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CBS This Morning
Jan 26, 2021
Anti-Defamation League's Jonathan Greenblatt on the rise of anti-Semitism
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Acts of anti-Semitism jumped nearly 124% from 2015 to 2019, according to the ADL. Nazi symbols appearing during the assault on the U.S. Capitol are just the latest example of anti-Semitic incidents. CBS News senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod spoke with the Anti-Defamation League's CEO Jonathan Greenblatt about the recent rise in hatred against Jews.

The Music Podcast for Kids!
The Music Podcast for Kids!
The Music Podcast for Kids!
The Music of Ireland
Join Mr. Henry and Mr. Fite on an exciting adventure as they take a hot air balloon to Ireland. We run into Mr. Hairylegs and make a snack run before the big trip. This is part one of a two-part series. Wish us luck as we learn about the music of Ireland! Check out our YouTube channel: ***Classroom and Homeschool Teachers*** Find our digital resource to help enhance your classroom HERE! Like us on Facebook! Mr. Fite Check out original fun and educational music from Mr. Fite at and subscribe to Mr. Fite’s YouTube Channel Mr. Henry Learn music and the piano with Mr. Henry by subscribing to his YouTube channel: Mr. Henry’s Music World (Theme Song): Let the music begin in 3, 2, 1... Learning music, having fun. That’s what we’re gonna do. Mr. Henry, Mr. Fite, exploring along with you. Learning music, having fun. That’s what we’re gonna do. Mr. Henry, Mr. Fite love hanging out with you. The Music Podcast for Kids! Hello and welcome to The Music Podcast for Kids we're your hosts Mr. Henry and Mr. Fite - Music educators extraordinaire! The Music Podcast for Kids is a fun and educational podcast where we learn and explore the best subject ever - music! (sound of a hot air balloon) Bill: Ok, just give it a little more, put this strap here...and yup I think we are about ready. Bruce: Hey Mr. Henry, so umm yeah where did you get this? Bill: Oh yeah I got this on Shaz am azon Bruce: Wow, I didn't know you could get an entire hot air balloon… Bill: . Oh, yeah. It was a good deal too. So are you ready? Bruce: Ready for what? Bill: Oh come on Mr. Fite, ready for our trip with the hot air balloon. Bruce: Are you certified to operate this thing? Bill: . Certified? Well it did come with this certificate that says...congratulations you now own a certified hot air yeah..I'm certified...Oh come on, just going up and down is no big deal. Plus I read the manual front to back so no worries. Bruce: Well, sure does look fun. Bill: Hop on in! Ok..let's give a little more juice and up we go! Bruce: Wow, this is pretty cool. Look at the view! Bill: Yeah I know and imagine the view when we get to our final destination. Bruce: umm final destination? Bill: Yup, Ireland! Bruce: Ireland!??? But that's a bazillion miles away. Bill: Yeah I know, it’ll be so awesome to travel across the world with this beautiful view to get to ireland and learn all about irish music. Bruce: Mr. Henry! How are we going to get all the way across the ocean in this thing! It’s impossible. Bill: Well if you say it's impossible, then it will be just think positive. We will be fine. Bruce: Fine? What about food and water??? Bill: Oh I got a couple boxes of granola bars and I figured it would have to rain eventually so just fill up our cups and whala...water! Bruce: Oh boy...this is definitely not a good idea. Bill: But look at that can we turn back now. Bruce: Well...Ok...It would be cool to see what's going on with music in Ireland. Bill: Yeah uhh any idea what this thing does? Bruce: I thought you said you read the manual front to back. Bill: . Did I say front to back? Oh I meant the front and back...kinda skipped all the stuff in the middle. Too many words... Bruce: Too many words…? Too many words…? Oh boy Bill: Well I’m sure we can figure it out. No worries. Here we come Ireland! And now, the music joke of the day. We love jokes, so if you have a joke, please visit our website to submit your joke. And guess what? It doesn't even have to be a music joke; it can be any joke. We will read and enjoy your joke