139 Poignant, Powerful, and Positive Life Lessons from a 50 Mile Ultra
54 min

As we finish 2020 and gear up emotionally for bigger and better times in 2021, we’ve got a chance to RESET, to lay the groundwork of mindset, habits, and action that will equip us to thrive next year - no matter what is thrown our way.

Matt put this mantra to action at a recent 50 Mile Ultra race and shares the poignant, painful, and powerful life lessons he learned running for over 12 hours in the mountains of central Oregon.

This very simple event acted as a lightening rod and helped with so many other positive habits around flexibility, patience, accountability, and community.

He leaned into the power of sport and it provided much-needed purpose to enable excellence across all aspects of life.

This is the heart of the Performance Reset 2020 - experts and companies sharing their thoughts on the role of sport because, make no mistake, sport is powerful. You might be feeling rudderless. You might be tired of this carnival and the uncertainty. But, we have no doubt you have a performance-driven mindset. You may or may not identify as an athlete, but you can learn and thrive by applying elements of the athletic mindset.

It won’t happen by accident and we want to help.

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Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast
Crushing Iron
#429 - You're The Boss Of You
Do you feel like you’re on the roller coaster at times? Going with the same plan that doesn’t quite hit the spot? Today we talk about training plans, recovery, re-charging, and figuring out how to hit your best potential as an athlete and person. Adjusting workouts, days off, diet, sleep, etc. You know you can do it, but doing it the right way FOR YOU is one of the biggest challenges in triathlon. Topics: * Re-charging the body and mind * The “do whatever you want” mode * Managing mental and physical toll * Hyper-structured Type A * Recovering from RACE BUILD, not just the race * The long term effects of Ironman * The mental tug of war for days off * Being empowered to make good choices * Coaching is not a dictatorship * The Links in the Chain * Workouts are there for you to mold * Showing yourself grace as an athlete * Everything we do is done in pencil * Pushing the emotional needle too far * The Final Exam * Having hunger vs anxiety * Seasonal depression * Setting yourself up for success * If you want to go far, go together --------------- * Registration is now open for the C26 Club Training Program. Take the worry and stress out of your 2021 season. For more information, please visit www.C26Triathlon.com/the-c26-club * Looking for a swim analysis, personalized zones for training, and an awesome experience? Check out our New C26 Hub Training Center in Chattanooga. * C26 Gear is now available (for a limited time) at www.c26triathlon.com/c26-store A great way to support the podcast! * Looking for an awesome coach? Former Professional triathlete, Jessica Jacobs is now coaching for C26 Triathlon. Check out her bio and contact information at our Coaching Page on C26Triathlon.com Big Shout out to podcast listener and Wordpress designer Bobby Hughes for helping get the new c26triathlon.com off the ground. If you like what you see and may need a website, check out Bobby’s work at https://hughesdesign.co/ You can also slide by www.crushingiron.com which is now the official blog page for the podcast. Community and coaching information are at www.c26triathlon.com Our 2020 C26 Camps are sold out (other than swim camp) Find out more on our Camps Page. If you'd like to support the Crushing Iron Podcast, hit up our Pledge Page and help us keep this podcast on the rails. Thanks in advance! Are you thinking about raising your game or getting started in triathlon with a coach? Check out our Crushing Iron Coaching Philosophy Video Please subscribe and rate Crushing Iron on YouTube and iTunes. For information on the C26 Coach’s Eye custom swim analysis, coaching, or training camps email: C26Coach@gmail.com Facebook: CrushingIron YouTube: Crushing Iron Twitter: CrushingIron Instagram: C26_Triathlon www.c26triathlon.com Mike Tarrolly - crushingiron@gmail.com Robbie Bruce - c26coach@gmail.com
50 min
The Extramilest Podcast
The Extramilest Podcast
Floris Gierman
#41: Running injury prevention and recovery, with Nate Helming from The Run Experience
Watch this conversation on YouTube here. Nate Helming (Strava) is a founder of The Run Experience, one of the largest YouTube running channels and online running coaching programs. In this show, we discuss running injuries, mobility, flexibility and strength training. We dive into topics like stretching, foam rolling and running form. Nate has a tremendous amount of knowledge in these areas and his passion for passing this on to others is evident in his words and works! We also talk about: * being your own advocate in training. * mechanical deficiencies in the body. * recovery tools and tips. * and many other interesting points of reference. Links and tools mentioned: * Ironman - Kona, Hawaii * The Run Experience - YouTube * The Run Experience - Instagram * The Run Experience - website and blog * The Run Experience