Oct 28, 2020
The Trump Campaign Deceptively Edited Footage of Joe Biden Quoting Pope Francis
4 min

A video circulated by an account run by President Donald Trump's campaign this week appeared to show Joe Biden fumbling for words at the mic. But he was actually quoting Pope Francis.

VOX Podcast with Mike Erre
VOX Podcast with Mike Erre
Mike Erre
272 - The Lord's Prayer
Sermon on The Mount: Chapter 13 - “The Lord’s Prayer." Matthew 6:9-14. “This, then, is how you should pray…” Jesus walks us through a framework on how we might enter into prayer. The prayer itself is short, but as always, it is layered and nuanced and packed with so much. As we talked about last week, Jesus approaches God as ‘Father.’ What does he mean by in ‘Heaven?’ What does ‘hallowed’ imply? How does Jesus continue to use the ‘now and not yet’ structure? What does the ‘daily bread ‘ link to? Debt and debtors, temptation and delivery from the evil one… Jesus covers a ton. How then should we pray? If this is a framework, how does it apply and direct us? Brick by brick, the foundation of the Kingdom is being laid. Tomorrow is “Giving Tuesday,” a day during this season to support non profits, like VOX! You can do so at: This is the second section of the Sermon on the Mount. We’re excited to walk this road with you all. As always, we encourage and would love discussion as we pursue. Always feel free to email in questions to, and to engage the conversation on here and Instagram.  Learn more about the VOX Podcast: Subscribe on iTunes - Support the VOX Podcast on Patreon: Follow us on Instagram: @voxpodcast Like us on Facebook: Follow Mike on Twitter: Music in this episode by Timothy John Stafford Instagram & Twitter: @GoneTimothy
1 hr 3 min
Knowing Faith
Knowing Faith
Training The Church
#95 – God in the Dark Places of Genesis with Tish Harrison Warren
This episode we are joined by Tish Harrison Warren. Tish is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America and is the author of Liturgy of the Ordinary and the forthcoming book Prayer in the Night (coming in January, preorder now). She is a monthly columnist for Christianity Today and you can find her articles in the New York Times, Religious News Service, Comment Magazine, and many other places. On this episode Tish and the crew discuss the following: * In Genesis 3 we find out that humanity rebels against God and in doing so, finds themselves experiencing separation from God. This is the reality we are born into, that we let’s start at a high level: Is it possible to find God in a dark world? * After the fall, Adam and Eve are exiled from the garden, setting up this mega theme of exile throughout the bible: What is exile and is God with us in it? How do we seek and find God when in exile? * As the story moves forward, brokenness takes on different contours: The story of Cain and Abel we see murder, bloodshed, we approach God differently in the midst of a violent world? * Prior to Noah, it appears that the world has unraveled into great unrighteousness and evil: How can we pray when we feel doubt that the world around us can ever be made whole again? * When we get to the Tower of Babel, we find the people scattered, divided, and confused: In what way if any does prayer not only bridge the gap between us and God but between us and the other? Don't forget to support the show and have access to merch, monthly newsletters, behind-the-scenes, and more at Follow us on social media on Instagram @knowingfaithpodcast, Twitter @KnowingFaithPod, and on Facebook at Knowing Faith.
38 min
Pass The Mic
Pass The Mic
The Witness
Voices of Fire with Ally Henny and Patrick Riddick
We have a special episode for y’all today! Netflix just recently released a Black Gospel choir special called “Voices of Fire” executive produced by Grammy-winning recording artist Pharrell Williams.  Pharrell’s uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams along with a host of Gospel Music legends set out on a 6-part journey to build the world’s most inspiring Gospel Choir. What follows is a host of moving stories and beautiful music.  The Witness BCC Vice President and Host of the Combing the Roots podcast Ally Henny joins us today. She interviews Voice of Fire Choirmaster Patrick Riddick and sticks around afterward to discuss the show with PTM host and Witness BCC President Tyler Burns. Hope y’all enjoy this conversation! ****************************** Finally, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to invite you to give to The Witness BCC for our “Will You Be a Witness?” Fundraising Campaign! The Witness BCC exists to encourage, educate, and empower Black Christians to be free in our souls and bodies. We have accomplished much in our 10 years of existence, but we are just getting started!  We have 4 goals for 2021: -Hire More Staff -Hire Columnists & Writers -Double our Podcast Suite -Create Communities of Refreshing These are LOFTY goals, but whatever vision God gives ought to be more than you can accomplish by yourself. That’s why we need YOUR help. Visit: today and designate your gift for “The Witness BCC”!
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