on the podcast and also let everyone know who it came from and where you are in this great big wonderful music world. Our joke of the day is... This joke today comes from Georgia. Okay Mr. Fite, why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn't peeling well. This Joke comes from and I hope I’m pronouncing this correctly, Sneya. Why didn’t the turkey cross the street? To prove it wasn’t a chicken Make sure to send in your jokes by visiting our website: A link to the website can be found in the show notes. And now, the music word of the day. Bruce: Before we get to our main subject of the day, Music of Ireland, let’s take a look at the music word of the day: Meter! Bill: Meter is Music can also be called time signature. Bruce: Ah yes a time signature..let me just grab my pen here and sign my name..I know you’ve always wanted my autograph Mr. Henry, with being super popular n stuff and... Bill: . No Mr. Fite, I’m not interested in your autograph or signature. Bruce: Oh whoops..sorry about that. Bill: I would be interested in Taylor Swift's autograph though... Bruce: Ok..yeah yeah yeah . Bill: Right, so anyway...I was saying TIME signature. The time signature or Meter is a collection of numbers found at the beginning of music. There are usually two numbers with one number on top and the other on the bottom. Bruce: Ah, just like a fraction! Bill: Well, it does kinda look like a fraction, only fractions have a line that separates the top and bottom number. The meter or time signature does not have that line. Bruce: Ok, got it, so there are two numbers that are stacked on top of each other. Bill: . Correct, the bottom number is usually 4, although it can be a different number which is always multiplied by the number 2. Bruce: Ok, so let me get my calculator out and yes...and hmmm...carry the one… and 4 times 2 = …….. 8! Bill: Correct, so the bottom number could be an 8 and other numbers like 16, 32, 64, 128, 256…. Bruce: Woah woah woah! 256? Bill: . Ok, maybe not 256. The most common numbers on the bottom are 4 and 8. Bruce: Cool. What about the top number? Bill: The top number can literally be any number on the planet. Bruce: Sweet, so like my favorite number? Bill: Sure Mr. Fite, yes your favorite number can be on the top of our time signature. Bruce: Wanna know what it is? Huh do ya? Wanna know...waaaaaannnna a know what my favorite number is? Bill: Oh boy! Yeah fine ok, what's your favorite number? Bruce: Two million, three hundred and forty six. Bill: Oh boy…… well ok I didn't see that coming...umm yeah sorry we probably would never see your favorite number as the top number in meter.. Bruce: Ah darn. Bill: Yeah typically we see number like 2, 3 and 4 on the top part of our time signature. We do also see 6, and 12 as well! Bruce: Cool! But not two million, three hundred and forty six. Bill: No Bruce: Right of course! Ok, so the top number could be 2 and the bottom number could be 4….. 2/4. Bill: You betcha. And lots of the time, music that is in 2/4 has a marching kinda style to it! Bruce: Sweet, what about 3 on top and 4 on the bottom? 3.4! Bill: Well sure! ¾ has a swaying kinda sound to it... like this….. It makes you want to sway back and forth as you listen. Bruce: And what about 4 on top and 4 on bottom? Bill: Well Mr. Fite 4/4 is the most popular meter of them all. Basically if you hear music you can bop your head back and forth to, as you listen, or dance to, it’s probably in 4/4. Lots of music we listen to is in the meter of 4/4. It's so common, that they even call it common time! Bruce: Pretty cool. So, these numbers have a big effect on how the music feels. Bill: That's a great way to put it Mr. Fite. Yes, if a person is writing music and they want to create a sound that makes people move or feel a certain way, they have to be careful with which meter they choose. Bruce: Right, just like you said, if a composer wants to write music for a marching band at a parade, they have the option to write the music in 2/4. Bill: Exactly. And that's the word of the day! TOGETHER: METER! Thank you so much for listening. We hope you are enjoying the show so far. Please subs…
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