Why You Must Choose Your Ideal Audience
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We originally planned for this season finale of the 7-Figure Small podcast to be published a few weeks ago. But our world here in the U.S. changed quite drastically in the interim, so we took a little more time to collect our thoughts before recording.

This episode still focuses on the same topic we were planning to discuss -- the importance of choosing your idea audience -- but the context is now much different and, ultimately, much more meaningful.

We open with a discussion about an intriguing new online marketplace for "A.I.-generated characters," and what it could mean for your business, before moving onto perhaps the single greatest example in advertising history of defining who your ideal audience is (and who it isn't).

Then we address the importance of having core values and being willing to stand up for them, what it means to provide values-based leadership to an audience, and how these ideas come to a head when important societal events happen -- like the recent murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests and national discussion about Black Lives Matter and race in America.

How do you decide when it's time to take a public stand and make your thoughts and feeling clear to your audience, even when it's obvious there will be some negative reaction? And is it possible that we overrate how much negative reaction there will be? Brian and Jerod use their own recent experiences with other audiences to provide some insight.

All of that and more on this season finale episode of 7-Figure Small.
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