Reckon Interview
Reckon Interview
Oct 26, 2020
What happens after the election?
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The 2020 election has led to some of the strangest alliances in political history. Right now, political strategists who’ve previously worked for candidates as ideologically far apart as Dick Cheney and Bernie Sanders or Sarah Palin and Stacey Abrams, are united in a common goal: the defeat of Trumpism. But what happens after the election? If Trump loses, where does this energy go in January 2021? If Trump wins, what happens next?

Rick Wilson is a political strategist who has advised Republicans like George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Rudy Giuliani. In 2019, he co-founded the Lincoln Project - a PAC made up of former Republican consultants dedicated to the defeat of Trump and Trumpism. 

Wilson argues that Republicans have to lose up and down the ballot in order to wipe out the seeds of Trumpism and rebuild the conservative movement. He also describes what the Lincoln Project will do in 2021 and beyond, if Trump loses. 

Aimee Castenell is a digital strategist with the Working Families Party in Atlanta. And she organizes on campaigns in several Southern states. 

She explains how people can get involved if there's a disputed election, drawing on the experience of the Georgia's governor's race in 2018, how to gear up for future campaigns and recruiting Black women to run to public office.

Show Notes

1:48 Rick Wilson | | @TheRickWilson

2:15 What is the Lincoln Project?

3:38 What makes Donald Trump different from earlier Republicans?

5:22 The Roy Moore election

6:17 Defeating Trumpism, not just Trump

8:13 What does the Lincoln Project do if Trump loses?

10:07 What separates the Lincoln Project from the Democratic Party?

12:34 What mandate would Joe Biden have?

15:08 On court packing and the filibuster

18:38 How to react when candidates won’t debate

20:00 Social isolation of #NeverTrumpers

21:02 Is there a Republican in the South you would vote for?

22:31 Stay in the fight

25:59 Aimee Castenell | Working Families Party | @aimeeorleans

27:27 Dealing with mismanaged elections

30:23 How to help out

31:55 Elections are not a zero-sum game

35:16 The long-term work of organizing

39:22 It’s going to be an uphill battle

41:02 The importance of local elections


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