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Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Deep Questions with Cal Newport
Cal Newport
Ep. 49: Organizing Massive Projects, Taming IM, and Exploring the Deep Life Canon
In this episode of Deep Questions I answer reader questions about organizing massive projects, taming IM, and elaborating the books I would include in the Deep Life Canon. To submit your own questions, sign up for my mailing list at calnewport.com. You can also submit audio questions at https://www.speakpipe.com/CalNewport Please consider subscribing (which helps iTunes rankings) and leaving a review or rating (which helps new listeners decide to try the show). Here’s the full list of topics tackled in today’s episode along with the timestamps: DEEP DIVE: The Deep Reset, Part 1 WORK QUESTIONS  - The limits of deliberate practice? [12:09]  - Getting started on massive projects. [20:11]   - Social media and the dissemination of academic research. [25:04]  - Digital time blocking. [31:59]  - My opinion on GTD-style contexts. [35:50]    - When a job requires social media use. [40:01]   TECHNOLOGY QUESTIONS  - Taming IM. [42:13]  - How to attend online classes. [50:08]  - Breaking a YouTube addiction. [1:00:30]  - Controlling heavy RSS use. [1:03:40]  - On the phenomenology of technology. [1:06:31]  DEEP LIFE QUESTIONS  - Deciding when to give up on a book [1:12:25].  - Dealing with an overwhelming amount of advice. [1:14:05]  - Living deeply in high school. [1:17:30]   - The Deep Life Canon. [1:23:47] Thanks to listener Jay Kerstens for the intro music.
1 hr 35 min
Flow Research Collective Radio
Flow Research Collective Radio
Flow Research Collective
Action Sports As A Tool For Accelerated Self-Development — Cedric Dumont | Flow Research Collective Radio
Join our flagship cognitive performance training. 👉 Zero to Dangerous helps you accomplish your wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space, and freedom in your personal life. Today, we welcome a true peak performer to share his story: Base jumper, Cédric Dumont. He started BASE jumping in 1996, and since completing his first jump has competed in the X Games three times, finished third in the Skysurfing World Cup, and won the Brazilian Open of Skysurfing. Cédric has more than 10,000 skydives and 2,000 BASE jumps on his record, always traveling the world in search of new adventures. He is a true multi-talent: He’s always been passionate about flying, but has also been a snowboarder and surfer – he’s even claimed a spot on Belgium’s national golf team. Besides being an Action/Adventure Sports athlete, Cédric's degree in Applied Sports Psychology allowed him to begin his coaching vocation by giving professional athletes the mental edge and skills necessary to achieve their goals and unleash their full potential. His new book “Dare to Jump: Everything You Want is on the Other Side of Fear” is just coming out now, so make sure to check it out. In this episode, we not only talk about action sports and base jumping but we talk about the practical learnings that business people, entrepreneurs, and knowledge workers can draw from Cederics experience. Make sure to stay until the end to learn what entrepreneurs and managers can learn from extreme athletes. OUR FLOW TRAINING We are currently accepting new participants in our flagship flow training: 👉 Zero to Dangerous. Our science-backed peak performance training is for entrepreneurs and knowledge workers like you wanting to accomplish their wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space, and freedom in their personal life. In Zero to Dangerous, you’ll work one on one with our Ph.D. level peak performance coaches. They’ll help you implement flow practices and push you to where you want to go—and far beyond. You’ll master the maps and models of peak performance through our online video course. You will get lifetime access to weekly calls with our community of peak performing business leaders who provide you with accountability, support, and feedback. After the training, you will be able to access flow states on-demand, so you can spend your entire workday in that hyper-focused zone and say goodbye to the distractions of politics, colleagues, and trivial nonsense. To apply for Zero to Dangerous, go to 👉 getmoreflow.com/ to book a call with our team who will help you assess if it is a good fit for you. Rooting for you!