app - Apple Store * The Run Experience app - Google Play * The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown (book) * Casey Neistat (YouTube) * Sidekick - recovery tools * CBD oils and lotions * massage / percussion guns * nate@therunexperience.com (email) Show notes: * Growth of The Run Experience and Nate’s running background, including the Boston Marathon as his first as a young student. [5:28] * The perils of a basic running plan printed from the internet. Nate was playing a “high wire act” with his running where after 6-8 weeks, things can start to catch up with you, from a basis of poor habits and poor strength. [16:52] * Nate talks about his development in Triathlon and Ironman, where his running background helped him. However, he now had a coach and niggling injury! This led Nate into the Strength & Conditioning world; where his perspective on what an endurance athlete is, was revised. [19:54] * On training, mindset, habits and the hand-me-down knowledge that goes from generation to generation. Nate got into coaching through trying to help friends with injuries. He talks about the tools which can help with mechanical deficiencies, working by trial and error, challenging the range of movement. [26:30] * Going from one:one, to one:many, seeing individual responses and patterns of behavior. Nate was tapped out, working 6-8 hours per day and building programs but loved the work. He then started to think about people who couldn’t afford the classes or had practical issues getting to them. With his co-founder, Craig, they began to make some videos and start the YouTube channel and The Run Experience. [36:04] * On running form issues and ways to improve. Two types of injuries i) sudden and unexpected ii) overuse injury. Being your own advocate. [42:52] * The role of coaching, to go beyond just running and to have some focus on habits, strength and mobility. Advising coaches to not be afraid to set a higher bar for athletes. In building a team, find people with areas of expertise, rather than trying to be expert on everything yourself. We can’t train like it’s 1950 or 1910, the world has changed. [47:12] * Boys in the Boat: a David and Goliath story. Coaching lessons, from a book about the 1936 Olympic US rowing team. [49:25] * On feet: the long end of the kinetic whip. Over-striding, heel-striking. Running form and atheletic foundation; breathing, arm swing, head position. [51:53] * On stretching: not about lengthening muscle, but to be a strong, healthy human I need to be able hit certain positions. [54:52] * For your recovery tool-box. Use the best tools you have available to you. [58:39] * Tips for foam roller use. Rolling directions: not just “north-south”, but also “east-west”. It’s a game of Seek & Destroy. [01:01:40] * More details about The Run Experience app and where you can find Nate online (also see Links above) [01:05:22] * Tips for those looking to become stronger, healthier and happier athletes. [01:06:31] You can find me, Floris Gierman, here: * Strava * YouTube * Instagram * My Training Course - The Marathon PR Program * My Training Course - 5K to Half Marathon Program * Weekly newsletter with Running Tips and Racing Strategies * Podcast * Facebook (Extramilest Group)
1 hr 5 min
TrainRight Podcast
TrainRight Podcast
Josh Whitmore: Mastering Bike Skills And Gaining Free Speed
*About this episode:* In this week’s episode, coach Adam talks with CTS Expert Coach and mountain bike instructor Josh Whitmore about all things bike skills and how cyclists from all disciplines and skill levels can improve and gain free speed on the bike. *Guests – Josh Whitmore:* I came to coaching from a racing background, enjoying a brief career as a full-time cross-country mountain bike racer in the 1990s when the sport was at its pinnacle. I retired from full-time racing to pursue a career in outdoor education and mountain guiding, earning a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education. I eventually returned to my love of cycling and currently race as a high-level amateur and masters age category athlete in road, mountain, and cyclocross events. I also still keep a foot in the mountain guiding world, occasionally guiding rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing. Since 2010, I’ve focused my professional energies into coaching endurance athletes and helping people of all abilities reach their athletic goals in cycling and alpinism. In addition to ongoing coaching of individuals, I am the company’s most highly qualified mountain bike skills instructor. *Episode Highlights:* * The skills pyramid * 4 dimensions of body position * The key to progressing your skills * Skills vs maneuvers *Learn More About Josh Whitmore And Connect With Him:* * Josh's bio: https://trainright.com/coaches/josh-whitmore/ * MTB Skills: https://trainright.com/mtb-skills-clinic/ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamjoshwhitmore/ *Listen to the episode on **Apple Podcasts**, **Spotify**, **Stitcher**, **Google Podcasts**, or on your favorite podcast platform*
1 hr 3 min
The Physical Performance Show
The Physical Performance Show
Brad Beer
245: Expert Edition: Assoc Prof Shona Halson, ‘Recovery Science Q&A’
