Ep 144: Claudia Karvan
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She's an ornament to Australian film and television, and she's told a different story for every era of life. From The Secret Life Of Us to Love My Way - Claudia Karvan has been pivotal as both an actor and producer in some of the biggest hitters. In 2021, she's back with Stan's new series BUMP - and as could be expected, it's rating its arse off and has already been cleared for a second season. Claudia joins Clancy and Errol to talk about her amazing career, growing up in the cross, and the occasional bad theatre production.

A Rational Fear
A Rational Fear
Dan Ilic
Facebook, Dob In A Dole Bludger & A progressive Israel - Emily Johnsons, Omri Marcus, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic
🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON https://www.patreon.com/ARationalFear 📨 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST: http://www.arationalfear.com/ We’re back, just like Facebook news, and just like Facebook we’re giving out money to Australian publishers (if we feel like it). If you’re a major publisher of news content and want some coin, hit me up at dan[at]arationalfear.com, or if you’re an Australian Treasurer giving away pre-election grants for towing the party line, hit us up too, we’ll say what ever you want, it may come across as sarcasm, but we’ll give it a go. On the podcast this week, we examine Facebook without news, we dob in some dole bludgers, we celebrate WA Opposition Leader, Zak Kirkup, conceding before he’s run and election. Also we interview Omri Marcus, the creative director of Israel’s only progressive party, Meretz. Omri gives us super interesting inside look of how broken Israel’s unicameral system is. Fearmongers this week: Declan Fay (The Sweetest Plum, and Crossbread) Emily Johnson (@Howdoidelete1 on TikTok) Lewis Hobba (From the ABC’s Triple J) Dan Ilic (me, from this podcast) Cheers Dan 🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON https://www.patreon.com/ARationalFear 📨 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST: http://www.arationalfear.com/ ----------- TRANSCRIPTION FROM OTTER.AI -----------   Bertha Announcement  0:00   This podcast is supported in part by the birther foundation. Dan Ilic  0:04   Hey, Louis, how are you? Well, Dan, how are you? Excellent, excellent. We've got a whole bunch of new Patreon supporters this week. I want to give them a big shout out James Smith, who is a fellow board member at FBI radio with me, we started where were we started a rational for you. Thank you, James Ben Gittens, Rob Bartlett and Louis. Next week marks the first anniversary of us starting our Patreon. And we had we started with the goal of being able to pay for our editor, which is we've done which is great. Now like to see if we can get enough patrons to pay for a holiday No. To pay for drugs, no, no, no, to pay for a video producer to help us make videos with us. So if you are into what we do, please chip in on the Patreon you you may you may remember, back in 2014, we ran a possible campaign and we raised $50,000, to make 13 weeks of digital video content during the elections. And we spent every single cent of that Lewis Hobba  1:05   was great. It's doing that. It's the first time I've ever had a chance to go bankrupt. It was a Dan Ilic  1:09   thrill but it was like, Well, we've got this money, we need to spend it on making content on the internet. That's a good investment. Well, it's election season coming up and it would be great to do the same. But you know, video is way more expensive than audio. So if you've thought about becoming a Patreon supporter, now's a good time to chip in for as little as you like. $1 or $3. We have some guy paying us $500 a month, which is ridiculous. Big thanks to David Okada for that. Are you ready to start the show? Lois? Lewis Hobba  1:34   I'm ready, dad. Dan Ilic  1:35   I'm recording my end of irrational feet on gadigal land and the Euro nation's sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show. Unknown Speaker  1:42   A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks can rub gum and section 40. a rational view recommended listening might emerge your audience Dan Ilic  1:55   tonight as an independent Craig Kelly says he will vote on his conscience. However, Kelly understands the word conscience means con science. And the first of April will say job caper increased by just $25 a week Scott Morrison hopes everyone