459: The Superpower of Listening: Get More Out of Your Conversations
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Have you ever been in a conversation where someone has had to ask you to repeat something multiple times? It’sfrustrating when you’re trying to tell someone something and they just won’t listen, but what about all the times you’ve been distracted in a conversation? There are a handful of reasons why humans aren’t great at listening, but the benefits to becoming a true listener are off the charts. Better connections, more trust, and happier relationships just to tout a few.

In her book, Listen Like You Mean ItXimena Vengoechea talks about why listening is so important, and why we often get it wrong. Being a great listener is almost like having a super-power, you’ll be able to tell what a person wants and needs faster and more accurately. This can help in almost any business, but especially in a people-first business like real estate when you’re constantly talking to tenants, management, sellers, buyers, or agents.

Ximena goes through the 3 qualities that are most needed when becoming a great listener and how you can put yourself into “listening mode”. She also walks through how to have difficult conversations or conversations with people who aren’t the best listeners, plus what you can do to make sure that the person talking to you really feels heard. This isn’t just a crucial trait for anyone in real estate, but for anyone who wants successful relationships with the ones they love.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How user research prompted Ximena to write about listening
  • Asking good questions that help people open up more
  • Cutting out the distractions and being present and mindful in a conversation 
  • Why attention tends to waver in day-to-day conversations
  • The 3 most important qualities you can adopt to become a better listener
  • How to be more extraverted in conversations
  • And So Much More!

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