Rouleur Conversations - Amanda Spratt and World Tour Bikes
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Staying in Europe this winter means Amanda Spratt will be unable to defend her green and gold Australian national champion's stripes, but she's got plenty of other targets in her sights. 

As former world champion Annemiek van Vleuten moves on to pastures new at Movistar, Spratt steps up to more of a leader's role at the newly-named Team Bike Exchange. What next for the born winner? And will it include a karaoke version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

And talking of Bike Exchange, our very own tech-head Peter Stuart keeps tabs on the merry-go-round of manufacturers swapping teams during transfer season, with the Aussie's now switching to Bianchi. It's a veritable minefield. Pay attention. Pete talks like he rides – fast


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Simon Schofield
Ep 94: Let's talk, say Zwift. Strava shake it up (again) and all the Zwifty news and chat
Simon, Shane and Nathan reconvene to consider the state of the Zwift nation. Once the pressing matter of “leg posts” is dealt with,  the podcasters move on to discuss the content of Simon’s interview with Zwift’s new hire Mark Cote, the company’s director of programming and content. One of the many strands of Mark’s expansive new role, which he explains in some detail, is to improve the communications between community and company, a move that the Zwiftcasters believe will be welcome. There’s been yet another Strava shake-up on Watopia and the other Zwift worlds with a whole load of segments vanishing from the public view. Simon chats with Zwift Insider’s head of everything, Eric Schlange, on what it all means, how it came about and why it might be time for a re-think of how segments are made and managed. The podcasters range across a cornucopia of Zwift business including signs of Zwift restricting some hardware on some platforms for some users and the reasons why more women seem to be getting public sanctions for cheating in racing than men. Zwift has recently launched another of its social impact campaigns, this time celebrating the contribution Black athletes have made to the sport. Simon chats to one of the inspirational voices of the initiative, ex-racer and Zwift staffer Rahsaan Bhati. And in and amongst all that there’s lots of other Zwift-related chat. We hope you enjoy listening.
1 hr 24 min
The Cyclist Pod
The Cyclist Pod
Stephen Grant & Raya Hubbell - your Cycling Podcast hosts
Show 87 - Infrared, Jealousy and Apologies
It's been a while, hasn't it? Which is why, like a grocery delivery driver who's beyond apologetic for missing the last week's package, we're turning up absolutely full to the brim of podcast goodness. So in one of our busiest and most jam-packed episodes, well, ever, we cover, in no particular order; Raya's new watch (yeah that Wahoo jobby, she got it before ANYONE, the jammy b*tch), needles (listen to find out), axles (also listen), and we put our tail between our legs and apologise for what can only be described as our most complained about innaccuracy ever discussed. Oh God we're sorry. Can you please stop complaining now? But our main topic today - and it's a GEEK-OUT of Herculean propotions; is talking to Tim Brownstone, Athlete and Biochemist and CEO and inventor of the Kymira smart textiles collections. That's right, smart clothing. I don't mean a pocket to put your phone in with a little hole to put the charging cable through, I mean, actually clothing that makes you recover faster by making your body work differently. Witchcraft? Sounds it. But listen. It's genuinely beyond fascinating. It's a busy show. Want to know how busy it is? We ran out of time for the Velominati. RAN OUT OF TIME! Frank will be devestated. The Cyclist Pod (c) Stephen Grant and Raya Hubbell sponsored by dhb Voices by Marcella Vincent / Produced by Stephen Grant and Jimmy Ward Music 'Zazie' c/o Kevin MacLeod ( / Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License /
1 hr 31 min
From The Top
From The Top
Building 7mesh
In this episode we speak to the three co-founders of apparel brand, 7mesh. Getting into the cycling apparel business could now be one of the lowest barrier to entry segments in the industry. Anyone with an Instagram account and some design ability can directly access factories in Italy or China and create a clothing ‘brand’ these days, and it’s incredibly tough to cut through in this crowded market. That’s not to say some don’t break through and create legitimate and worthy businesses this way – I know firsthand a few who have. And this low barrier to entry has enabled some wonderful brands to get started and flourish. But because of this it is a crowded market now, and it’s tough to discern who are doing great work and innovating, and who are just pumping out disposable fashion. Every once in a while however a new brand comes along with people from a track record of success, expertise and you just know they’ll be around for the long haul. From the moment I first discovered 7mesh a few years ago I knew this was one of those brands in its infancy. For those who don’t know, 7mesh are a apparel brand based in Squamish, Canada who make some top quality clothing made for the demands of mountain biking, gravel and road. The three founders, Tyler Jordan, Ian Martin and Calum Davidson aren’t three random people who got together to do a passion project however. They were three early staff members and integral to the success of outdoor clothing juggernaut, Arc'teryx. Tyler was the CEO, Ian was Design Director, and Calum was Director of Supply Chain – and all were (and still are) nuts for cycling. They were also great friends in their days at Arcteryx and were having fun, pushing boundaries, and getting shit done. But as the saying goes, all good things come to and end and as the three oversaw tremendous growth in the business they all gave everything up to go off on their own and create something from scratch. To tell the story of 7mesh, we need to get to know Tyler, Calum and Ian in their early days at Arctaryx …
1 hr 27 min
Cyclocross Radio
Cyclocross Radio
Episode 221 | Eeklo and Brussels Universities
It's episode 221 of the Cyclocross Radio Media Pit and we are recapping everything that went down at the Ethias Cross Eeklo and X2O Brussels Universities races. So let's stomp on the pedals until the ice clears and get to it. Follow Micheal on Twitter at @landsoftly Instagram at @yeahyouride Follow Zach on Twitter at @theshoestar and instagram at @zacharyschuster Check out The CXHAIRS Bulletin from Zach and Bill at Give a CXHAIRS Bulletin gift subscription by going here: This episode is sponsored by Willa's Oat Milk! Find out more at Enter the code CROSSHAIRS20 for 20 percent off your first order. Cyclocross Radio is part of the Wide Angle Podium network. Please consider becoming a member. Go to to learn more and contribute. Check out the latest CXs and Os and subscribe to the Wide Angle Podium YouTube channel at Please subscribe to Cyclocross Radio and all of the Wide Angle Podium shows on Apple Podcasts, if that’s how you consume podcasts. Also, rate and review on Apple Podcasts, even if it’s not the way you consume podcasts. To keep up to date, follow @cxhairs on Twitter and the CXHAIRS Bulletin on Instagram at @cxhairsbulletin. Have a question, comment, complaint or general inquiry? Hit us up at And don’t hesitate to call the helpline: 405-CXHAIRS (405-294-2477). Need coffee? (Trick question, you do). Check out our partnership with Grimpeur Bros and the amazingly tasty Hello Cyclocross Friends! Espresso blend. You can get these flavorful and possibly magical beans here:
1 hr 4 min
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