The White Vault
The White Vault
Nov 23, 2020
Episode 4.04 :: Double
Play • 33 min

The rescue team finds a survivor while the documentarian continues her investigation.


Written by K.A. Statz

Produced, Edited, with Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Swedish Unit: Directed and Produced, with Casting Direction and Field Recordings by Karin Heimdahl

Executive Producer Bobby Fatemi

Dialogue Editing by Marisa Ewing of Hemlock Creek Productions

Mixing and Mastering by Brandon Strader

Script Editing by W. K. Statz

Translations in Spanish by Airam Liscano, Arabic by Haytham Alwan, Serbian by Tanja Milojevic, Swedish by Karin Heimdahl, Mandarin by Sophie Yang, Danish by Charlotte Norup


The Documentarian – Hem Cleveland

Eva Olivia Moreno – Diane Casanova

Graham Casner - Peter Joseph Lewis

Raimy Armstead - L. Jeffrey Moore

Maheer Issa - Haytham Alwan

Dragana Vuković - Tanja Milojevic

Dr. Zhou Liu – Sophie Yang

Simon Hall - Eric Nelsen

Dr. Josefa Guerrero - Carla García

Danish Woman - Charlotte Norup

Hotel Employee - Janis Westin

Hotel Employee 2 - Patrik Ahlgren


“Base Camp Piedra" (Main Theme for Season 4) – Written and Performed by Brandon Boone, arranged by Travis Vengroff, with ocarina, guitar, additional percussion, and choir arrangement by Steven Melin. Performed by the Budapest Scoring Choir

Cover Art by Kessi Riliniki

This is a Fool and Scholar Production. We are a two person creative team and we can only create this show because of fan support!

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Special Thanks to:

Our Patreon supporters! | Carol Vengroff | David Cummings | Karin Heimdahl

Sound Effects: (attribution licensees)

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Old Gods of Appalachia
Old Gods of Appalachia
DeepNerd Media
An Interlude: The Scenic Route
CW: Frank and intimate out of character discussion about the pandemic, death and suicide. In character mentions of child labor, child and parental death and disfigurement. There is a darkness that can only truly fall in the deep woods. An enveloping shadow of some great beast that is at the same time soothing and terrifying and can only exist in the absence of electric light and full moons. The hours that pass beneath this hallowed veil are usually best spent sleeping so that you do not witness the world that only thrives while the living aren’t in it, unless they are spent by the watchful vigil-keepers who keep that world at bay. Join us for a late night encounter in the deep woods around the Virginia state line. This is a special alternate episode offered in memorial to Rhonda Kay Dooley and Grey. National Sucide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255  Written by Steve Shell Sound design by Steve Shell Narrated by Steve Shell Intro music: "The Land Unknown," written and performed by Landon Blood Outro music: "I Cannot Escape the Darkness," written and performed by Those Poor Bastards To learn more about Old Gods of Appalachia, visit our website at, and be sure to complete your social media ritual and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @oldgodsofappalachia, or Twitter and Tumblr @oldgodspod. If you'd like to support the show, you can join or Patreon at, or support us on Acast at You can also find t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other Old Gods merch in our shop at Old Gods of Appalachia is a production of DeepNerd Media. All rights reserved. Support this show   See for privacy and opt-out information.
29 min
The Magnus Archives
The Magnus Archives
Rusty Quill
MAG 190 - Scavengers
Case ########-30 Interactions with various survivors, recorded on location. Content warnings: * Cults * Self-recrimination * Emotional manipulation * Mentions of: therapy, innuendo, paranoia & anxiety, instances of memory loss, mild vicarious embarrassment, mild language, ableism, death, mass suffering, physical violence, murder, apocalypse Transcripts: PDF - DOC - Thanks to this week's Patrons: Chris Pawlus, Hope Landers, Natasha Lamont, Brad Bradley, Lindsay Mayer, India Jane Boeckh, Anna Williams, Rook Mogavero, Stephanie, Andrea Hernandez, Ashley Martinez, Chekhov, fig, Rory Teej, Tess, Sumi Coal, Samantha Robie, Molly Young, jaimedraw, gabi, Rebecca Compton, elkwoods, Ursula Brimson, Saoirse, Gabrielle Cathie, Eleanor Carroll, Sasha Aretti, Jehan Keziere, Bevinwrath, Caitlin, Si, Emma Schindler, Klara Boz, Rowan Monk, eliot, Victoria Toomajian, Madeline Knight, Maya, Jess McLean, wovenwillows, Emily Moyer, Vicky Gitre, Elijah Tomshack, Kate Hosack, Siobhan, Aus, Emory Kjelsberg, Ali, Krista Goalby, Katherine Rose. If you'd like to join them visit Edited this week by Nico Vettese, Elizabeth Moffatt, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall Produced by Lowri Ann Davies Sensitivity consultation by Alexander Linde Nielsen Performances: - "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims - "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall - "Melanie King" - Lydia Nicholas - "Georgie Barker" - Sasha Sienna - "Laverne" - Helen Gould - "Celia" - Lowri Ann Davies - "Arun" - Anil Godigamuwe Sound effects this week by 190042, altfuture, bbrocer, bdavis, blukotek, conleec, Fedor_Ogon, FlashTrauma, Fugeni, indirect, InspectorJ, j1987, kmckinney7, kyles, LampEight, luke_harris_01, MegaPenguin13, ondrosik, p1llowt4lk, pushkin, redcheek, rkeato, Samgd14, sandyrb, savataivanov, Septem36, SpliceSound, sturmankin, thatjeffcarter, Timmeh515, unkleceeg, vckhaze, WilliamJMeyer, Yuval & previously credited artists via Additional sound effects from Check out our merchandise available at and You can subscribe to this podcast using your podcast software of choice, or by visiting Please rate and review on your software of choice, it really helps us to spread the podcast to new listeners, so share the fear. Join our community: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @therustyquill REDDIT: See for privacy and opt-out information.
26 min
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