374: Unleash Your Microbiome Superpowers & Achieve Epic Health | Dr Alan Desmond
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Dr Alan Desmond is a gastroenterologist and author who has made evidence-based dietary advice an essential part of his practice. In this episode, he’s sharing how a plant based diet can help us avoid — and even reverse — common diseases, create a flourishing microbiome, and reach new heights for our health and performance.

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EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
Lacy Phillips, Jill Wintersteen, Spirit Daughter
Ep. 129 - Alexis Smart Flower Remedies on Unblocking & Cultivating Worthiness
This is an extra exciting episode today as we are announcing a new product collaboration: the Unblocked Flower Remedy by TBM x Alexis Smart Flower Remedies! Today Alexis Smart, a classical homeopath and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, joins Lacy on the podcast to discuss the new Unblocked Remedy! In the episode, they dive into the backstory behind the collaboration and the success they have found with flower remedies. They also cover homeopathy, neuroscience, personality types, pregnancy and how to heal old wounds. We created this remedy specifically for our TBM community to help cultivate worthiness, clarity, optimism, and more. Enjoy! Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> https://tobemagnetic.com/expanded-podcast In This Episode We Talk About: * TBM and Alexis Smart’s new partnership! * A deep dive into the TBM and Alexis’ new flower remedy: Unblocked * The best advice for healing in 2021 * Alexis’ journey to becoming a flower remedy and homeopathy expert * The neuroscience behind how flower remedies affect behavior * How to repair trauma and grief and the importance of reparenting * Homeopathy to treat effects of pregnancy: nausea and postpartum depression * Energetics of home births and C-sections * Specific flower remedies and what they are used for * How Alexis designs and produces her remedies * Flower remedies for pets and children!Get the Unblocked Remedy Here! Resources: * The Pathway 2.0 - (12-month commitment) - Looking To Start Your Membership? Use code EXPANDED for $20 off your first month of the Pathway 2.0 or $20 off any 2.0 ala carte * A la Carte Workshops 2.0 * The Forest Retreat * Book Your Stay * Instagram: @theforestretreathouse * Newsletter * Text Us: +1-213-423-5226 - (texting is only for US, Canada, & Puerto Rico) * Ask a Manifestation Questions & Get a Voice Note from the Coaches for $25! * Book a Session with the TBM Coaches In The Episode: * Alexis Smart UNBLOCKED Remedy * Expanded x Ep. 24 - Alexis Smart, Flower Remedies * TBM Inner Child Calendar * Old Blog post for remedies to pair with workshops * First Aid Kit Remedy * Unburden Remedy * My Personal Assistant Remedy * Whole Hearted Remedy * Remedies for Kids * Dr. Luc De Schepper * Helios Homeopathy * Alexis Smart Newsletter for winter / flu remedies * Find All Workshops inside The Pathway 2.0 - (12-month commitment) - Looking To Start Your Membership? Use code EXPANDED for $20 off your first month of the Pathway 2.0 or $20 off any 2.0 ala carte * * Updated How To Manifest * Updated Unblocked Inner Child * Updated Unblocked Shadow * NEW The Daily Practice * NEW Unblocked Boundaries * Free Clarity Exercise * The Motivation * Join the New Community Group * Supported Where To Find Alexis! * @AlexisSmartFlowerRemedies * AlexisSmart.com Submit * Submit to Be a Process Guest * Leave a Review 5-star review for a chance to win a 1-year membership to The Pathway 2.0. Then tune into future episodes to hear your review announced! If you win send us a message on Intercom hi@tobemagnetic.com to claim it.
