Son Little
51 min

On this episode of Plus One Eric welcomes singer and songwriter Son Little, whose blend of sonic and production styles hits a new level with his latest record “Aloha”, which he calls “aggressive lounge R&B”. 

Little talks with Kraz about how Stevie Wonder and Prince were breakthrough influences for him, and the two reminisce about first meeting each other at a recording session with The Roots, who have featured Son Little on multiple albums. Eric and Son have collaborated on other projects since then, most recently the song “Apples” on Kraz’s 2019 record “Telescope”. 

After their conversation, Eric and Son Little play a live, stripped-down take on Son's tune "about her. again" that you won't want to miss.

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Eric Krasno Plus One is presented by Osiris Media. All original music by Eric Krasno. Executive Producers are RJ Bee and Christina Collins. Audio Production by Matt Dwyer. Produced by Ben Baruch of 11E1even Group.

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The Mike Herrera Podcast
The Mike Herrera Podcast
Mike Herrera
#335 with Bob McKnight and Friends on Between This World and the Next
What is MXPX doing live on the internet? Bob McKnight and I talk about what it was like to see the show and from my perspective, what it was like to do the show. Bob interviewed some of you from the MXPX community that saw the 1st round for Between This World and the Next. Special thanks to Danny, Nathan, Carmen, James and Katie for talking about your experiences on the podcast. And thanks again to Bob McKnight for doing the interviews and putting it all together. Happy Thanksgiving! Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide Preview! Unwrap Holiday Merch on 11/26 at TICKETS FOR DECEMBER SHOWS 2020 ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big Thanks to RØDE MICS --------------------------------------------------- LIFE IN QUARANTINE - THE COLLECTION HOMEWARD BOUND! TEXT LIST - Join our Text list by texting MXPX to 31996 Merch still available at MUSIC -LISTENER CHALLENGE- Listen to MXPX Self Titled Deluxe Album at least once a day. Use hashtag #mxpx or #mxpxsuperchallenge The MXPX Super Challenge Playlist Big link to everything MXPX BAND LINK MXPX - Self Titled Deluxe Edition Mike Herrera - Moment's Like These: TX Mike Herrera - Superman - LISTEN HERE! I now have an Artist Series Music Man Stingray from Ernie Ball! You can order straight from the shop on the Music Man website. A portion of proceeds goes to MusicCares! MIKE HERRERA SIGNATURE SERIES BASS If you like the podcast- Subscribe, rate and review on Apple. Support what I do at Leave a message with your question on the Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some could be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message.
1 hr 12 min
Turned Out A Punk
Turned Out A Punk
Turned Out A Punk
Episode 296 - Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!)
We're going wild in the streets on this episode because Damian is joined by his buddy & a goddamn LEGEND: KEITH MORRIS! Listen in as the two discuss the LA punk explosion, & what led up to it, from the most first hand of perspectives. From going with Greg Ginn to see the Dogs in a music wasteland to watching West Coast hardcore take over the globe a few years later. This is NOT TO BE MISSED & don't miss the brand new jammed packed reissue of Group Sex (one of the best records ever!) out now on Trust Records.  Also Touched On: Not heroes, friends Great bass players LA versus NY punk A nice thick red face and zucchini noodles Talking Heads, Blondie and most of the early CBs scene wasn’t really punk The Dickies and X are the only bands to get signed Zolar X  The Imperial Dogs The Dogs from Detroit: Ginn and Keith’s favourite band The Last kick it off in the South Bay Lucky Leher gives out his number on Group Sex and regrets it Jeff trades Keith a song in exchange for a new band name Hollywood vs the Beach communities The effect of growing up in the “Hey Devo!” era Don’t stand around trying to figure stuff out, jump in: Beach Jocks Circles Jerks and Fear to 5000 people at the Olympic Auditorium  The Stooges on their last legs The effects of Charles Manson on you Culture Vom were… fun Fear forming to mock punk The Extremes to Youth Brigade The Atoms: pre-DFL and GnR The first tour Fanzines Making sure you were playing with the good band in each town Borrowing riffs four month long tours no merch & SO MUCH MORE!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANS
1 hr 26 min
36 From the Vault
36 From the Vault
Osiris Media
Dick's Picks Vol. 18 — 02/03-05/78, Madison & Milwaukee, WI / Cedar Falls, IA
In this week’s episode we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 18, a midwestern compilation from February 3, 1978 at the Dane County Coliseum in Madison, Wisconsin, February 4, 1978 at the Milwaukee Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and February 5, 1978, at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Just six weeks on from the magical year of 1977, we find The Dead fusing their disco-dead sound with expert & lengthy jams, giving the run a mixed feeling of 1973 meeting 1977. Pieced together like a standard Set I for the era with a double-pack of Set II jam vehicles, this is a joyous compilation that gives one a true sense of what The Grateful Dead were up to in the Winter of 1978. Disc One opens with the back-to-back combo of “Bertha” and “Good Lovin’” before we dive into a seasonally appropriate “Cold Rain & Snow.” Elsewhere, “Deal” shines in the lively rock of late-70’s Dead. Disc Two is a masterpiece as the late-70’s combo of “Estimated Prophet> Eyes Of The World” before “Playin’ In The Band” jams for nearly 25min in a fusion of the late-70’s groove & early-70’s psychedilia. From there we hear the first “The Wheel” of the Dick’s Picks series before returning to “Playin’.” Disc Three provides a bonus Set II to the overall show, with a scorching “Scarlet -> Fire” that concludes with a jam heavy “Truckin’ -> Drums -> Other One> Wharf Rat.” All the flavors of Winter/Spring 1978 are represented here in a compilation that matches Dick’s Picks 4, 12 and 14 for its mastery of encapsulating an era. 36 from the Vault is production of Osiris Media. It is edited and produced and mastered by Brian Brinkman. All music composed by Amar Sastry, unless otherwise noted. Logo design by Liz Bee Art & Design. The executive producer of 36 from the Vault is RJ Bee.  --- In honor of the Dicks Picks series’ first appearance of “The Wheel” in Volume 18, we have a very special sponsor for this episode, the Chicago-based On Tour Brewing Company! Chicago area locals can also order for pickup or no-contact delivery, and On Tour is extending the $5 off to online orders over $30 with the Promo Code: 36VaultOnTour Please check out Synlanwn at: Visit Section 119 at: and enter the Promo Code: 36FROMTHEVAULT Please visit Sunset Lake CBD at: and enter the Promo Code: VAULT15 --- Please consider reviewing this podcast on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. We invite you to listen to Dick’s Picks Volume 19 in anticipation of our next episode - our SEASON THREE PREMIER - which will drop in early 2021!   See for privacy and opt-out information.
2 hr 24 min
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