The New Abnormal
The New Abnormal
Aug 28, 2020
Ivanka Is an Idiot but Unequivocally the Smartest Trump
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It’s the last night of the Republican National Convention and former GOP operative Tim Miller joins Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast to break down what Rick calls “four hours of sweaty Castro-esque speechmaking.” The most surreal speechmaker of all may have been Ivanka Trump. “There were a lot of lies,” says Miller. “But I thought the lie that really stood out to me was when she talked about how much he loves his grandchildren.”Molly was impressed, sort of. “I did think tonight, Ivanka is an idiot, and she is absolutely unequivocally the smartest of all of the kids.” Aside from Trump, himself, the gang agrees that Rudy Giuliani gave the most despicable speech of the night. Former Giuliani staffer, Rick, says the former Mayor of New York was kickstarting a Republican race war that will run until the election. “There's never been a more perfect exemplar of ‘everything Trump touches dies,’ because that speech tonight; it was, at one point, everything but the n-word… They're coming for you, they're coming for you to your suburbs. These black lives matter…” And when it came to Trump himself, Molly says he was totally off-form: “He finds reading very boring. So, I mean, every speech where he's not saying crazy shit is him being totally bored by whatever they're making him read."Rick agrees “it was very low energy speech,” but predicts the calm—maybe even electable—Trump will not last long. “We all know something about Donald Trump. After he’s been disciplined and held down by his staff for a couple of days, he has an equal and opposite reaction and goes fucking nuts.”

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Stay Tuned with Preet
Stay Tuned with Preet
CAFE Insider 3/2: The DA, The Gov, & The Boss
In this sample from the CAFE Insider podcast, Preet and Anne break down the investigations into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s conduct. In recent days, Cuomo has faced allegations of sexual harassment and misrepresenting the number of statewide nursing home deaths due to COVID-19.   In the full episode, Preet and Anne discuss the developments in the investigations into former President Donald Trump and former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon. They also react to the  the newly-declassified intelligence report affirming that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the operation that led to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  To listen to the full episode and get access to all exclusive CAFE Insider content, including audio notes from Preet and Elie Honig, the full United Security and Cyber Space podcast archives, and exclusive bonus content from Stay Tuned, try out the membership free for two weeks: Sign up to receive the weekly CAFE Brief newsletter, featuring analysis by Elie Honig: This podcast is produced by CAFE Studios.  Tamara Sepper – Executive Producer; Adam Waller – Senior Editorial Producer; Matthew Billy – Audio Producer; Jake Kaplan – Editorial Producer REFERENCES & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS:  “Nursing Home Response to COVID-19 Pandemic,” New York State Office of the Attorney General Letitia James, report, 1/30/21 See for privacy information.
16 min
Political Gabfest
Political Gabfest
Slate Podcasts
Shocked, Shocked! By Her Tweets
Emily, John and David discuss the Tanden take down, Merrick Garland‘s DOJ, and how to stop police killings of Black people with guest Jason Johnson. Here are some notes and references from this week’s show: Isaac Chotiner on Twitter @IChotiner Mitch Daniels for the Washington Post: “Senate Republicans Could Restore a Bit of Civility by Confirming Neera Tanden”  Jacob Jarvis for Newsweek: “Neera Tanden Once Criticized Joe Manchin's Pharma CEO Daughter” Wesley Lowery for GQ: “The Most Ambitious Effort Yet to Reform Policing May Be Happening in Ithaca, New York” Slate’s A Word … With Jason Johnson Here’s this week’s chatter: Emily: Yes In My Backyard’s Mapping Inequality: Digitizing Our Redlining History John: Isabella Kwai for the New York Times: “Von Trapped: The Family Is Stuck Inside, So Why Not Sing Parodies?” David: Children get off a school bus in Mongolia Listener chatter from @Yayadesigns1: “Watch an Archaeologist Play the “Lithophone,” a Prehistoric Instrument That Let Ancient Musicians Play Real Classic Rock” Slate Plus members get great bonus content from Slate, a special segment on the Gabfest each week, and access to special bonus episodes throughout the year. Sign up now to listen and support our show. For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, Emily, David, and John discuss our cultural predispositions when it comes to risk and how to better deal with, ignore or address risks.  Tweet us your questions and chatters @SlateGabfest, or email us at (Messages may be quoted by name unless the writer stipulates otherwise.) Podcast production by Jocelyn Frank. Research and show notes by Bridgette Dunlap. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Weeds
The Weeds
How to destroy the suburbs
Matt and Dara are joined by Vox Politics and Policy Fellow Jerusalem Demsas to talk about how to take on America's housing problem, exclusionary and discriminatory zoning restrictions, message against NIMBYs, and ultimately, to sue and destroy the suburbs. Then, research is analyzed that confronts the effects of rising prescription drug prices on patient behavior. Resources: "America's racist housing rules really can be fixed" by Jerusalem Demsas, Vox (Feb. 17, 2021) "How to convince a NIMBY to build more housing" by Jerusalem Demsas, Vox (Feb. 24, 2021) "How George Floyd's death is fueling a push for affordable housing in mostly White parts of D.C." by Paul Schwartzmann, Washington Post (March 1, 2021) "Homeowners and Opposition to Housing Development" by William Marble and Clayton Nall (Feb. 6, 2020) "HUD can't fix exclusionary zoning by withholding CDBG funds" by Jenny Schuetz, Brookings (Oct. 15, 2018) "Stuck! The Law and Economics of Residential Stability" by David Schleicher, Yale Law Journal (Vol. 127, 2017) The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together, by Heather McGhee (2021) White paper Hosts: Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias), Dara Lind (@DLind), Immigration Reporter, ProPublica Jerusalem Demsas (@JerusalemDemsas), Politics and Policy Fellow, Vox Credits: Erikk Geannikis, Editor and Producer As the Biden administration gears up, we'll help you understand this unprecedented burst of policymaking. Sign up for The Weeds newsletter each Friday: The Weeds is a Vox Media Podcast Network production. Want to support The Weeds? Please consider making a contribution to Vox: About Vox Vox is a news network that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Follow Us: Facebook group: The Weeds Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1 hr
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