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Whoops we covered another cult. Coming for ya, Jo Thornely.

Chantelle McDougall, her six-year-old daughter Leela, her partner Simon Kadwill, and their housemate Tony Popic went missing in July of 2007. Simon was the leader of an internet-based doomsday cult, who believed that through death, a chosen few would ascend to a new plane of reality and usher in the new Aquarian age of existence. So you know, normal stuff. 

They told friends and family they were moving to Brazil, but their was no activity on their passports. Their disappearance left police stumped. Had they committed group suicide, or had they gone even further into isolation and completely segregated themselves from society?

Our main sources this week were the coronial inquest completed in 2017. You know we love an inquest document!,%20G;%20McDougall,%20C%20J%20and%20L;%20Popic,%20A%20K%20%20finding.pdf

News articles about the case can be found here and here

The website for Simon’s “work” can be accessed via the Wayback Machine here

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Naked City
Naked City
The Age and Sydney Morning Herald
The death of a neo-Nazi crime boss
Phillip Grant Wilson was a neo-Nazi and a killer. He recruited a gang and according to one police report, ''This group undertook intense physical fitness training for the purpose of establishing a physical and mental advantage over police, especially the Special Operations Group, against whom they fully expected to come up against at some time in the future.'' Detective Sergeant John Morrish of the armed robbery squad was one of the key investigators who worked on Wilson. Morrish was known to have an intense dislike of people who used guns to terrorise members of the public. He wasn't too fond of Nazis either. On August 4, 1987, the Iceman was shot dead in an ambush outside a South Yarra chiropractic clinic. The murder remains unsolved. Silvester has a recorded interview with Wilson, and we hear John Morrish’s recollections, including that he was initially considered a suspect in Wilson’s murder. Thanks for listening. Please take the time to rate & review us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods. We love to hear your thoughts and it makes it easier for the rest of the podcast world to find us. Become a subscriber: our supporters power our newsrooms and are critical for the sustainability of news coverage. Becoming a subscriber also gets you exclusive behind-the-scenes content and invitations to special events. Click on the links to subscribe or See for privacy information.
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True Crime Conversations
True Crime Conversations
Mamamia Podcasts
BEST OF 2020: The Fake Diving Resort
In the 1980s, a brochure was printed across the world, for an idyllic holiday resort called Arous. It was a diving resort on the Red Sea, in the Sudanese desert. The brochure featured pictures of chalets on a bright beach, the sea almost the same colour as the sky But what guests of the resort didn’t know was that Arous wasn’t really a holiday resort. At least not primarily. And the staff weren’t really managers, or diving instructors, or waitresses. Once the sun went down, those who worked at the hotel were part of a top secret mission, that not even their own families were aware of. And if the Sudanese government found out, it would cost them their lives. Raffi Berg is the Middle East editor for BBC News Online. He has extensive experience reporting on Israel and the wider region. His book 'Red Sea Spies: The True Story Of Mossad’s Fake Diving Resort' was written in collaboration with secret agents involved in the operation and tells the complete story of the case for the first time. This episode was originally published on June 18th, and is part of our 2020 Best Of series. CREDITS: Guest: Raffi Berg Host: Jessie Stephens Producer and editor: Elise Cooper RESEARCH ‘Red Sea Spies: The True Story Of Mossad’s Fake Diving Resort’ by Raffi Berg  ‘Red Sea Diving Resort: The holiday village run by spies’, Raffi Berg for BBC News, Tel Aviv  ‘Saving The Forgotten Jews’ BBC News ‘The Daring Rescue of Ethiopian Jews From Sudan’, Israel First TV  CONTACT US Tell us what you think of the show via email at  Join our closed Facebook community to discuss this episode. Just search True Crime Conversations on Facebook or follow this link  If any of the contents in this episode have cause distress know that there is help available viaLifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 See for privacy information.
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