Life with Leyla
Life with Leyla
Dec 10, 2019
15. It Begins With Building Habits of Positive Self Care with Kevin Wong of Habitual Roots
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#15: Why hello there! Here are the show notes for this episode with Kevin Wong of Habitual Roots. I’m excited for you to listen to this, we dive into a lot of topics but its’ all around how can be more present, appreciate the here and now, feel less lonely, and not let outside circumstances dictate how we feel and show up in the world. Lot’s of tactical advice in this episode that is easy to implement into your life and daily practice today.

Let me tell a bit of background on Kevin. Kevin is the co-founder of Habitual Roots and its lead contact in Denver C.O. Kevin spent 6+ years managing projects within the engineering, nuclear, and software industries. Since obtaining his professional coaching license, Kevin has become passionate about empowering others to reflect, connect, and reset habitually.

The topics we cover in this episode include:

Building Habits of Positive Self Care

The Link Between Loneliness & Technology

The Energy Exchange Gained When We Speak in Person

Conscious Breathing and Why It’s So Important

The Power of the Present Moment

How to be More Present

Kevin’s Personal Story of Regaining his Health & Vitality

Paradigm shift until mindset to deepening the connection to the greater, authentic you.

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Love you! Xo Ley


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