48 min
David Senra
#156 Theodore Roosevelt
What I learned from reading Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt Subscribe to continue listening and gain access to all full episodes. What other people are saying: “Uniquely outstanding. No fluff and all substance. David does an outstanding job summarizing these biographies and hones in on the elements that make his subjects so unique among entrepreneurs. I particularly enjoy that he focuses on both the founder’s positive and negative characteristics as a way of highlighting things to mimic and avoid.” “Without a doubt, the highest value-to-cost ratio I’ve taken advantage of in the last year is the Founders podcast premium feed. Tap into eons of knowledge and experiences, condensed into digestible portions, for roughly the cost of a takeout meal. Highly, highly recommend. “I just paid for my first premium podcast subscription for Founders podcast. Learning from those who came before us is one of the highest value ways to invest time. David does his homework and exponentially improves my efficiency by focusing on the most valuable lessons.” “I haven’t found a better return on my time and money than your podcast for inspiration and time-tested wisdom to help me on my journey. “It is worth every penny. I cannot put into words how fantastic this podcast is. Just stop reading this and get the full access.” “Reading a biography is a privilege that condenses a life's journey, all its lessons, loves AND mistakes into 20 odd hours of reading. Here David condenses many of the best and intriguing Bios into 1-2 hours. Presented organically and thoughtfully with full book links and show notes for ease. Subscribe right away!” Subscribe to continue listening and gain access to all full episodes.
32 min
Jack Sweeney Speaks to CFOs About Driving Change | Middle Market Media, LLC
655: Awaiting the Return to Travel | Tom Tuchscherer, CFO, TripActions
Twenty-five to 30 years ago, senior executives seeking CFO roles did not think like Tom Tuchscherer. Many still don’t, which is why CFO roles have increasingly come to executives like Tuchscherer, a gate crasher from the world of corporate development. Such was the case back in 2012, when Tuchscherer entered the CFO office for the first time at Talend, a fast-growing developer of data integration software. At the time, Tuchscherer was accustomed to having long strategy discussions with both Talend investors and board members and was even tasked with helping management to recruit “a professional” CFO. However, when a new CFO exited the company only 12 months after being recruited, Tuchscherer agreed to serve as an interim finance leader. “First it was 3 months, then 6 months, then 9 months, and then a year. Eventually, the board said, ‘Hey, you seem to be doing a good job with this—why don’t you just stay?,’” explains Tuchscherer, who characterizes his arrival in the CFO office as an “accident” rather than a “willful choice.” In fact, as time passed and Talend began preparing for its IPO, Tuchscherer says his career mind-set remained untethered to the CFO role. “Had I been in a board member’s shoes, I would have thought that this was pretty dangerous,” explains Tuchscherer, who says that during some “honest discussions” with the company’s CEO and board members, he made clear his willingness to step aside and even to help recruit a CFO with IPO experience. “Essentially, the message that came back was: ‘We value the relationships that you built and your strategic knowledge of the company much more than the downside of your lack of experience as a public company CFO, and we believe that you can grow and learn those skills … but we will be keeping a close eye,’” recalls Tuchscherer, who notes that by this time he had learned to appease his sizable appetite for high-minded strategy insights—a source of sustenance for many corporate development executives—in order to better digest the company’s accounting and administrative functions. Looking back, Tuchscherer recalls that his “accidental” arrival inside the CFO office in some ways allowed him to be more clear-eyed about the role of finance leadership. Comments Tuchscherer: “It forced me to ask a lot of questions and to challenge the role and reinvent it at the same time.” –Jack Sweeney Subscribe to our Newsletter
46 min
No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership
Martin Moore
Working to Live: Q&A with Marty & Em
Episode #118 // When we spend so much time dedicated to our work, it’s pretty common to feel as though we’re neglecting other important areas of our lives: our families, our health, our friends… we can even lose our basic zest for living. We forget that we’re supposed to be working to live, not living to work. In this episode, we focus on how to have a stellar career, and still be successful in the other critical areas of your life. Our first question from Jay asks specifically about the impact that a high-powered career can have on your children. We also explore how to get the hiring process right, and work at the right level so that you don’t get sucked into the vortex of a never-ending task list. Like anything in leadership, it takes discipline to create and maintain the right habits. // We are on a mission to hit 1 million listens by the 31st December 2020 and we're less than 20k listens away from that goal! To help us to reach this goal, and impact even more leaders just like you who would benefit from the strategies and tools that Marty covers in the podcast, please share the podcast with your network. You can also subscribe, follow, rate and review the podcast, that will help more leaders find us when they’re searching for a new leadership podcast to binge on. If we hit our goal, we will be running a completely free live virtual leadership event in February 2021, and we would love for you to be there! Keep up with the live listener number and see how close we are to our goal at www.yourceomentor.com/stats    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
