The Snow White Odyssey - Part 6
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The pros and cons of dreams, canal boat hypnotherapy, Derren Brown’s Croydon head-spell, and a little bit of Snow White. (Rec: 29/4/20)

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Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show
Quickly Kevin; will he score? The 90s Football Show
Josh Widdicombe, Chris Scull and Michael Marden
QKWHS - bonus correspondence episode 3: The Return of the Correspondence (Feb 2021)
QKWHS - bonus correspondence episode (Feb 2021) We get so much great correspondence and are unable to get through it all during the main series, so here's another bonus episode to mop up some of the overflow. We hope you enjoy! We're back with another QK Live show (via Zoom) on Sunday 28th February at 8pm. If you want a ticket head on over to; Live show tickets are free to all Quickly Kevin Fan Cub XJ8 Tier members - go to to sign up. There's also a bundle of new and exclusive content, episodes and so much more available exclusively to members. Including this month the QK Film Cub review of Escape to Victory. Chapter 5 of Ivo Graham and Steve Bruce's Striker. And an exclusive interview with 90's legend (and beyond) Phil Daniels who discusses Chelsea in 90's, Blur, and more.... And finally, if you want to purchase one of the QK 2021 Calendars head on over to and click on the shop. We've also got tickets to the previous live shows and the last of the Graham Says Hit Les and Leddersford Town mugs. Thanks, Chris, Josh, and Michael Twitter: @quicklykevin Facebook:quicklykevin Instagram: quicklykevin Email: Patreon:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
35 min
Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast
Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast
11-29 Media
Series 3 - The Healing Festival - Episode 6
EPISODE SIX It’s the final day of the festival and a loved-up Karen tries to support her brother. On a busman’s holiday, poor lost Clinton visits a clairvoyant of his own for some answers. Nothing is conclusive but she warns him of dramatic events to come. Ramone gets rigged up high into the ceiling of the great hall for the climax of the television show whilst Thor’s philosophy seems increasingly dodgy. For Clinton’s final session he attempts to hypnotise an entire audience before hightailing it back to the televisual bonanza in the main hall that forms the nadir of the festival. Thor disgraces himself, thrusting Clinton into the limelight as a replacement. …..Can our hero rise to the occasion? Clinton Baptiste ALEX LOWE Thor KEITH WICKHAM Karen SARAH THOM Fortune Teller SARAH THOM Michael PAUL COOPER Empty Vessel CARLA MENDONCA Phil CLIVE MANTLE Lord Hawley MICHAEL MALONEY Beebee Hawley JOANNA SCANLAN With LEWIS MACLEOD as Ramone WRITTEN BY ALEX LOWE and JOSH CLUDERAY With additional material by Lewis Macleod Incidental music by Glen Richardson Artwork photo by Big Sounds Photography Produced by Cornelius Mendez, for 11-29 Productions. Clinton Baptiste appears courtesy of Good night Vienna Productions. With thanks to Peter Kay. To join Clinton for bonus material, outtakes, early delivery of podcasts and discounts on merch etc go to For exclusive Clinton Baptiste Healing Festival t-shirts and other merchandise go to And to receive a regular Clinton podcast newsletters go to Clinton Baptiste will say virtually anything to you or your friends as a dedication at
29 min
Chart Music: the TOTP Podcast
Chart Music: the TOTP Podcast
Chart Music
#57: 11.10.73 – A Balloon Full Of Gravy
The latest episode of the podcast which asks: would you let your daughter marry this episode of Top Of The Pops? It’s the first episode of the year, Pop-Crazed Youngsters, so the ever-forward-looking Chart Music throws itself all the way back to the glorious year of ’73, where the hair grows wild and free, Bacofoil androgyny is at its peak, Look-In can operate as a dating service and no-one bats an eyelid, and – to quote Karen, aged 12 from Formby, The Colour Brown Is All Around. And yet! All is not well in Top Of The Popsland. They’ve just come off their 500th episode and suffered a double-shoeing from the so-called Mainstream Media for a) encouraging ten year-old girls to get pregnant and b) being full of rubbish songs where you can’t make out what they’re saying performed by men who look like women and God help us if there’s a war. So how do they react? By wringing the last droplets out of Kenny Everett before he defects to Capital Radio and bunging on something for the Old’Uns inbetween the good stuff. Musicwise, it’s a proper bag of Tiger Tots, with a few cubes of Oxo bunged in. David Cassidy gets his straw boater on. Slade finally – and fatally – learn how to spell properly. Elton John arses about with some oranges on Hollywood and Vine. Pans People transmogrify into five sexy Steve Austins. There’s a lad off Opportunity Knocks who isn’t Neil Reid. Jeff Lynne goes all UberTravis. Leicester Man is unveiled to a bemused audience. And the Top Of The Pops Orchestra earn some beer money on the side. Simon Price and Neil Kulkarni – Jesus and Buzz themselves – get down to ’73 with Al Needham, breaking off on such tangents as fending off Brexity Oasis Bots, listening in silent awe to the sound of a soul legend’s toilet activities, Concerned Parent of Exeter, the art of making tapes for girls, and the glorious resurfacing of a 27 year-old demo tape about Eastenders. Swearing a-plenty!        Video Playlist | Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter | The Chart Music Wiki | Patreon   See for privacy and opt-out information.
5 hr 11 min
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