The TLS Podcast
The TLS Podcast
Jan 20, 2021
Delicate Matters
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This week, Thea Lenarduzzi and Lucy Dallas are joined by Clifford Thompson to discuss One Night in Miami, a film by Regina King, which sees Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Cassius Clay gather for heated debate; from exclusivity and luxury in imperial China to cheap ubiquity in modern day Europe, Norma Clarke considers the rise and fall of porcelain; plus, a new poem by Anne Carson, “Sure, I Was Loved”

One Night in Miami, dir. Regina King

The City of Blue and White: Chinese porcelain and the early modern world by Anne Gerritsen

Porcelain: A history from the heart of Europe by Suzanne L . Marchand

“Sure, I Was Loved” by Anne Carson, in this week’s TLS


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Episode 430: Connie Walker
Connie Walker is an investigative reporter and podcast host. Her new show is Stolen: The Search for Jermain.“For so long, there has been this kind of history of journalists coming in and taking stories from Indigenous communities. And that kind of extractive, transactional kind of journalism that really causes a lot of harm. And so much of our work is trying to undo and address that. There is a way to be a storyteller and help amplify and give people agency in their stories.” Thanks to Mailchimp for sponsoring this week's episode. Show notes: @connie_walker Walker's CBC News archive 00:00 Missing & Murdered (CBC News) 04:00 "The Injustice to Pamela George Continues Long After Her Murder" (Heather Mallick • Toronto Star • Jan 2020) 08:00 Street Cents (CBC) 12:00 "Alicia Ross: Everyone’s Daughter" (Catherine McDonald • Global News • Apr 2020) 14:00 Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada 19:00 8th Fire, Ep. 1: "Indigenous in the City" (CBC • 2012) 19:00 8th Fire, Ep. 2: "It’s Time" (CBC • 2012) 19:00 8th Fire, Ep. 3: "Whose Land Is It Anyway?" (CBC • 2012) 19:00 8th Fire, Ep. 4: "At the Crossroads" (CBC • 2012) 22:00 "Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A National Operational Overview" (Royal Canadian Mounted Police • 2014) 24:00 "Missing and Murdered: The Life and Mysterious Death of Leah Anderson" (CBC News • Mar 2015) 26:00 Serial 27:00 "Amber Tuccaro's Unsolved Murder: Do You Recognize This Voice?" (Marnie Luke and Connie Walker • CBC News • Jun 2015) 27:00 "Unresolved: Patricia Carpenter" (Holly Moore • CBC News • Jun 2016) 27:00 Missing & Murdered Season 1: Who Killed Alberta Williams? (Connie Walker and Marnie Luke • CBC News) 27:00 Missing & Murdered Season 2: Finding Cleo (Connie Walker and Marnie Luke • CBC News) 35:00 Ochberg Fellowship 37:00 "Duncan McCue on Reporting in Indigenous Communities" (Ryerson Today • Apr 2018) 37:00 Reporting in Indigenous Communities Guide (Duncan McCue) 39:00 Stolen (Gimlet • 2021) 39:00 "Jermain Charlo Missing Two Years on Tuesday" (Seaborn Larson • Missoulian • Jun 2020) 44:00 "Monday's Montanan: Lauren Small Rodriguez Helps Native Trafficking Survivors " (Patrick Reilly • Missoulian • Feb 2020)   See for privacy information.
50 min
Literary Friction
Literary Friction
Literary Friction
Literary Friction - Adaptation with Niven Govinden
Building on our show in 2017 with Dana Spiotta that looked at books about film, this month we want to explore what happens when books turn into films. We’ll be asking why literature is often a source for cinema, thinking about what the best adaptations get right, and remembering some of our favourite movies inspired by books. Our guest is author Niven Govinden, whose sixth novel, Diary of a Film, unfolds over the course of three days in an unnamed Italian city, where an auteur director has come to premier his latest film at a festival. It’s a love letter to the cinema, and an intense meditation on the creative process, artistic control, queer love and flaneurs. So, grab your popcorn - it will almost be like sitting in a crowded movie theatre again! Our recommended film adaptations: Octavia: Lady Macbeth, directed by William Oldroyd ( based on the novella Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District by Nikolai Leskov: Carrie: Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve ( based on the short story Story Of Your Life by Ted Chiang: General recommendations: Octavia: The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante, translated by Ann Goldstein Niven: Romance in Marseille by Claude McKay Carrie: Having and Being Had by Eula Biss We'll be launching our Patreon next month so keep an eye on our socials if you'd like to become a patron and support our work! Email us: Tweet us & find us on Instagram: @litfriction This episode is sponsored by Picador:
1 hr 14 min
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