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Manifestation Babe
Manifestation Babe
Kathrin Zenkina
(#199) Current fave wellness hacks to take into 2021
Hello, my gorgeous souls! On today’s episode, I want to share with you my current favorite wellness hacks to take into 2021! I have noticed that over time, you guys have been becoming more and more interested in the things that I use. So I am going to spill the beans on this podcast! I will share with you the hacks that made a radical difference in my mental health, physical health, wellness, mindset, emotions, and ultimately shifted my energy. So sit back, relax, and push play! This episode is all about the WELLNESS HACKS to take into 2021! If you or someone you know has had similar breakthroughs be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and share this episode with your community to spread the word! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at hello@manifestationbabe.com and I will see you in the next episode. You GUYS! I have opened up enrollment to my FREE, Make Manifestation Second Nature workshop. This completely free workshop will teach YOU how to manifest all of your desires on AUTOPILOT! Please visit the link to check out all the details! The workshop starts on Jan 25th, 2021, so be sure NOT to miss out!! In This Episode You Will Learn : My first 2021 wellness hack: Blue blocking software (3:26) My second 2021 wellness hack: Blue light blocking glasses (9:21) My third 2021 wellness hack: To-manifest list (11:09) My fourth 2021 wellness hack: No social media before bedtime (14:41) My fifth 2021 wellness hack: Feng shui your desktop (18:48) My sixth 2021 wellness hack: EMF Protector (20:45) My seven 2021 wellness hack: Move your body (25:02) Questions I Answer: What are my seven current favorite wellness hacks to take into 2021? (3:18) How does the blue-blocking software work? (6:09) What is a “to-manifest” list? (12:17) What is the biggest mistake people make? (16:56) Where do I keep my EMF protectors? (21:38) Links/Resources Sign up for The FREE Make Manifestation Second Nature Workshop The Manifestation Babe Shop Blue blocking software EMF protector use code: manifestationbabe Bellicon Rebounder Fit Body App Manifestation Babe Links Follow me on Instagram Join our Manifestation Babe community! Visit our website!
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Listen To Your Body Podcast
Listen To Your Body Podcast
Steph Gaudreau
What Food Freedom Is and Isn't
Finding true food freedom is a nuanced discussion that has roots in many important conversations. The patriarchy, race, gender, body autonomy, and diet culture are just a few of the systems involved in bringing awareness to the food you are eating and how you are treating your body. Key Takeaways If You Want To Find Food Freedom You Should: * Lean into your bodies wisdom and give yourself permission to shake off diet and exercise extremes * Relearn how to connect with yourself and what you enjoy through mindful eating * Question the voices of the food police and start embracing nutrition from a non-diet perspective * Focus on health-promoting behaviors instead of intentional weight loss Listening To Your Body’s Signals I want you to feel the freedom to question what we have been taught about the ‘right way to eat’. Mindful eating is a great place to start, and it can help you relearn how to connect with yourself and what you enjoy. Nutrition from a non-diet perspective may seem like a strange concept, but it is only by raising your awareness and opening the door that you can stop pursuing perfection and start listening to your body’s signals. What Is Food Freedom? Food freedom does not mean restricting yourself, going back to eating ‘regularly’, and then if you begin to feel yourself ‘falling off the wagon’ or ‘losing control’, that the solution is to go back to the restriction. Food freedom is embracing the freedom to eat foods that make you feel good, that are enjoyable and satisfying, and are without unnecessary restriction. Food freedom means eating in a way that enhances your life, and that is helpful to your mind, and body, and emotions, and spirit, and culture. Health Over Perfection Young girls should not be growing up in a diet culture, fatphobic world. You are inherently worthy and valuable no matter what, and we deserve better than a lifetime of hating our bodies and thinking we are worthless because we don’t fit the mold. Instead of focusing on intentional weight loss, I challenge you to focus on embracing health-promoting behaviors. The pursuit of perfection isn’t getting you anywhere, and it is time to stop denying our own magic just because we don’t fit the mold diet culture has laid out for us. What conversations are you excited to have in 2021? Share your thoughts with me in the comments on the episode page. In This Episode * Defining what I mean by ‘food freedom’ and the importance of nuance when discussing it (6:31) * The role of intuitive eating and mindful eating when incorporating food freedom (10:37) * Why food freedom is not an individualist pursuit and instead