on the program will enjoy his April Fool's Day joke. And at an International Women's Day event, Scott Morrison reflects on bungling the biggest scandal to come out of camera as a husband and as a father. It's the 26th of February 2021. We have struck a deal with Facebook. This is irrational fear. irrational fear I'm your host disgraced former elite athlete Dan Ilic. And joining us tonight as some incredible fear mongers. He grew up komova in order to foster a look that says former scout leader but instead of cutting it off to he settled for a look that says reformed murderer. It's the CO creator of Ronny Chang, the international student and co host of the sweetest plumb Declan Fay, thanks for joining us. Unknown Speaker  3:04   I'm very sad if I hadn't known you were going to mention it I would have kept it it's gone. You know, when people went a bit strange during the lockdown when Melbourne hit that second lockdown, I thought I need to set a goal for myself. And I set a goal to grow a comb over and it's really hard to get it to get all the way across. Dan Ilic  3:25   My uncle has a comb over and you look just like Unknown Speaker  3:30   well, it combination of a lockdown not much natural light plus the comb overhead started to make me look like a very ill old man. And then my partner said to me at one stage, she said I'm just unconcerned. This is having an adverse effect on our relationship. So decided it had to be show it's going Dan Ilic  3:52   and our next guest has over 2.5 million likes on Tick Tock. We can't wait to ask her. What is Tick Tock? You may know her is how to delete one for the purpose of us boomers here on the podcast. We'll call her Emily Johnson. Welcome. Unknown Speaker  4:05   Hi, everyone. Thanks for having me. Dan Ilic  4:07   Now what is it like to be one of the most influential people on tik tok in Australia? Unknown Speaker  4:12   I mean, I don't think I'm influential. I think I'm, I'm just the anti troll of tea talk. Dan Ilic  4:19   And finally, it's a man who has yet to receive his free care. It's Louis harbor. Honestly, Lewis Hobba  4:25   I wake up every morning I run downstairs like a kid at Christmas. And I say Qian Unknown Speaker  4:29   here today. Lewis Hobba  4:32   Nokia. I mean, frankly, if it haymitch Blake can't get me a Kia. Dan Ilic  4:37   Who can? I emailed Hamish Blake throughout the week and I said thanks for doing the show. Sadly kid didn't give us any cares. And he said Oh, that's interesting. They sent me three so Declan Fay  4:48   it's gonna be harder for you to get one because key is have tried to go cool that they used to be the dorky family car that the guy would be like look if you can't afford a kind of toy or maybe you want to see the key He'd say it like kind of like you know he was showing you a dirty nappy but during the Australian Open they all kind of really cool and the ads are like they sort of the old doing like spins and kind of burnouts have tried to rebrand them. That's me. Lewis Hobba  5:14   I'm a bad boy on the bad boy. Family wagon. Dan Ilic  5:19   A very rich, Lewis Hobba  5:22   I'm dangerous. I break down emotionally. I'm just like, Dan Ilic  5:27   you're a guy that says I can do I can do burnouts with six kids in the car. Let's Unknown Speaker  5:31   do it. Yeah. Dan Ilic  5:35   Coming on the podcast, we talked with the creative director of one of Israel's longest running progressive parties, and we'll ask him what's it like to know you're going to lose another election? But first, here's a message from our sponsor. Unknown Speaker  5:45   This episode of irrational fear is brought to you by mykhailiuk caches dumping a dove ledger hotline if you know someone who is earning hard earned money from taxpayers and is refusing to do their job. Just call one $800 blood Joe Unknown Speaker  5:59   mykhailiuk cashes dog ledger hotline. Yay. Hi. I saw a man taking tax payers money and completely refusing to do any work. Yes. Do you have his name and a job? Yes, his name is Scott Morrison. He's the Prime Minister. He just gives all the jobs to the state premiers to the it is so unfair. Someone who actually wants the job could be doing the job heaps better. Right and what's your name? My name yet? Anthony L…
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The Junkees - Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan
The Junkees - Dave O'Neil and Kitty Flanagan
Nearly Media
Ice Cream Sandwiches
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