The Benefits of Going "All In" With Intuitive Eating
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This idea of going “all in” is a phrase that’s gotten tossed around more in recent years in the intuitive eating and eating disorder recovery communities. And the idea behind it is that rather than dipping your toe in the water, you just take the leap and go for it. It’s not a free-for-all with food, but it really is about letting go of all the dieting and disordered eating behaviors (things like weighing yourself, tracking your food, obsessively exercising) and instead choosing to listen to your body and letting yourself eat the things that are satisfying to you without having rules about what or when you can eat them. It’s about reconnecting with and trusting your body again. 


My guest on this episode of the podcast is a woman named Dana Mandel, and she shares her own story of disordered eating and body image issues. What’s really cool about Dana is that she’s now a therapist herself, so she’s seen what it’s like to be on “both sides of the couch.”


I encourage you to listen and think about what pieces of what Dana shares that can you apply to your own life. That’s my goal for these interview episodes - that it gives you hope, inspiration and motivation that you can heal too.  


I can't wait for you to listen!


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