Listener Stories: Vol. 49
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Happy December, creeps and peeps! Did we request full moon stories? It sure seems like we did as we've got a whole fun batch of creepy, sweet and just plain wild stories related to the full moon! We also couldn't completely ignore the impending advent so our last story involves a special, festive yet ghostly guest appearance. Thank you to everyone who sent in their stories! 

Don't forget to submit your scary stories for our big 50th listener's episode bash! Send any and all stories about "How And That's Why We Drink Cursed Me" to by December 2nd! 

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Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast
Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast
Andrew Tate
5x11: Spree Killer - Let's Not Meet (Feat. ATWWD)
Stories in this episode: -God Will Spite You - Charrlotte. -Date From Hell: Break and Enter - Savannah. -Ex Boyfriend From Hell - Anonymous. -Untitled - Shreethigha ( . -About A Creepy Cop - JulesAwe. -Encounter With A Spree Killer - Anonymous. -The Grey Truck - Mama Craft. All of the stories you've heard this week were narrated and produced with the permission of their respective authors. Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast is not associated with Reddit or any other message boards online. To submit your story to the show, send it to Thanks to Em and Christine for coming on the show this week! If you like spooky ghost stories, cold cases, alien abductions, serial killers, conspiracy theories, or boxed wine, then you’re gonna love And That’s Why We Drink ( . Co-hosts Christine and Em cover stories like the Black Eyed Kids, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Amityville House, and some very demonic dolls that we will not name or else it might actually make you sick. Plus Em and Christine have a slew of characters who have become mascots for they show that you will fall in love with. One is a literal dehydrated lemon they that found in an Airbnb! Download And That’s Why We Drink wherever you get your podcasts. The world’s a scary place. And that’s why we drink! Thrive Market is an online membership-based market on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. Go to Join today to get 25% off your first order AND a FREE gift! Shudder has the largest, fastest growing human curated selection of thrilling and dangerous entertainment. To try Shudder free for 30 days, go to and use promo code LNM. Busuu is an award-winning app that offers a fun and effective way to learn languages. Sign up to Busuu for free by visiting To supercharge your learning with Busuu’s special features, use code MEET and get a 30% discount on Busuu’s Premium packages. - Facebook - - Twitter - - Website - - Patreon - - Instagram - - Twitch -
59 min
True Crime Obsessed
True Crime Obsessed
Obsessed Network
165: The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldonn Part 2: Where is She
This is part 2 of our coverage. If you're looking for part 1, you can find it here ( . Shawndrea and Jo continue their search for 23-year-old Phoenix Coldon. In this episode, they track down a friend of Phoenix who is certain she saw Phoenix on a flight 2. YEARS. AFTER. PHOENIX. VANISHED. They also learn new details about Phoenix's life that may have been a reason she would have wanted to walk away from it. And finally, they present their information--and theory--to Phoenix's parents.  LOOKING FOR MORE TCO? On our Patreon feed ( , you'll find over 140 FULL BONUS episodes to BINGE RIGHT NOW! Including our episode-by-episode coverage of "The Vow" "I'll Be Gone in the Dark," "Tiger King" "Don't F**K With Cats," "The Menendez Murders," "The Murder of Laci Peterson," "Casey Anthony: American Murder Mystery," "Serial," "The Jinx," "Making A Murderer," "The Staircase," "Lorena," "The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann," "OJ: Made in America" and so many more! JOIN HERE! ( YOU GUYS WE LAUNCHED A NEW PODCAST!! Each week on "Crimes of the Centuries" ( host Amber Hunt (of the Accused podcast) takes us on a deep investigative dive into a crime that was huge when it happened, but has been lost to time--and one you've likely never heard of. From the 220 year old murder that brought Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr together to fight for the defense, to Jazz Age thrill killers, Lady mob bosses, murdering grandmothers, and serial killers you've never heard of. Check out "Crimes of the Centuries wherever you get your podcasts.
