Reconciliation With God
Play • 49 min
In a tent outside of town, God’s presence dwells away from his people as a reminder of what could have been had they not disobeyed in idolatry and their stiff-neck ness. How often do we forget that the prize of heaven is the presence of God? On the mountain, God reveals himself to be firstly merciful, abounding in love, and slow to anger. He is not quick to look for excuses to condemn. His love extends to thousands of generations. Yet, God is not apathetic to evil. His mercy is not ignorant to sin, but it is lopsided. While his justice is poured upon a few generations, his love is poured upon thousands. His greatest act of love and judgement was met at the cross, when the judgement we deserve for sin was put upon Jesus, because of God’s love for us.
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