All about GLC's, with Jalil Rasheed
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This week, Iskandar (@iskandarfareez) and Frederik (@fpaulus) are joined by special guest Jalil Rasheed (@jalilword), former CEO of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), to talk about GLC’s and how they fit into the fabric of our economy.

Some of the topics we touch upon in the show:

  • What is a GLC, a GLIC? Can we consider them as one whole, or are there meaningful differences between different entities, and if so what are they, and why do they matter?
  • How do GLC’s relate to the government and the public? Who should they be accountable to, should they be run like a private company, or are there special considerations?
  • Do GLC’s have a wider responsibility towards stakeholders (beyond just shareholders), and why? How can they fulfil these wider responsibilities without compromising good governance?
  • How can GLC’s best contribute to the overall growth of the economy, and to shared prosperity for the whole of society? Can they be considered tools of economic policy, and if so what are the opportunities and limitations?

At the very end, we recommended the following books for further reading:

  • Neither Civil Nor Servant, the Philip Yeo Story” by Peh Shing Huei—This authorised biography of the former chairman of Singapore’s Economic Development Board gives a fantastic insight into the country’s approach to economic development and creating ecosystems.
  • Minister of Finance Incorporated” by Edmund Terence Gomez e.a.—A bible of sorts to understand GLC’s in Malaysia, shining a light on all the entities set up and how they are controlled.
  • The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs Private Sector Myths” by Mariana Mazzucato—Not specifically related to GLC’s, but a seminal analysis on the state as a catalyst of economic activity, which forces us to reassess its role in growth and development.
Google Workspace Recap
Google Workspace Recap
Jesse Nowlin and Steve Larsen
E008: Target Audiences, Workspace for Education, Alert Center Notifications, Join us on Clubhouse, and more!
We have a flood of updates this week, thanks to the Google Workspace for Education event, a total of 8 updates on the Workspace Update blog, and some tidbits we dug up around the internet. Welcome back to another episode of Workspace Recap!  Last Weeks Google Updates * _Limit Google Drive sharing to specific groups with target audiences, now generally available_ * _Mute all Google Meet participants at once_ * _Introducing Google Workspace for Education_ * _Automatic group membership management with dynamic groups, now generally available_ * _More notifications added to the alert center in Google Workspace_ * _New Calendar admin privilege hierarchy in the Admin console_ * _Changes to information visibility in Meet quality tool, Meet audit log, and Reports API_ * _New option to download third-party apps and domain-wide delegation to CSV _ Other Topics * _Introducing Cloud Domains: Easily register and manage custom domains_ * Upcoming: What you can learn in our Q1 2021 Google Cloud Security Talks - March 3rd, 9 AM Pacific * _Security Talks 2021 - Registration__ _with Javier Soltero and Karthik Lakshminarayanan at 10:05 AM Pacific *** Announcements*** * Workspace Recap will be on Clubhouse this Wed, 7 pm Pacific (Clubhouse is currently iOS only and if you need an invite email or DM us.) * We will also be co-hosting an upcoming C2C Event on Feb 23rd with Christian Newman, and Paul Lees where we discuss “Top Workspace Features of 2020” * We are working on a Google Workspace Recap Newsletter! It will include the latest news articles, all our links mentioned, and more. You can signup to receive the newsletter at Feel free to send us your Workspace Questions, remember, we are both experts in Google Workspace, and if we can't answer your question, we can probably find someone who can. Send us your questions on Twitter, or on our website or at Join us each week as we discuss What’s New in Google Workspace, Upcoming releases, and answer your questions. Hit the subscribe button, engage with us and send us your feedback/questions on Twitter at @WorkspaceRecap and on our website at where you can also find expanded show notes, and more! Hosted by @MrJNowlin and @larsen161 Disclaimer: Podcast and Hosts are Not affiliated with Google
44 mins
Jack Sweeney Speaks to CFOs About Driving Change | Middle Market Media, LLC
677: Engaging Minds at Work | Michael Pickrum, CFO, ExecOnline
When Michael Pickrum tells us about ExecOnline, the company that he joined as CFO back in 2019, he wants us to know that the education technology firm is aligned with his goals both professionally and personally. When it comes to the professional side of things, Pickrum says, ExecOnline in certain ways is a media company. “You’re taking some IP and figuring out how to distribute and monetize it,” comments Pickrum, while boiling down the somewhat complex approach that ExecOnline uses to repackage the curricula of top business schools and universities to better serve the specific people development needs of a variety of corporate clients. Still, Pickrum’s shorthand description is intended not to spotlight the facets of ExecOnline’s business model but instead to draw our attention to its similarities with his past media industry experience—such as his 17 years with BET Networks, where he occupied the CFO office for 9 of them. As for the personal side of things, Pickrum says that he is a “big believer” when it comes to the transformative power of education. “I went to public schools growing up—I was very fortunate to go to a great university, and it changed my life,” remarks Pickrum, who adds that ExecOnline packages the academic IP not with aspiring college students in mind but with an eye toward first-time managers as well as more senior business leaders. According to Pickrum, part of the added value that ExecOnline offers corporate clients derives from providing the IP in a more relevant and efficient way. “Most of our programs are 1 week, 3 weeks, or 6ix weeks,” explains Pickrum, who says that at times the material being covered can be applied to a specific project that the managers are undertaking within their company. “It’s just a great marriage between the business school’s IP, professors, and resources, and our platform and ability to engage people where they are, which is at work.” –Jack Sweeney * Leave rating & review * Signup for our Newsletter GET MORE: Order now The CFO Yearbook, 2021
43 mins
Journal of Accountancy Podcast
Journal of Accountancy Podcast
Journal of Accountancy
CPA news to know: Why mobile workforce tax legislation matters
Earlier in February, numerous amendments to the 2021 fiscal year budget resolution were voted on by the Senate. One of those nonbinding amendments, which passed unanimously by a voice vote, could lead to a lessening of an administrative burden for many employers and employees. The amendment related to mobile workforce legislation, introduced by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., and supported by Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, would extend the de minimis threshold to work in a state as a nonresident before owing state income taxes or being subject to withholding. It also would provide that during the pandemic, employers could withhold as they did prior to the pandemic or provide flexibility for employers to track where remote work is performed. It also would provide that employers would not have a nexus or apportionment impact by having a remote worker in a nonresident state during the pandemic. The AICPA has long supported and continues to support mobile workforce legislative proposals. The AICPA submitted comments in support of the bill on numerous occasions and issued a Feb. 8 press release on the passage of the Senate budget resolution amendment on mobile workforce legislation. For more on the development of mobile workforce legislation, see Yesnowitz, Sherr, and Bell-Jacobs, “AICPA Focuses Advocacy Efforts on Mobile Workforce Legislation,” in The Tax Adviser. What you’ll learn from this episode: * Background on the AICPA’s interest in mobile workforce tax legislation from Eileen Sherr, CPA, CGMA, director of the AICPA Tax Policy & Advocacy team. * Why the legislation could be significant. * FASB’s recent response to a pandemic-related accounting concern. * Several highlights from the JofA’s February print issue, including more on tax penalty relief and Excel’s Ideas feature.
6 mins
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