During this expert edition, Dr Shona Halson acclaimed and dualed featured expert of the show a Q&A around all things Recovery Science. Shona has been touted as arguably the world's leading expert in the field of athletic recovery. Shona was the director of the Australian Olympic Committee Recovery Centre for the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, was the Senior Exercise Physiologist/Recovery Scientist at the Australian Institute of Sport for 15 years. And in addition to publishing in excess of 100 scientific papers in the field, Dr. Shona Halson has consulted with some of the world's most loved and well respected brands, teams and organisations, including Nike. Now recently on the 24th of October 2020, The Physical Performance Show hosted a three hour livestream with Dr. Shona Halson ‘Recovery Essentials for Optimal Performance’ where Dr Shona took attendees through the practical “how to’s” scientific wise and some great recovery science myth busting. The Q&A section proved to be incredibly popular with some fantastic questions being raised. So we wanted to share with you some of the terrific questions that were raised and Shona’s responses. Show Sponsor: Endure IQ Whether you’re an athlete or coach, ENDURE IQ aims to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to optimise your sports performance. To get you started ENDURE IQ will gift you $25 towards your first ENDURE IQ purchase - use the code BRADBEER at the checkout. Information is useful, but knowing how to use it is powerful. ENDURE IQ - hitting the sweet spot of performance, health and enjoyment. Visit endureiq.com. If you enjoyed this episode of The Physical Performance Show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - www.pogophysio.com.au for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.
45 min
Inside Tri Show
Inside Tri Show
Helen Murray
Inside Tri Show: Celebrating one year with host Helen Murray
To celebrate the first birthday of the Inside Tri Show, we turn the tables on Helen this week, as she becomes the interviewee! We find out what really happens behind the scenes, how she gets some of the guests to come on and how she juggles podcasting with her many other projects. You'll hear: 05:10 Why Helen started the Inside Tri Show and how she brings you a podcast each week 39:24 The top 3 things Helen has learnt in the first 12 months of the Inside Tri Show 41:50 Helen's favourite 3 events - ever! 45:05 About the mad Severn in 7 challenge, when Helen ran the length of the River Severn 48:15 Her jump from the BBC, what she learnt from it and Why you need a network of good people around you if you are going to make a big change in life. ALSO THIS WEEK - https://www.prescasportswear.com/ (PRESCA SPORTSWEAR) 57:45 We bring you a fascinating chat with Rob Webbon and Guy Whitby from https://www.prescasportswear.com/ (Presca Sportswear), the company doing incredible things to market leaders in sustainable sportswear. Use the discount code: INSIDETRI at checkout for 15% off most of the collection at https://www.prescasportswear.com/ (https://www.prescasportswear.com/) Find out more about this week's guest - Helen Murray Head over to https://www.helenmurray.net/ (Helen's website) to find out more about her! Helen's http://twitter.com/helenfmurray (twitter) Helen's http://instagram.com/iamhelenmurray (instagram) Like what you heard? Let me know! Connect with Inside Tri Show across Social Media, just search Inside Tri Show or click on the icons below https://www.patreon.com/insidetrishow (GET YOUR HANDS ON AN EXCLUSIVE EPISODE!) Sign up to be a vino buddy or a training buddy on Patreon and get your hands on the latest patrons-only exclusive episode, including a wonderful interview with Rosie Swale Pope PLUS unheard snippets with Joanna Rowsell and Hannah Grant. You can still support me and support the show by clicking https://www.patreon.com/insidetrishow (here) to buy me a coffee every so often by https://www.patreon.com/insidetrishow (becoming a Patron of the Inside Tri Show). Top Triathlon podcasts https://jobs.zalaris.com/job/Tallin-Zalaris-Norseman-Athlete-2021/629810301/?locale=en_US (Check it out - Inside Tri Show has made the list of )https://blog.feedspot.com/triathlon_podcasts/ (Feedspot's top triathlon podcasts)! Supporters of the show https://resilientnutrition.com/discount/insidetri10 (Long Range Fuel) are phenomenally tasty nut butters from Resilient Nutrition, enhanced by cutting edge science, to boost your stamina, keep you calm and alert and bolster your resilience. Get 10% off by using the code insidetri10 or go direct https://resilientnutrition.com/discount/insidetri10 (via this link). https://www.33fuel.com/ (33 Fuel) – natural and very yummy sports nutrition. For your chance to win 3 months supply of award winning 33 Fuel Ultimate Daily Greens, enter the draw by https://bit.ly/31lR3I1 (clicking on this link). And as always, use the code INSIDETRI33 for a discount at checkout at https://www.33fuel.com/ (www.33fuel.com). Komfuel Like a pic' n mix of sports nutrition through your letterbox! Listeners can get 20% off all orders or advance sweat tests using the code: INSIDETRI at https://komfuel.co.uk/ (www.komfuel.co.uk) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - https://podcorn.com/privacy Support this podcast