is about the larger community (14:50) * Breaking down the reason why I do this work and why I feel it is so important (19:25) * The problem with intentional weight loss and the complex world of body autonomy (27:15) Quotes “The freedom to eat foods that make you feel good, foods that are enjoyable and satisfying, the freedom to eat without extremes, the freedom to eat without unnecessary restriction, the freedom to eat in a way that is enhancing to your life and not detracting from your life, the freedom to eat in a way that is helpful to your mind and your body and your emotions and your spirit and your culture, the freedom to eat foods that are important from your culture… that’s what I mean by food freedom.” (9:31) “No matter what body you are in, no matter your health status, no matter your size, no matter your ability or disability, you f*cking deserve respect, and you need to give other people respect in return.” (12:25) “Can we individually think about our food behaviors and practices and what we eat, while also holding that there is also a larger context? That is going to be really important going forward.” (15:18) “We only get one shot at this life, as we are right now, and to live with such dissatisfaction of our own magic, and our own gifts and talents and worthiness because we don’t have perfect bodies, crushed me. And at that moment I said, ‘you know what, this has to change’.” (25:52) “If I am critical on this podcast of diet culture and the influence of the patriarchy on how we live our lives, especially as women, it is not a criticism of you as an individual.” (29:53) Featured on the Show If you're ready to get free with food and fitness, check out the Tune In Membership Join the Listen To Your Body Newsletter Steph Gaudreau Website Check out the full show notes here! Follow Steph on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest I'd really love it if you would take 1 min and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!
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Going Beyond the Food: Diet Culture, Intuitive Eating, Body Acceptance, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast
Going Beyond the Food: Diet Culture, Intuitive Eating, Body Acceptance, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast
Stephanie Dodier Clinical Nutritionist CNP
270-Tuning Out the Weight Loss Industry
This podcast is going to be for every woman - every woman who has been targeted by dieting ads. I have chosen this title for a reason: "Tuning out the weight loss industry" instead of "tuning out diet culture" for a reason: to reach more women. When you are at the beginning of your journey shifting out of dieting, the word diet culture doesn't mean a thing… actually, for many, it means being on a diet. Diet culture is a new term that is not part of women's vocabulary, and for a good reason. As women, when we learn about the word "diet culture", it has a massive impact. In #5, I share the definition of diet culture for all the newbies. Tuning out the dieting noise is a choice This podcast intends to help all women make a choice. A choice in the face of all the marketing from the weight loss, fitness, and wellness industry aimed at women and our bodies. To help women make an educated choice about their body, how they live their life, the way they eat, and the way they take care of their mind, body, and soul. For women to free themselves from the thought "but I have to "and trade it for "I chose to". What you'll learn listening to this episode tuning out the weight loss industry: * 10 thoughts to consider as women when considering dieting. * 10 tips for you to process the weight loss, fitness, and wellness marketing Mentioned on the show: Podcast Roadmap Conquer & Thrive The Good Girl Syndrome
28 min
Almost 30
Almost 30
Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 392 - 5 Astrologers Share Their 2021 Forecast
THE INTERVIEW I’m sure we’re all ready to leave 2020 behind us. Maybe it isn’t about leaving 2020 behind us so much as it is heading into the new year with good intentions, and integrating all of the hard lessons we’ve learned in the past. To clear things up for what we can expect this year, K+L are bringing in their favorite astrologers to give you the 411 on the energetics of 2021 so that you can prepare appropriately. You’ll hear from Danielle Paige, Natalia Benson, Danielle Beinstein, Jessica Lanyadoo, and Chani Nicolas. Astrology is a mixture of science and intuition, and it’s fascinating to hear the common themes that come out, along with how their intuitive perspectives differ. We also talk about: Saturn changing signs Wiping the slate clean Not getting stuck in the past Quick movement and change Looking at our patterns Moving from our head to our heart How 2021 will be more of the same in many ways The tension between what we owe and what we want Pluto and the death of the ego Living with more depth Find more to love at http://almost30.com/ (almost30.com)! Resources: https://chaninicholas.com/ (chaninicholas.com) http://www.daniellebeinstein.com/ (daniellebeinstein.com) https://daniellepaige.com/ (daniellepaige.com) https://www.lovelanyadoo.com/ (lovelanyadoo.com) https://www.nataliabenson.com/ (nataliabenson.com) Upcoming Events: January 16th: https://learn.authenticaudience.co/camp-almost-30/ (Camp Almost 30) Sponsors: BetterHelp | Visit http://betterhelp.com/almost30 (betterhelp.com/almost30) for 15% off your first month. As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. NutriBullet | Use code ALMOST30 for 25% off at http://nutribulletbalance.com (nutribulletbalance.com) Brooklinen |  Get $20 off AND free shipping when you use code ALMOST30 at https://www.brooklinen.com/ (brooklinen.com)   Woo More Play | Use code ALMOST30 for 20% off at http://www.woomoreplay.com (www.woomoreplay.com)  Firstleaf | Visit http://firstleaf.com/almost30 (firstleaf.com/almost30) to get 6 bottles of wine for $29.95 Almost 30 is edited by http://crate.media (Crate Media)
1 hr 4 min
Highest Self Podcast
Highest Self Podcast
Sahara Rose
347: 30 Lessons in 30 Years with Sahara Rose
Every year on my birthday on this podcast I share my number of lessons for that number of years. We’ve done my 27, 28 and 29th birthday lessons on here and now it’s time for my 30th! In this episode, I share my biggest takeaways from 30 laps around the sun and what this year has in store for me energetically. Snag my new book Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose and receive exclusive free bonuses, meditations, tapping + my Dharma Embodiment Practice: www.iamsahararose.com/dharma Try the Shakti Goddess Circle www.RoseGoldGoddesses.com/Shakti Take my Dharma Archetype Quiz at www.dharmaarchetypequiz.com Join Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the Goddess within at www.RoseGoldGoddesses.com Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor Connect with me for daily Ayurvedic and modern spiritual wisdom at: Instagram.com/iamsahararose Facebook.com/iamsahararose Twitter.com/iamsahararose Order My Books Eat Feel Fresh + Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda: www.iamsahararose.com/books By accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that the entire contents are the property of Sahara Rose, or used by Sahara Rose with permission, and are protected under U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws. Except as otherwise provided herein, users of this Podcast may save and use information contained in the Podcast only for personal or other non-commercial, educational purposes. No other use, including, without limitation, reproduction, retransmission or editing, of this Podcast may be made without the prior written permission of the Sahara Rose, which may be requested by contacting pr@iamsahararose.com. This podcast is for educational purposes only. The host claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information presented herein.
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How to Love Your Body
How to Love Your Body
The Body Love Society
Ep 141 - 3 steps to eat with your body and not your head
Welcome to How to Love Your Body on Today’s episode we are going to be talking about how to tell if you are listening to your body or listening to your head. There are so many tiny nuances in IE and this is one of them. This is actually a really important distinction between the two. Yes our body and our brains come together and make decisions - so really we are using both when choosing what we want to eat. But if we skip our body's input when choosing food that is when we most likely hear “I’m so full, why do I always do that, I’m allowing all food but this doesn’t feel good.” Of course there is nothing wrong with any of that - you can be full, it’s okay if you “do that”, and it’s also okay not to feel good - yeah it’s not comfortable but it doesn’t mean you're horrible and a failure. Lauren's story: So we talk about this often but really how this came to be is that I experienced this first hand just a couple of nights ago- I kinda had an off day with eating, I ate enough but it just wasn’t as satisfying because xyz and all the things that don’t really matter - when it came to dinner time - I was feeding the kids and also sitting to eat myself and although I was eating something I enjoyed my brain was grazing. I was wondering if I should eat more of the same thing or get something sweet or when the kids go to bed to make myself another snack or something - I was searching and searching and was quite annoyed because this isn’t something that usually happens to me after dinner - usually after dinner I feel complete - I’ve eaten enough that satisfies me, i get the kids to bed, and after that I usually have some chocolate or ice cream and that feels great. So when my “typical” night wasn’t happening - I was annoyed! I was checking in and asking myself what I need? If I need to go eat something sweet right now - just go and do it. I can also have something after the kids go to bed - I was allowing but it still didn't feel “right” - I was in my head. I also realized that i was feeling a little off that night - I was home with the kids alone - I was feeling certain