending 20 years in the mental health field and 10 years as a small business owner, Fran knows how difficult it can be to create lasting changes.  She has counseled hundreds of individuals, mentored many more, and has created a podcast focused on the multi-faceted world of wellness called Creating Wellness. In addition to her work with individuals, she has operated a small business in her community, thus living the balancing act of work, family and health.  Fran is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching.  Outside of her passion for Health Coaching, Fran loves to spend time with her family, particularly in the outdoors. She is deeply involved with the sport of lacrosse and is always up for a workout or trail run. Fran believes in the power of compassion and community, and knows that true change can only take place within a trusting relationship.  Amy Chang, MS, RN, NBC-HWC Hey there! I am thrilled to share a little about me so you can get a sense of the passion and dedication that is present at Healthy Living Coaching. From Amy...I started my professional life in 1995 as a Registered Nurse with an Associate’s degree in Nursing. I loved my time at the bedside taking care of, educating, providing dignity, and comforting patients and their families. In 1999, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my bachelor’s degree from University of Rochester (NY), and in 2002 finished my Master of Science in Nursing degree, becoming a Critical Care Nurse Practitioner. Later that year I was honored to pass my board exam and be a national board certified Adult, Acute Care, Critical Care Advanced Practice Nurse. Meanwhile, in my personal life, I became a mom in March of 2001 (Maggie), October of 2002 (Max), and again in November of 2004 (Molly)! It was a busy time and I chose to leave my nursing career for the moment and take on being a full-time Mom. In addition to being with the children, I found two passions: CrossFit, when I became an athlete, trainer, and eventually gym owner, and Hickory Day School, where I was president of the board and volunteer.  As the children grew and my life shifted, I looked to reignite my professional life. I never let go of the nurse in me and now I had a new love for training people at CrossFit as well. I knew I loved both roles for the same reason — I got to educate and inspire people to take control of their health, have more confidence and self-efficacy, and thrive in their lives!  I just wasn’t sure the best way for me to make this a career… Then BOOM! The perfect email at the perfect time perfectly intersected my passions. I opened an email from Duke Integrative Medicine offering the Health and Wellness Coaching program and I was lit!! Health coaching was my next big chapter. I attended the Foundation and Certification program offered at Duke over the next year (2019-2020) and Healthy Living Coaching was born! Since then I have worked with people to create inspired health for lit up living! It has been a calling for me and a privilege to walk alongside people as they take responsibility and power in areas of their health that have been lagging behind. Together, we go from defeated, anxious and out of control of their health to in control, “lighter” (in both ways!) and finding everyday joy.
Healthy AF
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