Ms the Word
Ms the Word
Jan 13, 2021
Things aren't easy right now
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Hey folks,

May of you may already know that I lost my dad last week and I'm still coming to terms with it all.

This podcast covers the various things I've found to help with the impact.

Much love,


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The Gurls Talk Podcast
The Gurls Talk Podcast
Gurls Talk
Ep 54. Adwoa chats with Stacy Sims, PhD, Global Expert on Female Athlete Physiology, and Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule about breaking taboos, first periods and girls dropping out of sport, and tracking your cycle to get the most out of fitness.
On this week’s podcast, I catch up with two formidable ladies in the fields of women’s health and sport. Stacy Sims, PhD is an expert in sex differences, and globally acclaimed for her research and TED Talk, ‘Women are Not Small Men’. She’s dedicated the last 20 years to educating women, and men, on the female body, and how it responds differently to athleticism than the male body. Joslyn Thompson Rule, a woman with many strings to her bow, is a Nike Global Master Trainer, a Sports Therapist, and Coaching Mentor. She draws from her years of coaching women, and young girls as we discuss the benefits of working with the female cycle: how it not only boosts health and training results, but also empowers girls to own their fitness through every stage of the menstrual cycle. I talk about my experiences with puberty, how confusing navigating that time can be, and we discuss why so many girls are dropping out of sport during puberty, after getting their period. I definitely remember skipping P.E. during that early life phase. It’s crazy that something that half the population gets is still the cause of such embarrassment. This week’s episode is a reminder to start having open conversations with girls about periods and sport early on. To be honest, I spent most of this episode enthralled by Stacy and Joslyn’s passion and commitment to this issue. And I learned a lot of things about my body, training, and the menstrual cycle that I didn’t know. Even as an adult! Easy listening guys - and as always mad, mad love. You can follow @DrStacySims and @JoslynThompsonRule, and you can follow us @gurlstalk. Please send any messages to and don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an episode of the Gurls Talk podcast.
45 min
Desert Island Dishes
Desert Island Dishes
Margie Nomura
Rukmini Iyer: Author of The Roasting Tin cookbooks and food stylist
My guest today is Rukmini Iyer Rukmini is a former lawyer turned bestselling author of the Roasting Tin series which have now sold over half a million copies. Amongst her army of followers – who call themselves the TinLads. She counts Nigella Lawson as a fan as well as other famous names from Jay Rayner to Judy Murray. The concept of the Roasting Tin books is deceptively simple, Mini’s recipes lure people in with the idea of the one-pot supper. But people return time and time again because the recipes taste even better than the lack of washing up feels. A pioneer of the _and I quote: ‘put everything in a roasting tin and shove it in the oven’ school of cookery, Mini’s fourth cookbook features tasty, no-fuss dishes from across the globe. As well as writing cookbooks, Rukmini styles and writes recipes for numerous brands and publications, including Waitrose, The Guardian and Fortnum and Mason. Of her success and the reaction to her books, Mini says – ‘It’s one thing having fans who are like, "this is great for dinner", but to have fans who are saying that you’ve changed the way they eat is very humbling,’ ‘You never think that something like a cookbook could have that much effect on someone’. Thank you so much for listening. So so many delicious dishes talked about! Don’t forget to go to the website for the full list of episodes plus lots of recipes and you can sign up to the newsletter. Come and say on Instagram @desertislanddishes And thank you for your reviews, they really do help other people to find the podcast and helps boost the show in the charts.
Make It Reign with Josh Smith
Make It Reign with Josh Smith
Finery Media Ltd.
Ep 5: Katarina Johnson-Thompson
On this episode of Make It Reign, Josh talks to Olympic athlete and World Champion, Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Katarina - or KJT as she is known to her fans - talks candidly about how she was, “very close” to quitting athletics after what was deemed a “public failure” at the Rio 2016 Olympics where she finished sixth, whilst others tipped her for a gold medal. Having struggled with self-confidence, public pressure and injuries Katarina completely changed her life - including working with a psychologist - in order to change her mindset and put her into winning form. Now the reigning World Champion in the Heptathlon - making her the world’s best all round female athletics athlete - Katarina opens up about the Tokyo Olympics, how body image affected her early career and the racist microaggressions she has faced throughout her life. Open and honest conversations are key to making it reign and Katarina’s chat is a powerful account of how we need to define success and failure on our own terms and how we all have the power to switch up our mindset and achieve our dreams - whatever they may be. If you are lacking motivation right now - let’s face it, we all are - then this is the conversation you NEED to listen to. You can follow Josh on social media across @joshsmithhosts and don't forget to subscribe, follow, rate and comment if you loved the episode as we love to hear from you, queens! Josh will be back to Make it Reign with another Queen next! Make It Reign is proudly sponsored by BABE Wine. Please enjoy responsibly.
50 min
Le Coach
Le Coach
Romain Bastide
Pépites #40 : Ici et Maintenant
Bienvenue pour cette nouvelle saison de notre podcast Le Coach, pour tous ceux et celles qui s’intéressent au coaching mental, au coaching de performance, au coaching de champions dont je suis sur vous faites partie. Je vous partage tous les matins à 7h une petite pépite extraite des sessions du BCC.  C’est donc enregistré en live, brut, sans montage, pour vous, rien que pour vous, tout de suite, maintenant. Je suis sur que ça vous parlera et vous donnera peut-être envie de nous rejoindre ! Et au fait qui suis-je ? Et bien je m’appelle Romain Bastide, j’ai bientôt 40 ans et je suis papa de 3 merveilles. 🥇 Je suis coach mental. J’accompagne des personnes atypiques (sportifs, créateurs, entrepreneurs, artistes, haut-potentiels, écorchés vifs). Je les aide à se sentir bien, à croire en eux et à performer au plus haut niveau. 💥 Je suis formé à plusieurs méthodes (SANE, Hypnose, Wim Hof, préparation mentale, méditation) mais je n'applique pas de recette particulière, je propose du sur-mesure en fonction de votre profil et de vos spécificités. 💪 Vous pouvez expérimenter ma vision du coaching mental en écoutant mon Podcast "Le Coach" et en vous inscrivant aux sessions gratuites du BCC (Bastide Coaching Club).  Toutes les infos sont sur 👉 👈  Retrouvez moi sur Instagram : Crédits : Direction Artistique by Claire Maoui Voix Off by Constance Arnaud Music by David Gategno Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.
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