The New Abnormal
The New Abnormal
Dec 28, 2020
TEASER: This 24-Year-Old Diabetic Is Saving Lives the Government Won’t
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Twenty-four-year-old Madelyn Corwin’s social media feeds feature a few selfies, videos of her insulin pump, and almost always a link to a GoFundMe page. The most current fundraiser is to raise money for a woman named Nicole who lost her diabetic son in 2018 because they couldn’t afford insulin. In other words, Corwin’s pages are not just young people fodder. Her activism is literally saving lives. “I just make a statement and I'll have people message me on Twitter or Instagram and be like, ‘thanks so much for posting about this, my dad died like three years ago,’” she tells co-host Molly Jong-Fast in this bonus episode of The New Abnormal. Corwin works with the organization Mutual Aid to raise awareness for a healthcare crisis most non-Diabetics wouldn’t otherwise know about: the insanely high costs of insulin and the Americans who are dying as a result. “[People] kind of just think like, Oh, like, you know, like Joe wasn't taking care of himself, but in reality, like Joe literally couldn't afford to take care of himself.” Without insurance, insulin (which is mainly distributed in the United States by three major companies) can cost up to $1000. Some states do have cop-pay caps, says Corwin, but she cited research that found they only help up to 27% of people on the drug in each state. “I believe in ‘96 it was like around 20 us dollars,” she says, but that rate has doubled in just the last five years. “But once it started hitting like 2011, 2012, it was like hitting those $200 a vile marks. People were like, okay, well, like something's going on?” Lobbying is a thing, but it hasn’t made much of a dent. Now, they stick to financial crowdsourcing, education and accountability. In the meantime, the #insulinforall community are deciding what the next move is: “I mean, I guess in like a dream world, I want everyone to be able to get insulin for free, but we live in the United States,” says Corwin.

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Stay Tuned with Preet
Stay Tuned with Preet
Doing Justice Excerpt: “Long Shot Justice”
The fifth episode of Preet's new narrative podcast Doing Justice, an adaptation of his bestselling book, is out today! In this excerpt, former SDNY prosecutor Tatiana Martin and NYPD Detective Sean Butler built a federal case against the attackers of SuAnn, a sex worker who testified against her assailants.   NOTE: This episode contains graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault and may not be suitable for all listeners. Listen to the full episode for free here: Click here to subscribe to Doing Justice on Apple Podcasts: Click here to subscribe to Doing Justice on Spotify: Purchase the paperback of the bestselling book that inspired the podcast, Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law: Doing Justice is produced in collaboration with Transmitter Media. This episode was written and produced by Shoshi Shmuluvitz. We had production help from Jessica Glazer. Our editor is Sara Nics and executive producer is Gretta Cohn. The executive producer at Cafe Studios is Tamara Sepper. And the chief business officer is Geoff Isenman. The reenactments of SueAnn’s testimony were voiced by Erin Nicole Lundquist. Meral Agish fact checked this episode. And Hannis Brown composed our original music and was our mix engineer for this series. See for privacy information.
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Political Gabfest
Political Gabfest
Slate Podcasts
Let the Purge Begin
Emily, John and David discuss Republican allegiance to Trump, schools during COVID-19, and they're joined by guest Jonathan Cohn to look back on Obamacare and to explore the current state of COVID-19 vaccinations. Here are some notes and references from this week’s show: Susan Dominus for the New York Times Magazine: “Rhode Island Kept Its Schools Open. This Is What Happened.” Shawn Hubler for The New York Times: “Vaccinating Oregon’s Teachers Might Not Be Enough to Reopen its Schools.” The Ten Year War by Jonathan Cohn Here’s this week’s chatter: Emily: Anna Holmes for the Atlantic: “The Magazine That Helped 1920s Kids Navigate Racism” John: Radio Garden David: Pick of The Litter Listener chatter from Ming Richie: Cathy Free for the Washington Post: “This Man Mistakenly Left his Wallet in Antarctica. Some 53 Years Later, He Got it Back.” Slate Plus members get great bonus content from Slate, a special segment on the Gabfest each week, and access to special bonus episodes throughout the year. Sign up now to listen and support our show. For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment, Emily, David, and John discuss the legacy of Rush Limbaugh. You can tweet suggestions, links, and questions to @SlateGabfest. Tweet us your cocktail chatter using #cocktailchatter. (Messages may be quoted by name unless the writer stipulates otherwise.) The email address for the Political Gabfest is (Email may be quoted by name unless the writer stipulates otherwise.) Podcast production by Jocelyn Frank. Research and show notes by Bridgette Dunlap. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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