Hafsa Zayyan with Nihal Arthanayake
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Hafsa Zayyan, co-winner of Stormzy’s #Merky Books New Writer’s Prize, chats to Nihal about her debut novel ‘We Are All Birds Of Uganda’.

She chats to Nihal about completing the book in six months and why a sense of belonging and home is so important no matter where you live. Hafsa also brings along some of the objects which inspire her, including letters from her late Nigerian grandfather #PenguinPodcast

‘We Are All Birds Of Uganda' is available to buy as an audiobook now - https://apple.co/39MMI3S

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Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed
Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader's Quarterly
28: An Odyssey through the Classics
Daisy Dunn, historian and biographer of Catullus and Pliny, sets our scene in ancient Rome and Greece, entertaining the Slightly Foxed team with literature of love and war, satire and myth, and amplifying echoes of the classics through the ages. We begin with Homer’s monsters and memorials of fallen men, then take a tour of the ancient world, from Catullus’ erotic poetry and Lysistrata’s sex strike to the eruption of Vesuvius and Suetonius’ lives of extraordinary emperors. In a more contemporary turn, F. Scott Fitzgerald borrows Gatsby from the Satyricon, and Mary Renault writes historical novels and lovers’ names in wine. And there’s the usual round-up of recommended reading from off the beaten track. Please find links to books, articles, and further reading listed below. The digits in brackets following each listing refer to the minute and second they are mentioned. (Episode duration: 39 minutes; 54 seconds) Books Mentioned We may be able to get hold of second-hand copies of the out-of-print titles listed below. Please get in touch (mailto:jess@foxedquarterly.com) with Jess in the Slightly Foxed office for more information. Catullus’ Bedspread: The Life of Rome’s Most Erotic Poet (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/daisy-dunn-catullus-bedspread/) , Daisy Dunn In the Shadow of Vesuvius: A Life of Pliny (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/daisy-dunn-in-the-shadow-of-vesuvius/) , Daisy Dunn The Odyssey (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/emily-wilson-homer-odyssey/) , Homer, translated by Emily Wilson (7:57) The Iliad (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/e-v-rieu-homer-iliad/) , Homer, translated by E. V. Rieu (8:08) Homer on Life and Death, Jasper Griffin is out of print (9:02) The Silence of the Girls (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/pat-barker-silence-of-the-girls/) , Pat Barker (11:01) Memorial (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/alice-oswald-memorial/) , Alice Oswald (11:42) The Last of the Wine (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/mary-renault-the-last-of-the-wine/) , Mary Renault (16:37) The Twelve Caesars (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/suetonius-twelve-caesars-robert-graves/) , Suetonius, translated by Robert Graves (19:07) I, Claudius (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/robert-graves-i-claudius/) , Robert Graves (21:00)  Pompei (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/robert-harris-pompeii/) , Robert Harris (22:15)  The Satyricon (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/petronius-satyricon/) , Petronius, translated by P. G. Walsh (23:48) The Great Gatsby (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/f-scott-fitzgerald-the-great-gatsby/) , F. Scott Fitzgerald (24:47) Rosemary Sutcliff’s Roman and post-Roman novels (https://foxedquarterly.com/products/rosemary-sutcliff-classic-childrens-books/) , Slightly Foxed Cubs (28:19) Candide (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/voltaire-candide/) , Voltaire (34:26) When the Lights Go Out (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/carys-bray-when-the-lights-go-out/) , Carys Bray (35:27)  The Diary of a Provincial Lady (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/e-m-delafield-diary-of-a-provincial-lady/) , E. M. Delafield (37:03)  The Emperor’s Babe (https://foxedquarterly.com/shop/bernadine-evaristo-the-emperors-babe) , Bernadine Evaristo (37:40) Related Slightly Foxed Articles How Homer Taught Me to Read (https://foxedquarterly.com/homer-odyssey-and-iliad-literary-review/) , Adrian Thorpe on Homer, Odyssey and Iliad, Issue 30 Hadrian to the Life (https://foxedquarterly.com/marguerite-yourcenar-memoirs-of-hadrian-literary-review/) , Caroline Chapman on Marguerite Yourcenar, Memoirs of Hadrian, Issue 2 (21:42) Scaling Gibbon’s Everest (https://foxedquarterly.com/richard-crockett-edward-gibbon-literary-review/) , Richard Crockatt on Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Issue 68 Travels with the Father of History (https://foxedquarterly.com/herodotus-histories-literary-review/) , Justin Marozzi on Herodotus, Histories, Issue 20 Brave Old World (https://foxedquarterly.com/lawrence-sail-voltaire-candide-literary-review/) , Lawrence Sail on Voltaire, Candide, Issue 10 (34:26) Other Links Daisy Dunn (http://www.daisydunn.co.uk/) The Greek Play (https://www.cambridgegreekplay.com/) , Cambridge (28:27) Gladstone’s Library (https://www.gladstoneslibrary.org/) (31:37) Opening music: Preludio from Violin Partita No.3 in E Major by Bach The Slightly Foxed Podcast is hosted by Philippa Lamb and produced by Podcastable (https://www.podcastable.co.uk/)
40 min
The Harper’s Podcast
The Harper’s Podcast
Harper’s Magazine
Mike Pence is a pedophile who has been replaced by a clone. But Mike Pence also had the power to reject Electoral College votes and overturn the 2020 presidential election results. In April 2020, the U.S. military liberated 35,000 sexually abused children from hidden tunnels beneath Central Park. There’s a video of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton ritually killing a child for its adrenochrome. The pandemic isn’t real, and Bill Gates has created a vaccine that will change your DNA and control your mind. This is just a sample of QAnon supporters’ many beliefs, some of which openly contradict each other. As Hari Kunzru observes in the January issue of Harper’s Magazine, QAnon is less concerned with finding the root cause of society’s purported ills than it is with laying out, in ever more intricate terms and with ever more involved symbols, how entrenched those ills are. If the guesswork and speculation surrounding the Kennedy assassination provides a benchmark of popular American suspicion, then Q has “the feel of something new, a blob of unreason against which the Kennedy narrative seems quaint, almost genteel,” Kunzru writes. Various preconditions figure into the rise of Q at this historical moment—the aesthetics of contemporary political theater, the accelerant nature of the internet—but beneath them all is a human yearning for simplicity, for an incomprehensible world to make sense according to our preferred terms. In this episode, Violet Lucca talks with Kunzru, a novelist and Harper’s new Easy Chair columnist, about the antecedents and present-day mechanics of QAnon. They discuss the myths of its origins, its fraught internal logic, and its “impoverished understanding of how power actually works.” Read Kunzru’s column here: https://harpers.org/archive/2021/01/complexity-qanon-conspiracy-theories/ This episode was produced by Violet Lucca and Andrew Blevins
56 min
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