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183: Managing Anxiety During COVID-19 with Dr. Richa Bhatia, MD
Mar 18, 2020 · 29 min
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The current COVID-19 health crisis has nearly everyone feeling some varying degree of anxiety. Today’s guest, Dr. Richa Bhatia, MD, board certified psychiatrist and American Psychiatric Association Fellow, is here to reassure us that anxiety during this time is completely normal, as lack of control and fear of the unknown are two of the biggest triggers to anxiety - the most common mental health condition among people.

In today’s episode, Dr. Bhatia defines anxiety and discusses why a crisis such as COVID-19 exacerbates it. She shares a plethora of tips for self management and anxiety reduction, including self care, mindfulness practices, exercise, and staying connected, as well as how to tell when you might need professional help to get it under control. 

Dr. Bhatia talks about what organizations can do to support their employees during this time of increased anxiety, and offers a tangible tip that HR and wellness professionals can put into action. Finally, she shares a host of resources for anyone wanting to learn more.

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