Veronica Kaulinis | The Four Agreements of Vulnerability
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If connection is what you look for, you'll find a lot to take away from this insightful conversation with Veronica Kaulinis, founder of Vulnerable AF. We discuss the meaning of vulnerability and how opening up to others is what creates connection and enables meaningful relationships.

Veronica Kaulinis hosts Vulnerable AF, an international workshop dedicated to encouraging vulnerability and connection. |

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Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast
Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast
Mark Pollard
Life After A Strategy Career - Part 1 - Ian Crocombe, Jackie Crynes, Carlos Hermida
Strategists can take many shapes but what do those shapes look like outside of a full-time agency? This episode is from a livestream in the Sweathead Facebook group. It features Ian Crocombe, Jackie Crynes, and Carlos Hermida.  We discuss: - Things that make people leave agency life - What people hope to find after agency life - How "qualified" is "qualified enough" - Perceptions hirers have of agency people Ian Crocombe is based in London. From strategist to VP Innovation to CSO to finding his own shop to teaching and then working at Facebook, Ian is now on his newest venture of helping in-house teams build the next generation of performance brands. Find him here: Jackie Crynes is currently based in Arizona. She started out in strategy then moved client-side and is now back in a strategy role where she blends the worlds of digital, product and brand strategy to design meaningful experiences and drive business results. Find her here: Carlos Hermida is based in Colombia where he is now focused on advising entrepreneurs and startups. He has experience in marketing, strategy, branding and communications. Find him at his twitter account: ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
49 min
Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Cal Newport
Ep.37: The Planning Fallacy, Inbox Zero, and the Limits of Ethical Technology | DEEP QUESTIONS
In this episode of Deep Questions I answer reader questions about avoiding the planning fallacy, my thoughts on Inbox Zero, and the limits of the ethical technology movement, among many other topics. To submit your own questions, sign up for my mailing list at You can submit audio questions at Please consider subscribing (which helps iTunes rankings) and leaving a review or rating (which helps new listeners decide to try the show). Here’s the full list of topics tackled in today’s episode along with the timestamps: OPENING: The three stages of hard creative work. WORK QUESTIONS * Cutting back on meetings. [23:06] * Improving your coworkers habits (without them knowing). [26:44] * Teaching depth to kids. [39:52] * Choosing between graduate school and a job. [46:30]  * Scheduling side hustles. [48:55] * Career capital theory for parents. [49:44] * Avoiding the planning fallacy. [52:21]  TECHNOLOGY QUESTIONS * My thoughts on Inbox Zero. [54:08] * Preventing short breaks from derailing depth. [57:47] * Reading on book per week. [1:04:04] * How much a serious college student should read. [1:12:33] * Digital minimalism for college students. [1:13:32] * On the limits of ethical technology (sermon alert). [1:20:20] DEEP LIFE QUESTIONS * Planning for family in the deep life. [1:36:02] * Fostering depth later in life. [1:41:00] * Living deeply during pandemic homeschooling. [1:44:12] Special Offer Sponsor Links:  -  -  - Thanks to listener Jay Kerstens for the intro music.
1 hr 52 min
HR Works
HR Works
Chris Ceplenski
HR Works COVID-19 Update: Supporting Employees with Headaches and Migraines
In the last episode of HR Works COVID-19 Update, I was joined by Neurologist and headache expert Dr. Charisse Litchman to discuss how the pandemic has lead to increased screen times and consequently increased headaches. In the final part of that discussion, we’ll continue our discussion with Dr. Litchman, including how HR can help their employees prevent headaches as well as support them in finding treatment and care. You may also listen to this track here: Charisse Litchman MD, FAHS is a neurologist, headache specialist, and medical advisor to Nurx ( She received her undergraduate degree at Wesleyan University and her medical degree at Yale School of Medicine. After completing her internship at Yale New Haven Hospital, she completed her neurology residency at Cornell-New York Hospital. She began a solo private practice in general neurology and became board certified in headache medicine in 2008. She left her private practice in 2018 to become faculty at Yale where she is currently Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology. Charisse has published articles in headaches and multiple sclerosis and edited the first textbook on a rare soft tissue tumor.  She has earned a certificate in Medical Editing and Writing from the University of Chicago. Charisse has three children and lives in Connecticut with her husband Mark and her two dogs.
8 min
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