1 hr 16 min
That Triathlon Show
That Triathlon Show
Mikael Eriksson
Q&A #114 - Using kilojoules to monitor training load; Big rides for Ironman; Should your training be as hard as your race
Q&A #114 - Using kilojoules to monitor training load; Big rides for Ironman; Should your training be as hard as your race * How work (kilojoules) done can be used to effectively monitor training load at a micro- and mesocycle level, and even within workouts * When should you do your key Ironman rides and what should they look like? * Should your training meet or even exceed the demands of your goal race, or should even the hardest workouts slightly undershoot what you'll need to do on race day?   LINKS AND RESOURCES: * Scientific Triathlon website * Coaching * Training Plans * Q&A episode archive * Apply for the Scientific Triathlon Training Camp Mallorca 2021 * Q&A #109 - Running race pace and training zone calculators; Estimating your run threshold pace; How to use session-RPE * How World Tour cyclists train, and a discussion on training load with Teun van Erp, PhD | EP#250 * Kilojoules over kilometers - a better way to pace your Ironman   SPONSORS: Precision Hydration - One-size doesn't fit all when it comes to hydration. Take Precision Hydration's FREE sweat test and learn how you should hydrate. Use the discount code THATTRIATHLONSHOW15 to get 15% off your order OR use the code THATTRIATHLONSHOW and get your first box for free.   ROKA - The finest triathlon wetsuits, apparel, equipment, and eyewear on the planet. Trusted by Javier Gómez, Gwen Jorgensen, Flora Duffy, Mario Mola, Lucy Charles and others. Visit roka.com/tts for 20% off your order.   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing.    CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at mikael@scientifictriathlon.com or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
36 min
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Ask a Cycling Coach - TrainerRoad Podcast
Recovery Routines, Early Season PRs, Motivation and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 286
Post-workout recovery routines that make you faster, what to do when you are setting PRs before your goal event, how to find motivation to train and help motivate others and much more in Episode 286 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. Find mentioned studies and products from this episode: https://www.TrainerRoad.com/forum ------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT TRAINERROAD — CYCLING’S MOST EFFECTIVE TRAINING SYSTEM TrainerRoad makes cyclists faster. Athletes get structured indoor workouts, science-backed training plans, and easy-to-use performance analysis tools to reach their goals. Build Your Custom Plan: https://bit.ly/33cAtM1 Train Together with Group Workouts: https://bit.ly/3i7niAd Get Started: https://bit.ly/3mZTetS ------------------------------------------------------------------ TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE * What to do if you’ve met your goals earlier than anticipated * How to avoid burnout with junior athletes * What changing your cycling cleat position will do * How to always get the same cleat position * Post-workout routines that make you a faster cyclist * How pro cycling teams work • How to pick a training plan * How to train for collegiate racing * How to calculate calorie burn with cycling * How to justify the risk of bike racing * How to motivate others to train ------------------------------------------------------------------ SUCCESSFUL ATHLETES PODCAST * iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/successful-athletes-podcast-presented-by-trainerroad/id1516326667 * Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9zdWNjZXNzZnVsYXRobGV0ZXMubGlic3luLmNvbS9yc3M?hl=en * YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrKJ0zeMQrI4ViIjWs8xnCiBCYoay5U0B ------------------------------------------------------------------ RESOURCES AND STUDIES REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE - https://www.trainerroad.com/blog/a-conversation-about-bike-fit-with-dr-andy-pruitt/ - https://www.trainerroad.com/blog/calories-and-power/ ------------------------------------------------------------------ STAY IN TOUCH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrainerRd Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trainerroad/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TrainerRoad Strava Club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/trainerroad
2 hr 8 min
Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach Podcast Channel
Simon Ward, The Triathlon Coach Podcast Channel
Simon Ward
PTO's Impact on Pro-Triathletes * Simon Ward with Jackson Laundry and Taylor Reid
