Jan 1, 2021
Marsfall Official Trailer
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Welcome to Marsfall, a science-fiction adventure following some of the first colonists on Mars. Follow Commander Jacki O'Rania and her trusty AI side-kick ANDI, as they attempt to make a home on this harsh frontier, and uncover the deeper mysteries of the Red Planet.

VAST Horizon
VAST Horizon
Fool and Scholar Productions
Entry 2-10: Remainder
The Walton continues with the evacuation while Nolira makes an important decision. Please Consider supporting our productions: Credits: Written by _K.A. Statz_ Produced with Sound Design and Editing by Travis Vengroff Executive Producer Bobby Fatemi Dialogue Editing by _Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions_ Mixing and Mastering by _Brandon Strader_ Script Editing by W.K. Statz Translations by Sophie Yang Cast: Dr. Nolira Eck - Siobhan Lumsden Ally / A.I. – Tanja Milojevic Sanon Onroon – Daniel Demerin Poe Yano – Christy Luse Auden Barrow – David Devereux Captain Sarpon – David Ault Commander Graan – Lani Minella Logistics Crew – Sophia DeRise Sergeant Lawrence – A.R. Olivieri Crew Member 1 – Emily Battles Crew Member 2 – Kaitlin Statz Crew Member 3 - Travis Vengroff Computer – Fiona Thraille Constance – Sam Yeow Corporal Vince – Ryan Philbrook General Han – Max Lando Dr. Imke Bohn – Naomi McMillan Dr. Shanrensinon Aan – Juliana Gutiérrez Arango Dr. Ellana Wagner – Diane Casanova Dr. Arif Ghanem – Garan Fitzgerald Captain Park – L. Jeffrey Moore Music: “Adrift (The VAST Horizon Theme)" Written and Performed by _Brandon Boone_ with Choir Arrangement by _Steven Melin_, Performed by The Budapest Scoring Choir "Missing Persons" Written and Performed by _Steven_ _Melin_ "String Quartet No.8, Op.192 No.3" Written by Joachim Raff, Performed by Steve's Bedroom Band VAST Horizon art by Kessi Riliniki This is a _Fool and Scholar Production_. For early episodes and bonus content join us at: _ Special Thanks to: Our _Patreon_ supporters! | _Tovusound_ | Sophie Yang | Sean Daniel Francis Sound Effects: (attribution licensees) "Hardware Beeping" recorded by Sean Daniel Francis "My Washing Machine" recorded by Kessi Riliniki ###Trigger Warnings### Familial Loss
27 min
Primordial Deep
Primordial Deep
No Such Thing Productions
Six: With Gently Smiling Jaws
The crew takes a trip through the looking glass... In this episode of Primordial Deep, With Gently Smiling Jaws: Dr. Marella Morgan - Jordan Cobb Aden "Spinner" Davit - Giancarlo Herrera Captain Clarion Loire - Jesse Inocalla Lieutenant Commander Talise Asherah - Regina Renee Russell Matira "Matti" Coburn - Lindsay Zana Kiran Flint - Kevin K. Gomez Tiamat's Computer - Jes Washington Dr. Collin Gharial - Josh Rubino The Woman - Nadine El Amami Written, Directed and Produced by Jordan Cobb Sound Design by Julia Schifini Take Selection by Chad Ellis Score by Daryl Banner Cover Art by Chel Geter Primordial Deep is a No Such Thing Production. To donate, read transcripts, or find out more about us, visit nosuchthingradio. com or Content Warning: Primordial Deep is a science fiction adventure thriller with elements of horror, aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. THIS EPISODE contains harsh language, asphyxiation, mentions of death, descriptions of corpses, blood/injury, animal attacks, body horror/gore. Listener discretion is advised. This episode is sponsored by The Write Now Podcast. Are you a writer, podcaster, or other type of creator? The Write Now podcast — that’s w-r-i-t-e now — can help you find the time, energy, and courage you need to pursue your passion and create, no matter what life puts in your way. Hosted by Sarah Rhea Werner, the Write Now podcast addresses topics like imposter syndrome, feeling ‘productive enough’, writing three-dimensional characters, and more, with warmth, encouragement, and humor. Check out Write Now with Sarah Werner on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app, or visit to learn more.
54 min
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