emotions about certain things - which is fine - and then I was like okay well maybe I’m feeling some feelings and I just need some food to comfort me - I then said, okay well if you need to eat that’s fine - go ahead and do it! There’s nothing wrong with that - I was giving myself full permission to do whatever I needed to do - and then I asked myself how does my body feel? And that was the shift right there. I literally felt myself drop from my head into my body. I realized all the chatter was all going on up in my head. I wasn’t considering my body at all. When I dropped into my body I could tell that I actually felt content and wasn’t actually hungry - I still gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted / emotionally eat if I wanted to but since I was back in my body I realized eating something wouldn’t “fix” anything - because I wasn’t actually hungry - it would have not made me feel good in my body because actually my dinner was satisfying and filling. This may seem like a story that has an intention of getting yourself not to eat something - that’s not the case here - because later when the kids went to bed I went and got an ice cream because I was ready for it (taste buds and body!) So why share this - I felt the shift between my head and my body so intensely - like it was a visceral AH HA moment that I was like “ohhhhhh wooooow I didn’t even realize how stuck I was in my head” - dropping into your body is so important when Intuitive Eating… Jenna’s story: I vividly remember one time when I was at Starbucks - of course and I was in line (pre pandemic) and I was waiting thinking … ugh I don't feel like a coffee but I want one,,, and I was debating if i should leave or stay. Starbucks is my favorite and I did want a coffee but it was like my body was screaming at me, no thank you that would not feel good. But I stayed in line, my mind thinking hmmm what's going on here and then when I thought of an iced coffee my body was like yes ok I can get on board with that. I was hot. I was too hot and thinking of a coffee made me feel a little ill but when I switched it to an iced coffee in my thoughts my body eased into it. This work is so intangible in so many ways so these stories might sound like we’re being imaginative but my body literally leaned into it when I thought of an iced coffee and my stomach felt queasy when I was thinking about a latte. So here are 3 steps to drop into your body and not live in your head when choosing food/ eating food. Step 1: Pretend like there’s an off switch and from the head up you turn it off - it goes dark - and from the neck down you have an on switch - and the light is on - you are only focusing what is going on from the neck down. Step 2: When you are choosing to eat / want more of something / feeling grazy - instead of listening to your thoughts - ask your body some questions.(Remember your head is “dark” the switch is turned off - you can’t be in there for the time being ) - Your body is the only thing powered on- What sensations do I feel in my body? What is my stomach feeling like? This step it to get aware of what’s going on in your body and how you are feeling. Step 3: Pretend as if you are eating the food you want - imagine tasting it. Imagine what it would feel like in your body - do you have a sense of - yes that feels good or hmmm I don't think that will feel great. It doesn't matter what you choose to eat! This is just getting you to really tune into your body. Can you relate to saying -- I just can’t have X in my house - I can stop when I eat other things but X is impossible for me - We’d have to question that - next time you eat this thing - go through these 3 steps and drop into your body while eating them. Before/ during/after you eat - DROP in and see what comes from it! Keep reminding yourself of the 3 steps and use it as gaining more awareness - it doesn’t mean this will make you eat less - it may mean you want to eat more! It can be anything! Also, you can absolutely choose to eat something even if your body is saying im full - emotionally eating is absolutely acceptable too even if your body doesn’t want the whole pint of ice cream - if you choose that - it’s okay!! This is about helping you make empowered choices - instead of being unaware - you get to have full awareness of what is going on in your body and your brain and make the choice - and whatever that choice is - is YOUR choice. Our app, The UnDiet Collective launches in the app store on Feb 1 ! We can’t wait to share it with you - we’ll be rolling out more details in the next few weeks but think easy access to intuitive eating, body image, mindset, and community support at the tips of your fingers - OFF Facebook, that gives you small actions steps and tips without making it overwhelming or confusing. It’s a one stop shop for all your needs when continuing the process in becoming an UnDieter - not to mention it’s affordable and high value. Get on the waitlist - bit.ly/tblsappwaitlist and follow us on instagram @theundietcollective to get an exclusive offer on Feb 1 only for those following this account.