21 min
The Daily Stoic
The Daily Stoic
Daily Stoic
ESPN's Wright Thompson On What Makes Us Great… And Human
Ryan speaks with writer Wright Thompson about what drives an author to cover a topic, the similarity between writing and sports, their differing writing processes, and more. Wright Thompson is an author and journalist who covers the intersections of sports and culture. Thompson has written for ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine on topics like auto racing, MMA, bullfighting and more. Thompson wrote The Cost of These Dreams and recently released the New York Times bestselling Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last. This episode is brought to you by Optimize, the membership that guides you on the path to living right. Optimize offers services like Philosopher Notes, six-page condensed reviews of insightful nonfiction books like Epictetus’s Discourses, Ryan’s The Obstacle Is the Way, and more. Members also get access to 101 video Master Classes, each one an intensive taught by experts about a particular topic. Visit optimize.me/dailystoic and get your first fourteen days free, plus 10% off your membership with discount code STOIC. This episode is also brought to you by the Jordan Harbinger Show. Jordan's podcast is one of the most interesting ones out there, with guests like Kobe Bryant, Mark Manson, Eric Schmidt, and more. Listen to one of Ryan's episodes right now (1, 2), and subscribe to the Jordan Harbinger Show today. *** If you enjoyed this week’s podcast, we’d love for you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps with our visibility, and the more people listen to the podcast, the more we can invest into it and make it even better. Sign up for the Daily Stoic email: http://DailyStoic.com/signup Follow @DailyStoic: Twitter: https://twitter.com/dailystoic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dailystoic/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/dailystoic YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/dailystoic Follow Wright Thompson: Homepage: https://wrightthompson.com/index.html Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wrightthompsonbooks
1 hr
North Star Podcast
North Star Podcast
David Perell
Nik Sharma: Building DTC Companies
My guest today is Nik Sharma, the founder of Sharma Brands and an advisor to companies like Judy and Cha Cha Matcha. Nik is one of my very best friends and my go-to person for all things commerce. Since we first met, we've spent hours exploring the future of marketing and commerce together and recorded this podcast to give you a window into what our conversations are like. We started with Nik's philosophy of launching Direct-to-Consumer brands. I particularly liked Nik's idea of "The Brag Bar" on landing pages, where you can use social proof to sell your products. We also spoke about managing relationships with influencers and finding the supply and demand equilibrium at launch. Towards the end, Nik and I talked about our process for turning conversations into articles, and the time he cold emailed Mark Cuban. Please enjoy my conversation with Nik Sharma. ____________________________ Show Notes 2:21 - Why Nik has the "world's craziest fridge" and how it helps keep him in the know on DTC brands. 6:29 - What marketing strategies Nik has found most successful for DTC brands. 13:31 - How brands can differentiate themselves in a world of emerging brands in already burgeoning markets. 19:25 - Nik's approach to launching a successful DTC brand and when to concentrate your advertising versus diversify. 30:19 - The role of A/B testing in building a brand. 35:43 - How influencers play into the big picture of marketing and why the "shaky video" effect is so successful. 42:12 - The selection and audition process of influencers in Nik's campaigns and how he chooses those he sees as the best for his brands. 45:52 - The costs and benefits of starting your brand through heavy promotion via influencers. 49:56 - How the process of rebranding Hint Water's bottle was performed and the qualitative process that got them to the bottle you see today. 57:27 - The metrics and methods Nik uses in his development of marketing strategies with his brands. 1:05:19 - What Nik looks for in a great landing page, and why all landing pages should be easy to read for everybody from a 12-year-old to a drunk person. 1:10:07 - What UGC is and why Nik thinks it is so underrated by marketing teams. 1:13:31 - The different marketing funnels and when you should use each one. 1:17:09 - Why Nik creates landing pages for fake products and makes them live on the internet. 1:22:56 - The importance of having great merch for your brand. 1:26:22 - What about internet culture makes collaborations so successful and popular. 1:34:05 - How somebody can convert a large personal following into sponsorships and meaningful collaborations. 1:35:46 - How new brands should position themselves when huge players like Amazon are in the same space. 1:44:01 - What happened when Nik cold emailed Mark Cuban and how he got an almost instant response. 1:50:46 - How David and Nik collaborate to develop, write, and publish the articles they make. 1:56:14 - Why Nik doesn't sweat the details of his personal brand that much.
2 hr 1 min
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