Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
Nov 26, 2020
Episode 95 - Is Cannabis the New Chardonnay?
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In The New Chardonnay author Heather Cabot followed the cannabis boom and bust. It isn't pretty.

Heather Cabot is a fine journalist and a mom of a certain age. She is a part of a growing cohort of women that cannabis marketers call “Chardonnay moms.” These newly minted cannabists would use cannabis but abhor going to a dispensary to get it, prefer a discreet edible to smoking a joint, and are unlikely to tell their friends about their use. I enjoyed her recent book, The New Chardonnay, because it takes you on a rollicking ride through the boom boom days of the cannabis bubble, which has since burst.

Cabot traveled the country with some colorful characters, including Snoop Dogg, who, she reveals on this podcast, refused to grant her an interview. She chronicles the illusions and delusions of people who were hoping to make a killing in cannabis and instead got killed thanks to some shady deals with some shady characters.

Heather, who has never used the plant, learned a lot about it; still, at the end of this podcast she confesses that she would still be upset if her teenage sons tried it. That’s an interesting reaction, especially from someone who researched and understands the extraordinary safety profile of the plant. Old stigmas die hard -- even with this well educated chardonnay mom.

On another note...Our friends at Sun + Earth are launching a crowdfunding campaign to create a certification program and educate consumers about regenerative organic cannabis growing. I support this organization and urge you to as well. While industrialized growing under energy sucking lights seems sadly inevitable, this Sun+Earth is promoting other regenerative sustainable models that can support small farmers and renew soil rather than deplete it. The crowdfunding campaign runs through December 20, 2020. To donate and learn about Sun+Earth, go here. Oh, and just a small $25 contribution will win you a bar of Dr. Bronner’s cannabis-scented soap, made with hemp derived terpenes and fair trade oils, which sounds like it will perk up any bathroom!

Jordan River
Reshaping Farmland, IPM, and More, with Joaquin from Jack Greens Garden Products
Show favorite Joaquin from is back on the program! Today he's on the line to discuss the extraordinary collaborations he's recently taken on, including reshaping a plot of land using regenerative agriculture with the goal of creating a lush poly-crop regenerative cannabis farm. Joaquin also talks about how he makes his wonderful products including his Jack's Bug B Gone, and he also talks about why he likes the way this particular IPM application works. Joaquin goes on to talk about the work he is doing translating valuable regenerative agriculture resources into the Spanish language, the worldwide impact he's hoping to make by bringing digestible regenerative agriculture knowledge to Spanish speaking countries around the world! ---Proud partners of AC Infinity Fans, the industry leaders in ventilation! Visit and use promo code growcast15 for 15% off your fans! Quiet, smart, durable and trustworthy- get an AC Infinity fan today! ---Proud partners of Delta Leaf Labs affordable, fast sex testing! STOP wasting time sexing! Visit and use promo code growcast for free shipping- AND Delta Leaf is giving away 10 free tests to two code users!!!--- ---Proud partners of Jack Green's Natural Garden Products, natural IPM solutions, soil conditioners and more! code GCLISTENER for 25% off---
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