Since COVID19 hit the world, triathletes have suffered just like everyone else. Limited opportunities to train and virtually no racing apart from virtual. The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has been a big help to triathlon, distributing grants to help athletes survive and in recent months, bumping up the prize purse at selected races (£15k for Helvellyn and Outlaw X in the UK) for the pro athletes racing. On December 6 the PTO Challenge Daytona will air and this event will have the biggest prize purse ever offered for a professional triathlon race with £1,150,000. There will be an equal number of pro male and female starters and the prize pots are identical. In another first, the prize money will be distributed among all athletes with every starter guaranteed to take home a minimum of $2500. In this week’s episode, I talk to 2 talented Canadian athletes who will be racing in Daytona. Taylor Reid has five professional 70.3 victories (including three Ironman 70.3 victories) and has been on the podium fifteen times. After chasing the Olympic dream for 7 years, he had some success winning the U23 Canadian Champion in 2013. He then made the switch to long-course triathlon in 2014, focusing on the Ironman 70.3 events all around the world. The longer event, which required more endurance, suited his strengths. Alongside his triathlon career, Taylor is also a spokesperson for dyslexia, sharing his story with the world to help raise awareness about dyslexia. Jackson Laundry is a two-time Ironman 70.3 champ (Raleigh 2018, Mont Tremblant 2019) and has eleven 70.3 podiums. He was also the winner and co-organizer of the 2020 Canadian pro tri championship, a race that he and Taylor decided to host in order to give the community something to look forward to and give fellow athletes a high level race. It was a huge success, bringing many of the top Canadian athletes together, with their own private TV crew and CBC coverage. Taylor is also the co-host of "The Real Triathlon Podcast” and has had a successful virtual race season in 2020, taking 4th place at the 2020 Zwift pro tri series, 2nd place at Ironman VR14, and winning 1 stage of the Super League e-series. Listen in to the interesting conversation with these two enthusiastic, personable and professional triathletes trying to make their way in the world and giving back a little as they continue their journey. Hopefully you’ll appreciate this as well as we chat about: * Life as a pro triathlete - living the dream or scraping a living * The life of a professional triathlete during lockdown in Canada * How COVID 19 has disrupted their training and racing plans * PTO and the impact it’s having on professional triathlon * An athlete turned race organizer, and getting a better appreciation of the work done by race promoters and volunteers * Challenge Daytona To find out more about Jackson: Website - https://www.jacksonlaundrytri.com/ Instagram - @jacksonlaundrytri To find out more about Taylor: Website: - http://www.taylor-reid.com/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIj6iRJupVYsVB06igYz9zQ?view_as=subscriber Twitter/instagram: @TC_Reid We also talked about: "The Real Triathlon Podcast": hosted by Jackson and two fellow pro triathletes You can find that here - https://therealtriathlonpodcast.podbean.com/ Podcast Instagram handle is @therealtripodcast Here is the link to the race highlights video for the Canadian Pro Triathlon Championship. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Cek3u8Jfo&t=4s Taylor talked about his work increasing awareness of dyslexia. You can find details here Dyslexia: https://idyslexic.com/ @everydaydyslexiaheroesproject https://www.idaontario.com/ https://www.dyslexiacanada.org/ To find out more about Simon’s SWAT programme, please click HERE Visit Simon's website for more information about his coaching programmes Links to all of Simon's social media channels can be found here For any questions please email Beth@TheTriathlonCoach.com
1 hr 3 min
The Greg Bennett Show
The Greg Bennett Show
Greg Bennett
Terenzo Bozzone - Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Ironman Champion
Terenzo Bozzone is one of the world’s greatest endurance athletes… with over 47 wins including 33 Ironman 70.3 and numerous ironman victories. He has 5 World Championship titles in Triathlon, duathlon, and his 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Title.It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, he’s had enormous setbacks with Achilles injuries and eventually surgeries and a frightening accident in 2018 when he was taken out by a truck on his bike. But he continues to rebound and rebuild and come back stronger and better.Never a smile off his face, you’d be hard-pressed to meet a better man. We’ve been mates for almost 20 years and raced each other for over a decade.In this episode, Terenzo describes the difficult mental, physical, and emotional journey back from an almost career and life-ending accident. He struggled with Concussion symptoms for months after the accident... headaches that would last a week at a time. He won Ironman Western Australia 5 months after the accident using the desire to show his kids the importance of never giving up even when the chips are down to empower him to victory.He discusses his hopes of going to the Olympics but missing out due to politics in sport. He regrouped and went on to win the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships the same year as the Games.We discuss sleep and recovery, mountain biking, supplements, and mental strategies and so much more.
