How to Sell Stuff
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#54. RICHIE NORTON SOLOCAST MINI-TRAINING: Selling is a sacred trust between buyer and seller. Not just sales with money, but bonding with others and uniting others to a common cause--it's a sacred trust. When access to everything is at your fingertips, you receive full responsibility for self-education and your inevitable success when you apply it.  Learn sales lessons from history:  How did Henry Ford invent, innovate and sell the Model T? What happens when the market begins to shift and price and value ceases to be paramount factors? What did Ford do wrong when styling and excitement suddenly counted to the customer?  How did GM win at that time? How did Ford make up for it? In the middle of 2020, how can you employ GM's "planned obsolescence" and "regularize change"? What can you do when your sales are down to model and learn from Henry Ford and make up for lost time or pitfalls? (Spoiler alert...Ford shut down for 6 months to build the Model A. Don't get stuck at Model T.) 

What about your personal sales? Are you an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, solopreneur, employee, executive? Are you trustworthy? (Side note: Never trust a person that tries to sell you by how righteous they are. I'm telling you right now, it's a scam. Lol.) The moment we reach mastery...we haven't. Continuous learning. Continuous relevancy. Humility. Enjoy!

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