A Cuppa Happy
A Cuppa Happy
Jan 19, 2021
Listen - Our Voices in the NHS
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A Podcast That Provides A Platform For Our NHS Doctors And Nurses To Share Their Untold Stories. Listen here:



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Armchair Explorer
Armchair Explorer
Aaron Millar
Voyage of the Finmen: Kayaking from Greenland to Scotland with Explorer George Bullard
Follow world-record breaking explorer George Bullard on a world-first kayak from Greenland to Scotland across one of the most dangerous stretches of water on the planet. No one thought they could do it. Most people assumed they would die trying – and they nearly did, more than once. But, despite the odds, over six weeks, George and his expedition partner Ollie Hicks, crossed 1,200-miles of open ocean from the edge of the Greenland Ice Cap to Iceland, then on to the Faroe Islands, and from there to the north Scottish shore. Paddling through the night, sleeping out in the sinister dark of the polar ocean, battling storms, exhaustion and raging seas – this is the story of the most dangerous kayak expedition ever undertaken. But it’s more than that too. Three hundred years ago a mysterious figure in a strange shaped canoe washed up on the coast of Aberdeen, in northeast Scotland. He was alive, barely. No one knew who he was, where he came from, what language he spoke, and he died a few days later before anyone could find out. Since then, the myth of the ‘Finmen’ has continued to grow. The historical records describe his clothing as similar to what we now know as hailing from Inuit culture. But it seemed impossible. Did a Greenlandic fisherman cross the North Atlantic Ocean, 300 years ago, on nothing more than a seal-skin canoe? By undertaking this journey, George and Ollie set out to unearth the truth behind the mystery. If they could do it, perhaps the myth was true. Get ready for the Voyage of the Finmen. *Highlights include:* ·      Kayak across one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world, a section of the North Atlantic between Iceland and Scotland, known as the ‘Devil’s Dancefloor’ because of the size of the waves and storms ·      Paddle through the midnight sun from Greenland to Iceland, and then 450-miles around the crocodile teeth of the rugged fjords and soaring cliffs of North Icelandic coastline, camping out on wild beaches along the way ·      Listen to one of the craziest rescue and survival stories you will ever hear ·      Find out what happens when George and Ollie are hit by an enormous hurricane 60-miles off the Scottish coast ·      Be inspired by George’s love and enthusiasm for the outdoors and adventure. He is one of the UK’s most sought-after motivational speakers and will fire you up to embark on your next adventure wherever that may be *Who’s the Guest?* George Bullard is a world record-breaking explorer, endurance athlete and motivational speaker. To date he has covered more than 2,000 miles on foot in the polar regions (including the longest unsupported polar journey in history, at just age 19) and completed countless extraordinary expeditions around the world. George is passionate about encouraging others to climb their own Everest physically, mentally and emotionally @georgebullardexplorer / www.georgebullard.co.uk Looking for inspiration for your next trip? George’s adventure travel company www.igoadventures.com curates one-of-a-kind adventures with purpose, for those looking for exceptional experiences in nature. They are affordable, amazing and hand-crafted by one of the world’s greatest adventurers.  Thank you to Juggernaut Wines for sponsoring this episode. Harnessing the power of nature with every drop.  @juggernautwines / www.juggernautwines.com The Armchair Explorer podcast is produced and hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar. Follow the show on Instagram & Facebook @armchairexplorerpodcast. www.armchair-explorer.com  Episode image (c) Emma Hall, courtesy of George Bullard
56 min
Aspergers Autism #1 Podcast [The Aspie World ]
Aspergers Autism #1 Podcast [The Aspie World ]
Aspergers & Autism #1 Podcast
The Sia Autism Controversy: Kate Hudson Responds
This take a turn for the “are you kidding me?” When Kate Hudson joins the conversation. So the Sia movie that has gone viral for its controversy surrounding autism and some controversial scenes surrounding it is everywhere. I myself have done lots of discussions and videos on this topic and it is still ongoing. Open till this point there has only been Sia a self who has said anything about the movie and the backlash she is getting, the other actors have this far kept quiet. That is until now as Kate Hudson was asking about the controversy in an interview from an article published in the Independent where she states that she was unaware of any controversy surrounding the, and I quote “beautiful movie”. My thoughts on this and Kates inability to face facts and talk about it honestly is quite worrying, as Kate should have just been honest and said how she felt. Saying that she had not seen any controversy around it is a very outlandish lie since people like good morning America and CNN have covered this story, and she is in the movie. LINKS: Music: Kate Hudson says she ‘feels terrible’ that autism community feel ‘left out’ of Sia’s new film - https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/kate-hudson-sia-autism-film-music-b1805023.html Restraint Scene: https://www.theaspieworld.com/restraint/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theaspieworld/support
