Use the Humble Power Alternative Now
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SOLOCAST: Empathy, mindfulness and humility. What's the humble power alternative? In my consulting work, I meet many people who have spent years agonizing over something they’ve always wished they could do. People always have some thoughts of doing a personal or professional project — like write a book, lose weight, start a business or join a different social group — but they’re stuck. They’re too prideful to allow themselves the chance of looking silly amongst their peers. Yes, in fact, in many ways pride is a form of fear. The Protestant work ethic comes into play here in the West. Prideful people seek attention in shadows with envy. Humble people get attention because others shine the light on them as good examples of behavior. By definition, the ego is the consciousness of your self-identity. In other words, ego is who you think you are. Discover how to see the signs of pride creep. It takes personal humility to keep ego in check so your strengths don’t become weaknesses. To be humble is to be teachable. Take your learning and apply it to something valuable. Share the love to fill the needs of others. If anyone calls you names, remember, they are looking at their own reflection and probably hate themselves. Love them anyways cause “haters gonna hate.” Protect your talent and value-add to the world by taking personal inventory of your thoughts from time-to-time and see if pride is creeping in. If pride’s creeping in, “creep” it back out with a dash of humility so you can start something stupidly important.   RICHIE NORTON SHOW COMMUNITY:      RICHIE NORTON SHOW NOTES AND RESOURCES:      RICHIE NORTON SOCIAL:      INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: FB: TWITTER:


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