Coping with a Colicky Baby with Jackie DelVecchio
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Many pregnant people envision the early days of parenthood snuggled close with their new cooing baby. But, what happens when the dream-like vision collides with brutal reality of a constantly crying baby? One in four babies suffer from a condition called, colic. The baby cries for long stretches of time with little break and no obvious reason as to what is wrong. You can imagine the stress, frustration and sense of helplessness this puts on new parents. 

In this episode of Yoga| Birth|Babies, I speak with Licensed Mental Health Counselor and mother of a colicky baby, Jackie DelVecchio. Jackie shares her story of having a colicky baby and what she learned about herself as a new parent. As a social worker, Jackie specializes in Perinatal Mental Health and draws on her experiences to support other parents living through life with a colicky baby. She offers solids tips for coping through this challenging and transient time. 

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Doing It At Home
Doing It At Home
Independent Podcast Network | Sarah and Matthew Bivens
317: Talking Pregnant Fitness, Doula Work, Chiropractic and Home Birth Prep with BIRTHFIT Founder and CEO Lindsey K. Mathews
How are you connecting with your body during your pregnancy and birth prep? Today we’re joined by Lindsey K. Mathews, Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, prenatal and postpartum programs for mind and body, as well as seminars and education for users of the program and coaches for the organization.  Lindsey walks us through the inspiration and history of BIRTHFIT as well as sharing her own personal journey into birth work and feeding her passion for serving and celebrating women with alternative therapies. The list of roles that Lindsey has includes (and isn’t even limited to): Founder and CEO of BIRTHFIT, chiropractor, birth doula, strength and conditioning coach, yoga instructor, NLP practitioner, childbirth educator and author. So you can imagine, we had lots to talk about! From working in Hollywood and the sports industry, Lindsey eventually found herself diving into research, education and course work around recovering and healing in prenatal and postpartum as efficiently as possible as a way to serve her clients. Now for Lindsey, “birth work is my sport.” We talk about the building blocks of BIRTHFIT (fitness, nutrition, chiropractic and mindset) and how they can serve pregnant women prepare for the birth experience and the opportunity to develop a deep trust in the body.  Topics we cover in this episode: prenatal and postpartum fitness, chiropractic, doula work, healing and recovery, drug-free birth Links: Get 50% off the BIRTHFIT Education with the code DIAH50off: BIRTHFIT website: BIRTHFIT Instagram: Lindsey’s Instagram: Our website: DIAH Shop: ttps:// Instagram: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Donate to DIAH:
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40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast
Vanessa Merten of the Pregnancy Podcast
Week 0 Introduction
Week 0 Introduction. An introduction to 40 Weeks and everything you can expect from the 40 Weeks podcast. Want to know exactly what is going on with your baby and your body each week? Whether you are in week 6 or week 36 of pregnancy, this podcast will give you just that in about five minutes. Learn how big your baby is, what new developments are going on, how your body is changing, how you can find relief from some of the changes going on with you like morning sickness and back pain, what to expect at doctor or midwife appointments, how to plan ahead for breastfeeding, how to plan for the birth you want, plus get a tip each week for Dads! You can check out a picture of what your baby looks this week and see resources mentioned in this episode at To get each week delivered to your inbox according to your due date sign up at The Pregnancy Podcast has so much more information on specific topics related to pregnancy and is an awesome resource in conjunction with the 40 Weeks podcast. Thank you so much for listening and please let me know how I can help you navigate all of the crazy awesomeness that is pregnancy, birth, and being a new parent! As always you can get in touch with me via email You can join us in the Pregnancy Podcast Community on Facebook to connect, support, share, and ask questions. You will be an amazing parent! I wish you the very best on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey! Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+
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Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast
Dianne Cassidy & Abby Theuring
Bed-Sharing and SIDS with Tracy Cassels, PhD
Badass Breastfeeding Podcast Tracy Cassels, PhD is BACK!  This week, Abby talks with Tracy about SIDS, sleep, breastfeeding, and the science behind it all.  You don’t want to miss it!!    If you are a new listener, we would love to hear from you.  Please consider leaving us a review on itunes or sending us an email with your suggestions and comments to WE HAVE TRANSCRIPTS!!  You can also add your email to our list and have episodes sent right to your inbox!   *Things we talked about:*    If you don’t already know of her, who is Tracy Cassels, PhD?  [4:21] Difference between SIDS and suffocation  [13:20] The infant breathing process (so fascinating!) [15:55] SIDS in different sleep environments [24:03] Resources for professionals [35:10] Precocial mammals?  That’s us! [46:17] Intentionality and sleep environment [57:27] Our babies expect to be close to us [1:02:00] Where to find and follow Tracy [1:18:00]   *This Episode is sponsored by Original Sprout and Sheila Darling Coaching   Links to information we discussed or episodes you should check out!    Set up your consultation with Dianne        *Check out Dianne’s blog here~* ** *Follow our Podcast~* * *Here is how you can connect with Dianne and Abby~* * Abby Theuring * Dianne Cassidy   *Music we use~* Music: "Levels of Greatness" from "We Used to Paint Stars in the Sky (2012)" courtesy of Scott Holmes at Holmes
1 hr 23 min
Minimalist Moms Podcast
Minimalist Moms Podcast
Diane Boden
EP160: Minimalist Living: Life on the Road with Laura Bruner
Pre-Order Your Copy of Minimalist Moms: Living & Parenting with Simplicity ( ) ----------------------------- Today is the second in a four week series called Minimalist Living. You’ll hear from minimalists living on boats, NYC, traveling the world, and, on today’s episode, a converted van! Fellow podcaster, Laura Bruner joined me to discuss living and parenting in a converted van, what was been easier (and trickier) while living on the road... I loved hearing how minimalism has influenced life in these areas and my hope is that it encourages you in your own minimalist pursuits (or maybe even prompts you to change up your lifestyle- you never know)! Show Notes for EP160: Minimalist Living: Life on the Road ( ) *Enjoy this Podcast?* Learning how you can get rid of clutter and live an intentional and purposeful life has never been this simple. If you enjoyed today’s episode of the Minimalist Moms Podcast, then hit subscribe and share it with your friends! *Post a review and share it!* If you enjoyed tuning into this podcast, then do not hesitate to write a review. You can also share this with your fellow mothers so that they can be inspired to think more and do with less. *Questions?* You can contact me through my website ( ) , find me on Instagram ( ) , or like The Minimalist Moms Page on Facebook ( ). *Thanks for listening!* For more updates and episodes, visit the website ( ). You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts ( ) , Spotify ( ) , Google Podcasts ( ) , or Stitcher ( ). *Episode Sponsored By:* Gobble ( ) Cacao Bliss (Code: Minimalist) Cloud Paper ( ) (Code: Minimalist) Advertising Inquiries:
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