#139 - Easy Ways to Incorporate Speech Into Play for All Ages
Play • 30 min

Facilitating speech for your child or the child you care for can be loads of fun, and in today’s episode, hosts Rachel and Jessica cover a whole bunch of activities that can incorporate language into daily tasks. 

While we don’t focus specifically on language development - but rather verbiage - some of these tasks may help your child with enunciation, so there should be something for everyone! 

We kick off the show by diving into our first exercise: sequencing through singing. We talk about all the various interactive songs you can sing, as well as how to combine them with fun actions. 

Sticking to the beat, we then talk about how metronome activities can help children discover direction of movement and instruction, before moving onto impulse control games. Teaching your child to control their urges to perform an action can be made fun by playing games like, “ready, set, go.” 

In the latter half of the show, we talk about animal sounds and puzzles. Using repetition and the power of pause, listeners will find out why it is just as important for parents and caregivers to exaggerate these sounds with the movement of their mouths. 

Later, we talk about imitating the noise and communicative actions children make and expand on why it’s beneficial to do so. 

As we come to the closing stages of the show, we touch on naming things in your immediate environment and why putting things out of reach encourages communication. If you work with children in any way, or have children of your own, be sure to tune into this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: tips for facilitating play.
  • Why this episode is great for a variety of parents, educators, and therapists.
  • One fun way to combine movement and singing, tried and tested by both Rachel and Jessica.
  • We go over the best interactive songs for you to use.
  • The relationship between metronome and movement.
  • Games you can play using a metronomic beat.
  • Rachel shares a success story of how a child benefited from metronome games.
  • Using, “ready, set, go,” to work on the child’s impulse control.
  • Why it is also important to incorporate “stop” into your, “ready, set, go” exercises.
  • Collaborating animal sounds and puzzles.
  • The importance of imitating your child and their communicative actions.
  • Why naming things in your environment is great for facilitating speech.
  • The value behind putting items out of reach.
  • Sign language as a means to facilitate communication.
  • Pictures can help children who are visual learners communicate better.
  • We talk about some of the love we’ve received from our listeners!

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