16 - Can You Make Peace With Food Through Intuitive Eating After Bariatric Surgery?
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“What I learned about my relationship with food was how disordered it was. And I learned about how I had treated my body so badly because I didn't love it. I didn't appreciate it. And when I say I learned, I treated my body badly. It wasn't like somebody shamed me into that it was a realization, it was an awakening, it was me waking up and going, oh my god, I have this amazing biological, you know, a system so to speak, that is me. Like I finally learned not to see myself separate from my body.”Having a healthy relationship with food does not happen overnight. Especially if you see food as the culprit of your depression, eating disorder, and failures in other aspects. Katy sits down with Maria to deep-dive into her experience after bariatric surgery, the reasons why she chose to have it, and how she’s able to heal her relationship with food and recovering from an eating disorder. Let’s get started.

[00:01 - 05:26] Opening Segment

  • Welcoming Maria to the show
  • Rewiring her mindset with food

[05:27 - 31:58 ] Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food

  • Maria shares her relationship with food growing up in a Sicilian family
  • How dieting changed Maria’s relationship with food
  • Maria shares her bariatric surgery experience
  • The impact of the surgery on her mental and physical health
  • After surgery challenges
  • How Maria deals with recurring bad body image

[31:59 - 37:42] Wrapping up! 

  • What Maria is grateful for about her body
  • Rapid fire questions with Maria
  • Maria’s advice to people who want to make peace with food

Key Quotes

When you're dieting, all you're focused on is diet, diet, diet, right, dude, food. It's like you're trying to get away from the food, but all you really do is run straight to the food. Because it's never out of your mind.” - Maria

“We avoid all of the uncomfortable emotions, we end up avoiding the wonderful ones as well.” - Katy

Resources Mentioned

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Brene Brown

Check out: https://bariatrictimes.com/intuitive-eating-healthier-relationship/

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