411: The Life-Changing Power of a Goal-Setting Retreat (+ Live Demo with Husband/Wife Investors Matt & Melissa) with Geoff Woods
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Have you ever bought a whiteboard or a journal and thought, this is it... This is the moment when I REALLY commit to goal-setting... and then (as it tends to do) life just kind of gets in the way?

This episode is about rethinking your approach to goals – and to do this, we've brought in an expert on managing your time and mental energy like a billionaireGeoff Woods, VP of The One Thing and facilitator of their upcoming virtual goal-setting retreat

Today, Geoff shares the blueprint that high-performing couples, teams, and individuals use 1) cast a shared vision of the future 2) work backwards to map out important steps, and 3) regularly recalibrate and track progressPlus, we put this to the test, live!

About halfway through the episode, you'll meet Matt and Melissa Miller – married parents of 3 who own 7 units but are struggling to define their exact vision... and the action plan required to realize it. Geoff leads them through a goal-setting exercise live, and the result is inspiring and surprisingly emotional. #MarriageGoals - literally!

Whether you're looking to get on the same page as a spouse, business partner, or just chart out a clearer path for yourself... you'll get a ton of value out of this episode. Let us know what you think of it, and use the link below if you're interested in joining Geoff (and Brandon and Heather Turner!) at the retreat next month.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How billionaires set goals
  • What to do when your spouse or partner is not a natural goal-setter
  • How to have an ongoing relationship with your goals
  • A live goal-setting exercise with a real estate investor couple, Matt and Melissa
  • Defining whose lane is whose when running a business with your spouse or partner
  • What happens at a goal-setting retreat
  • Geoff's personal story of leaving medical sales to work with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

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