1 hr 5 min
Strictly Stalking
Strictly Stalking
Kast Media
Too Close To Home: Stalking Dave Kroupa
Dave Kroupa was stalked for over four years by a woman who was impersonating his ex to cover up her murder. While single, Dave began casually dating several women at the same time making it clear that he wasn’t looking for anything serious. One of those women was Shanna “Liz” Golyar whom he dated for a few months before he met and dated Cari Farver.  After two weeks with Cari he received a text asking to move in together and he turned her down. He was then stalked for over four years by someone he believed was Cari.  Dave discovered that Cari wasn’t his stalker but another woman in his life that was impersonating Cari to cover up her murder. Check Out Our Patreon: Instagram: Strictly Stalking - @strictlystalkingpod Jaimie Beebe - @feathergirl77 Jake Deptula - @jaked3000 Please consider supporting the companies that support us!  As a listener of this podcast, you’ll get $100 off of your first month with Talkspace. To match with a licensed therapist today, go to or download the app. Make sure to use the code STALKING to get $100 off of your first month and show your support for the show. Best Fiends is the infamously impossible-to-put-down puzzle game that’s free to download! Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends!  Get started today. Go to and enter promo code stalking to get $25 off your first box! That’s promo code stalking for $25 off your first box at See for privacy information.
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That's Spooky
That's Spooky
Tyler Hyde & Johnny Cann | Morbid Network
Morbid Network Presents: A Chat with Rachael O'Brien from Seven Deadly Sinners (Special Episode Sneak Peek)
It's time to get to know some of the family here at the Morbid Network! Join Ash and Alaina from Morbid: A True Crime Podcast as they sit down with Rachael O'Brien from SEVEN DEADLY SINNERS to talk about the show, and so much more! About Seven Deadly Sinners: "Sinners are often people who believe they deserve every little thing they desire, and hurting others along the way…well that’s just road Kill.  On a small scale it’s scary, but on the scale these people have done it it’s down right evil. Preachers, church, your faith are your most trusted source of comfort…but what happens when that world is shattered… Season 1 of Seven Deadly Sinners took on the world of Televangelists and cultish child sexual predator, Warren Jeffs. That’s just the beginning though, in Season 2 of Seven Deadly Sinners, we’re traveling to the depths of hell covering Preachers who kidnap, rape and murder the ones who trust them the most.    What if, after leading you in prayer, he lures to the bedroom.  What it the same preacher who captures your heart, kidnaps your child. What if, the priest serving you communion used those same hands to dispose of a corpse. These Preachers committed heinous crimes - right under …your…. nose.. - with a bible next to their bed - and a cross around their neck.  Rachael O’Brien is the host of Seven Deadly Sinners, and she guides you on this hellish journey of deception all under the guise of Faith. Subscribe and listen on @applepodcasts  Now Let’s close our eyes, bow our heads and buckle up."
27 min
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
Killer Queens: A True Crime Podcast
148: Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery (Bonus Patreon Episode)
Ya'll, this is just plain WEIRD. What do you think happened? Do you think Simon had anything to do with it? What do you think is Sharon's level of involvement? Or was it just a tragic accident? In 2009, Brittany Murphy was a Hollywood superstar. When she is found dead in her Los Angeles home at just 32 years old, Hollywood and legions of fans are left in disbelief. While her autopsy reveals that she died of natural causes, many believe foul play is involved. Part 1 of 1 Check out our Patreon page ( and support the show for ad-free episodes, bonus episodes, physical perks and much more! Hang with us: Follow Us on Instagram ( Like Us on Facebook ( Join our Case Discussion Group on Facebook ( Get Killer Queens Merch ( Bonus Episodes ( Support Our Sponsors: Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That’s FRIENDS without the R – Best Fiends! Ritual: You deserve to know what’s in your multivitamin. That’s why Ritual is offering my listeners 10% off during your first 3 months. Visit to start your Ritual today.  Music provided by Steven Tobi ( Logo designed by Sloane Williams of The Sophisticated Crayon ( . © 2020 Killer Queens Podcast ( . All Rights Reserved.
1 hr 22 min
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