1 hr 30 min
Fast Talk
Fast Talk
Fast Talk Labs
FT139: A New Coaching Model: Creating Better Athletes Through Our Virtual Performance Center
We believe modern coaching doesn’t optimally fulfill the needs of the modern athlete. That’s why we’re introducing our community, education, and coaching membership, Fast Talk Laboratories.   So often athletes are given templated training plans. But what if he or she gets sick? Or work gets stressful? That athlete will likely do more harm than good simply pushing through and sticking to the plan. In response to that methodology, we’ve created a virtual performance center, a place for the insightful athlete to be guided to their best self.   We have collected the many tools available to modern athletes in one place, offering curated and validated knowledge—through articles, videos, workshops, webinars, forums, and the list goes on—from some of the finest minds in sport science: Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Stephen Cheung, Julie Young, Colby Pearce, Grant Holicky, Jess Elliott, to name a few. We’ll be adding new contributors all the time, and you can be sure they’ll also bring clarity and sophistication to their contributions.  Let’s detail our Listener, Library, Live, and Laboratory member levels.  Listener: We are now producing transcripts of every new Fast Talk podcast episode—plus our catalog of over 135 existing episodes and 27 Cycling in Alignment episodes. What does that mean for Listeners? Searchable podcast episodes, references, and resources. And, of course, you can read along or scan ahead, if you happen to be a faster reader than listener.   Listeners will also begin to receive our weekly newsletter, which will keep them up to date on new episodes, special guests, and opportunities to send in questions for new Q&A episodes. We also have plans to periodically release a few of our most popular training science videos and articles—but only for members.   Our next membership level unlocks a whole library of content, which is why we’re calling it our Library Membership. For our Library Members, we have created training science articles, a whole library of video content, and a moderated forum. This is content like the fundamentals of sports nutrition from Head Coach Ryan Kohler and a workshop on why cold temperatures affect performance from Dr. Stephen Cheung. The Forum is a place to discuss recent episodes, ask questions, and get answers from Trevor, Ryan, and our very smart members.   Live membership is really the heart and soul of what we’re offering. This level includes all the features we’ve already introduced, plus a whole suite of Live Events including social group rides, structured live workouts, live Q&A sessions, and live webinars. Trevor’s and Ryan’s experience in training centers and the group-style approach will shine. This level also includes group coaching and a monthly question answered.  Our Laboratory Membership will open in January. This is our premier coaching level, and of course it includes all the benefits of the lower levels. We believe it’s a vast improvement over existing coaching programs. Our athletes and listeners are not typical. They are intelligent, motivated, and they don’t need email nannying, which is what we often see in endurance coaching. They also don’t really need templated training plans,  which we believe are counterproductive for higher-level athletes.   Instead, our Laboratory Membership is a new concept that we call Endurance Mentorship. What does that mean? Well, it’s based on the idea that you already know the basics—but wouldn’t it be great to have an elite coach to answer your questions? Plus, with periodic testing and guidance, you’ll experience the best of what Fast Talk Laboratories has to offer as a virtual performance center. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
34 min
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