Ctrl Alt Delete
Ctrl Alt Delete
Jan 14, 2021
#307 Laura Mucha: Love, Relationships & Attachment Theory
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Welcome back to Ctrl Alt Delete! Today’s guest is with the amazing Laura Mucha, an ex-lawyer, author, award-winning poet, and speaker. Her first book, Love Factually / We Need to Talk About Love is the result of ten years of interviews with hundreds of strangers aged 8-95 years old across every continent, and it is fascinating. The Guardian describes her as “a fantastic nosy parker”. She is such a talented writer and researcher and I think you’ll fall in love with her like I did when you hear this episode. Her debut poetry collection, Dear Ugly Sisters is out now and her debut picture book, Rita’s Rabbit is out in 2021, so keep your eye out for that! We talk about SO much in this episode, I hope you enjoy, if you did, please do leave a review somewhere on Apple podcasts!

Link to Laura's book here: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/9781472982438

- My books:.https://uk.bookshop.org/contributors/emma-gannon

- My favourite 2020 books: https://uk.bookshop.org/lists/my-favourite-reads-of-2020-9bf19342-f535-4856-ab1a-d523f5ecd98a

- My 2021 picks: https://uk.bookshop.org/lists/2021-books-i-m-excited-about-619ab32f-f22e-4282-a0e7-71732055e3c7

- Twitter: Twitter.com/emmagannon

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Going for Goal
Going for Goal
Women's Health UK
Gabby Logan on Midlife Wellness, Power Moves + the Perimenopause
Few people embody a positive, powerful and balanced approach to living well during midlife quite like broadcaster and host of the Midpoint podcast, Gabby Logan. At 47, the mum-of-two feels as good as she did in her 30s, and is passionate about women her age - and older - truly owning their place on TV. As she’s very much doing right now, hosting the BBC’s coverage of the Six Nations. The way she sees it, she’s become more experienced, more skilled in those intervening years - and, as you’ll find out, she’s really fine-tuned the way she maintains her health and wellness too. You’ll hear about her fitness regimen, what it’s been like parenting in a pandemic and why it’s really important to her to prioritise her gut health. But what really sets this conversation apart is how open Gabby is about less well-trodden ground, including how she’s taking HRT since learning she’d entered the perimenopause and why the alcoholism that runs in her family has made her extremely mindful when it comes to drinking. Expect inspiration aplenty from this conversation - no matter what age and stage you’re at. Join Gabby on Instagram: @gabbylogan Join Claire on Instagram: @clairesanderson Join Women’s Health UK on Instagram: @womenshealthuk   Topics - Gabby Logan on feeling empowered in midlife - How she exercises to boost her mental health - Why Gabby started taking HRT after entering the perimenopause - What it’s like raising teenage twins in lockdown - How she looks after her gut health   Like what you’re hearing? We'd love if you could rate and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, as it really helps other people find the show. Also, remember to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, so you’ll never miss an episode.   Got a goal in mind? Shoot us a message on Instagram putting ‘Going for Goal’ at the start of your message and our experts could be helping you achieve your health goal in an upcoming episode. Alternatively, you can email us: womenshealth@womenshealthmag.co.uk   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
32 min
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat
Mo Gawdat
Dr. Donald Hoffman (Part 1) - The Case Against Reality and Why We Only See What We Need to Survive
Today’s guest is the brilliant Dr. Donald Hoffman. Donald is a full professor of cognitive science at the University of California, the author of The Case Against Reality and Visual Intelligence, and the co-author of Observer Mechanics. Within his body of work, Donald studies how our visual perception, guided by millions of years of natural selection, generates every aspect of our so-called reality. Through his research, he has discovered important clues pointing to the subjective nature of reality, which can be best understood as a set of phenomena our brain constructs to guide our behavior. In other words, we actively create everything we see, and we see what we need to see to make sense of things and survive.  This is a truly mind-blowing conversation, so get ready to work your brain and challenge your perceptions at their very most fundamental. Donald has received a Distinguished Scientific Award of the American Psychological Association for early career research into visual perception, the Rustum Roy Award of the Chopra Foundation, and the Troland Research Award of the US National Academy of Sciences.  Listen as we discuss: * How did Donald get into the full time study of making a case against reality? * Why mathematical models of processing reality are still ignoring a deeper layer. * You cannot infer from what you're doing in a game what is actually rendering the game. * We only see the parts of the game we focus on. * Evolution has given us a VR headset, not a window into reality, and the point of it is to win the game of life. * Winning the game and seeing the truth are two very different things. * If you try to control reality directly, you're going to be very inefficient and lose the game. * Science is evolving, and space-time is doomed because it's in "the game world". * We're programmed to believe in "reality" from age 4 and never question it. * Humility is how we learn. * The brain is an icon in your perception, not a causal mechanism. * Donald's Theory of Conscious Agents and why existence is like Twitter * Reality is a visualization tool that distills and focuses our experience so we don't get overwhelmed. * Everything is just icons we associate with a consciousness. Instagram: @mo_gawdat Facebook: @mo.gawdat.official Twitter: @mgawdat LinkedIn: /in/mogawdat Connect with Donald Hoffman on Twitter @donaldhoffman Don't forget to subscribe to Slo Mo for new episodes every Monday and Thursday. Only with your help can we reach One Billion Happy #onebillionhappy.
36 min
Woman's Hour: Daily Podcasts
Woman's Hour: Daily Podcasts
Losing a Friend to Suicide, Period Pants & why they're still being taxed
Loujain al-Hathloul, the Saudi women's rights activist, has just been released from prison after spending nearly three years in prison. Instrumental in the movement to allow women to drive in the kingdom, she was imprisoned in 2018, just weeks before the ban was lifted. We speak to her sister Lina who has led the campaign to free Loujain for the last three years. Why are period pants still being taxed and not classed as a sanitary product? With Ruby Raut, founder of WUKA period pants and Sarah Olney MP, who's leading an early day motion to remove the 20% tax. How do we cope with the grief of losing a friend to suicide? It has been exactly one year since TV presenter Caroline Flack took her own life. Caroline stood down as presenter of Love Island in 2019 after she was charged of assaulting her boyfriend. She pleaded not guilty, and was due to stand trial in March. Emma speaks to her close friend Ophelia Lovibond and to Sarah Bates from the charity, Support After Suicide. Christine Keeler: the woman who nearly brought down the government in the 60s. She had an affair with Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, when she was just 19. In an unconnected court case, but one which is also linked in a complicated saga, she ended up being sentenced to nine months in prison. Seymour now wants a pardon for his mother. Next month he'll start court proceedings. Presenter: Emma Barnett Producer: Lucinda Montefiore
42 min
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