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The promise and potential of cannabis become clearer every day. As myth is replaced by science and folklore by evidence, everything we thought we knew about this much maligned plant is up for grabs. Brave New Weed Podcast is the voice of the post prohibitionist era. Hosted by author Joe Dolce, and co-host Matthew Hendershot, the discussions are guaranteed to be fun, fearless, and informed. This podcast follows the publication of Dolce’s Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis, a book that the New York Times called “a loving rethink of all things marijuana.” Dolce has gathered the most provocative leaders, thinkers and shapers of new world weed to explore the hottest topics of the day. In addition to exploring WeedCulture, WeedScience, WeedHealth, WeedProducts, WeedPolitics, he’ll also include opponents of normalization, so that he can challenge their positions and give them a damn hard time. The primary focus of the podcast is on the uncanny natural healing power of CBD and THC, but topics and stories are expanded as appropriate to capture the cultural zeitgeist of the day. Make sure to share us with your friends and follow us on social media:
Brave New Weed
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