Kids Outsourcing
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Are you wondering how to keep the kids busy, fight the boredom AND remove some things from the metal load you carry for your family?? Then this is the episode for you! Tune in to hear a wide variety of tips and advice for getting the kids on board with sharing the responsibilities around the home. Kids are way more capable than we give them credit for so sit back, relax and soak up all the tips and advice for helping empower the small humans in your life.

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In this episode we:

● Share about how to run a household and how to not be stressed by it;

● Highlight that it is worth the investment of your time to train your kids up;

● Delve into how our upbringing can impact how we set up our future home;

● Challenge you to empower your kids and give freedom;

● Encourage you to review your standards/expectations;

● Provide you with ideas on how pocket money can work for your kids;

● Reveal how different the Farrugia and Revell families are! (If you weren't already aware!);

And so so so so much more...

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

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Wardrobe Episode Part 2

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TPJ 99: Motivate Kids To Get Ready To Go
Do you struggle to get your kids out the door in the morning? Are you ever late for things because you’re arguing with your kids or having trouble getting them ready for the day? You’re not alone. Kristen from our Present Play community asked for advice about how to deal with this. In this episode I’ll discuss my thoughts and help you get back your sanity! [00:38] Kristen's question: How can I motivate my child to get ready more quickly? [03:37] More love isn't always the answer [06:59] Natural consequences are great when they can play themselves out. [07:32] Are there any morning activities that will be missed if they aren't ready in time? [08:26] Your frustration and depleted patience is a natural consequence too. [09:29] Try playful parenting [11:26] Set a clear boundary and follow through [15:37] Avoid power struggles. If you enjoyed this episode and it inspired you in some way, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaway. Take a selfie of you listening or a screenshot of the show, post it to instagram stories, and tag me @parentingjunkie or feel free to DM me on instagram, I try to reply to as many as I can! Are you subscribed to my podcast? Subscribe here so that fresh episodes are delivered directly to you. Those shiny 5-star ratings and sweet reviews have me all gushy, thank you. But more importantly, they help other parents discover the Parenting Junkie Show and spread the word about Loving parenting and Parenting from Love. If you have a moment to spare, those reviews mean the world to me, you can leave one here. Want to connect to like-minded parenting junkies? Join our (free & awesome) FB community Love Parenting with Avital. Resources: * Join my membership, Present Play! * Book Playful Parenting by Lawrence Cohen Full Show Notes:
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Spark Joy
Spark Joy
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Encore! Ep 136 | Love in the Time of Corona - Conscious Dating with Angela N. Holton
Relationship expert Angela N. Holton joins us to share Conscious Dating strategies that focus on self-love and connection, even in the midst of social distancing and quarantine. Angela N. Holton, is an International Dating & Relationship Expert, Speaker, Author and Founder of Love Sanctuary, an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping women and men create more love in their lives from the inside-out. She is the Creator of The Conscious Dating Method, a modern and revolutionary approach toward dating and relationships and the author of The Conscious Dating Method Workbook Journal. We want to hear from you! Tell us your burning tidying questions or share stories about how KonMari has impacted your life. Find us at and click “Ask Spark Joy” to leave a question or comment for a chance to be featured on next week’s show. While you’re there, sign-up to join our Spark Joy podcast community and get notified when each episode airs. You can also join the Spark Joy podcast community on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the handle @sparkjoypodcast. Book a custom Virtual Tidying Experience with For the Love of Tidy ( Join The Spark Joy Club today! ( In this episode, you’ll enjoy: How Angela became an international dating coach Angela's definition of self-love and why it's so important as we date How to build self-love into our homes, schedules, and routines The Conscious Dating Method - how to become what we are seek How letting go is a common theme across both tidying and dating Tips for navigating dating during quarantine and beyond Social distance dating ideas How to make dating a priority when there are other things fighting for our attention Tips (do's and don'ts) to help you make online dating spark more joy and how to get started Angela's favorite dating tip: Have fun and date with curiosity. What sparks joy for Angela: Waking up and sharing her gifts. To connect with Angela, you can find her at ( and on instagram @angelanholton ( You can also pick up Angela's book, The Conscious Dating Method Workbook and Journal ( Gems: "Relationships begin and end with relationship with self." "We are naturally wired for connection." "How are you learning how to be in a relationship if you're not dating?" You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home ( You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy ( Special Guest: Angela Holton.
35 min
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