36 - Embracing a Growth Mindset with Intuitive Eating and Being a Student of the Process
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My guest today, Judi Amey, is about 6 months into the intuitive eating process, so she’s still somewhat of a newbie, but she also has been such a great student of the process that she’s really seeing the benefits even though there are also challenges. 


And that’s the thing - it’s not a quick fix like a diet. (And if we’re being honest even the diets aren’t quick fixes - there more like quick problems because they backfire.) 


Intuitive eating is meant to be a healing process, and it’s meant to be literally a new way of relating to food and to your body. It’s not a program and it’s not a plan - it’s just a new way of being. 


Judi shares what she’s been doing to heal her relationship with food, including:

  • Listening to the Intuitive Eating book 4-5 times 
  • Utilizing the Intuitive Eating Workbook
  • Listening to intuitive eating/non-diet podcasts
  • Working with a counselor who specializes in intuitive eating and body image 


You see, food freedom doesn’t magically happen - and I often see people making the mistake of just kind of winging it with intuitive eating and assuming it just means they should eat whatever they want, whenever they want - and this really takes them further away from being able to listen to and trust their bodies. 


So I encourage you to be a student of the process, and read, journal, do the workbook, join the IEME FB group, and keep listening to podcasts like Rebuilding Trust With Your Body. These are all different ways of infusing your mind with this new material, and different things will resonate with you at different times. 

There’s a lot of unlearning that has to be done along the way because of the toll that diet culture has taken on us. So be prepared to continually keep learning and growing and choosing to set boundaries in your life against diet culture, because it’s everywhere all around us.


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