8 min
Mongabay Newscast
Mongabay Newscast
Rewilding, restoration, and real hope for the future
Landscape rewilding and ecosystem restoration are likely our last/best chances to maintain life on Earth as we know it, the guests on this week's show argue. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration just began, so we invited author Judith Schwartz to discuss her new book The Reindeer Chronicles and Other Inspiring Stories of Working with Nature to Heal the Earth, which documents numerous restoration projects around the globe and highlights how the global ecological restoration movement is challenging us to reconsider the way we live on the planet. We’re also joined by Tero Mustonen, president of the Finnish NGO Snowchange Cooperative, who tells us about the group’s Landscape Rewilding Programme which is restoring & rewilding Arctic and Boreal habitats using Indigenous knowledge and science. He previously joined us to discuss the 'dialogue' between Indigenous knowledge and western science for a popular episode in 2018, a theme we also explored with David Suzuki for another popular show about how Indigenous knowledge is critical for human survival. Episode artwork: Reindeer calf at Lake Inari in northern Finland © Markus Mauthe / Greenpeace. Please invite your friends to subscribe to the Mongabay Newscast wherever they get podcasts, or download our free app in the Apple App Store and in the Google Store to have access to our latest episodes at your fingertips. If you enjoy the Newscast, please visit www.patreon.com/mongabay to pledge a dollar or more to keep the show growing, Mongabay is a nonproft media outlet and all support helps! Supporting at the $10/month level now delivers access to Insider Content at Mongabay.com, too, please visit the link above for details. See all our latest news from nature's frontline at Mongabay's homepage: news.mongabay.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching for @mongabay. Feedback is always welcome: submissions@mongabay.com.
1 hr 4 min
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast
Kira Dineen
#141 Stan Crooke on Ultra Rare Disease Drugs
Biotech titan Dr. Stan Crooke joins host Kira Dineen to celebrate rare disease month! Dr. Crooke was the Founder of IONIS Pharmaceuticals, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry developing more than 20 marketed drugs. He has published nearly 500 scientific publications, edited more than 20 books, and has numerous patents.  Dr. Stan Crooke is now the Founder and CEO of n-Lorem Foundation, a new San Diego-based organization with an incredible mission of developing individualized RNA targeted medicines for patients with ultra-rare diseases, and providing those treatments for free, for life. These patients have extremely unique mutations and are often only one of 30 people in the entire world to have the disease. After only one year as a foundation, they’ve already made great progress for the ultra rare community, having received 50 applications from patients with ultra rare genetic mutations. Out of those 50, they have greenlighted treatment plans for nearly 20 patients - greatly exceeding application and acceptance rate expectations.  On This Episode We Discuss: Rare diseases vs ultra rare diseases Challenges treating patients with ultra rare diseases and genetic mutations Standard process and cost of drug development n-Lorem’s new approach to drug development for ultra rare diseases  Antisense therapies (ASOs) n-Lorem’s charitable and scalable model  n-Lorem’s relationship with IONIS Pharmaceuticals People eligible for n-Lorem’s treatments How to contact n-Lorem’s for potential treatment  Drugs currently in development at n-Lorem Insight on the development of SPINRAZA® for spinal muscular atrophy  Learn more about n-Lorem on their website.  Check out the UConn Podcast Symposium, our host Kira Dineen will be on the interdisciplinary panel taking place on February 22nd at 4PM EST. You can register to attend for free here. UConn students will be provided a Zoom link to engage in a live Q&A. The panel will also be streamed publicly via Facebook and YouTube. Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today on March 5th, 2021! New episodes are released on the first and third Friday of the month. In the meantime, you can binge over 140 other episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, streaming on the website, or any other podcast player by searching, “DNA Today”. Brand new in 2021, episodes are now also recorded with video which you can watch on our YouTube channel.   See what else we are up to on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our website, DNApodcast.com. Questions/inquiries can be sent to info@DNApodcast.com.
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