How to Become Your Future Self Today
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#22 RICHIE NORTON SOLOCAST MINI-TRAINING: Your greatest life requires multi-dimensional thinking. What? :-)  Richie goes solo and shares with you stories with tactics you can implement by using identity shifts to become "I am now" rather than "I will become later." Will fear stop you from doing the work? Richie shares a story from his childhood about the San Diego Padres and a visualization tape his dad gifted him. Discover (through a series of 14 intentional questions and statements that Richie crated for you) how to put the right information in front of you to help you visualize and realize the dreams you have.    You can't change and be somebody else in the future unless you start becoming a little better at being that future person today. This short solocast will get you thinking differently about everything for greater freedom, impact and influence. Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.   This podcast ends with a great question: How did you do it? The answer is profound, but shouldn't surprise you if you listened to this three-part podcast stack including the Interview with Action Jacquelyn and the Action Aftercast deep dive that came right before this one. Thanks for being cool!   RICHIE NORTON SHOW COMMUNITY:   RICHIE NORTON SHOW NOTES AND RESOURCES:   RICHIE NORTON SOCIAL:   INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: FB: TWITTER:
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