24 min
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Dr. Mariza Snyder
250: How to Heal from SIBO Without SIBO Taking Over Your Life w/ Phoebe Lapine
If You Want To Heal Your SIBO You Should: * Address the three main risk factor buckets and identify the root cause of your bacteria overgrowth * Find a bodyworker to help you navigate which protocol will work best for you * Embrace a beautifully diverse diet by focusing on an anti-inflammatory protocol SIBO, or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, affects millions of people but can be difficult to nail down. Unlike other gut imbalances, SIBO happens when there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the upper part of your digestive tract. Because of the importance of the location of this bacteria, it takes the right support to heal your gut and reduce your inflammation. Healing SIBO Through Food with Phoebe Lapine Phoebe Lapine believes that food can and should be medicine. A writer, gluten-free chef, culinary instructor, Hashimoto’s advocate and so much more, Phoebe is here to share her story of autoimmune disease and healing SIBO from the inside out. What You Need To Know About SIBO Due to stress, lifestyle factors, and hormones, women suffer from SIBO far more often than men. It is important to understand the connections between all of these factors so that you can uncomplicate your symptoms and work on finding the healing protocol that is right for you. Everything from structural issues in your gut to your body's ability to kill bacteria can have an impact on your likelihood of developing SIBO. Gas, bloating, thyroid hormones, and so much more can play a role here, which is why it is essential to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to address your gut dysbiosis in the best way possible. Finding the Right Treatment for Your Body Addressing bacteria overgrowth takes an individualized approach to be the most effective possible. Antibiotics, herbs, and different diets can all be helpful depending on your unique sensitivity, lifestyle, and detox methods. It is important to know what you are working with before you start to treat your symptoms. Phoebe suggests starting from a place of anti-inflammatory protocols. You don't have to stop enjoying food to cure your gut bacteria; all it takes is the knowledge to guide yourself through gut complications and get to a place of a beautifully diverse diet. Phoebe is a real example of the amazing possibilities of healing SIBO and clearing up what is going on in the body through food, lifestyle, and body kindness. Do you or someone you love suffer from SIBO? Share which of Phoebe’s tips you are going to incorporate into your daily routine with me in the comments section of the episode page. Quotes: “Sometimes you just need help getting onto a higher plateau of healing.” (18:56) “At the end of the day, this is all just connected tissue, and fascia and soft tissue muscles, and we have to make sure those are working, which is a whole different ballgame from the bacteria situation.” (24:58) - Dr. Mariza “SIBO to me explains why a low fodmap diet is effective in terms of symptoms, because if you have perfectly normal bacteria in the wrong place too far up your digestive tract, and you feed them the foods they enjoy most, then, of course, you are going to have some sort of gas as part of that, having it be too far up your intestinal tract as well.” (33:18) “It's never just SIBO, there is usually kind of a bigger issue at play, even if it is not necessarily causing the issue in of itself.” (33:33) “Diversity is the spice of life, and we don't want to be overloading our system with large quantities of one ingredient.” (38:31) In This Episode * Why women are more susceptible to SIBO than men (12:21) * The three different buckets that can impact your gut and hormone symbiosis (19:38) * Where to start when testing for SIBO and other digestive issues (25:42) * Which foods you should be focusing on to fix your SIBO and inflammation (31:34) * How to embrace the diversity of life with anti-inflammatory versions of comfort food (38:25) Resources Mentioned: Order the SIBO Made Simple Book Here SIBO Made Simple Website SIBO Made Simple Podcast Feed Me Phoebe Website The Wellness Project Website Follow Phoebe on Instagram Dr. Allison Siebecker Website Related Episodes: Essentially You Episode #230: Dismantling Myths About Leaky Gut, Gut Health and Probiotics with Tina Anderson Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube Podcast production & marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative
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