What Will You Do? – with Linda J. Hansen [Ep.89]
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If you are like most people, you may feel like America has been turned inside out, flipped upside down, and spun around in circles. The America you have known seems lost to lockdowns, mandates, travel and assembly restrictions, censorship, and government invasion (and even oversight) of our medical and economic privacy. Many cannot understand how it came to this so quickly. How could America, the beacon of freedom for the world, be tottering at the brink of collapse towards socialism? Change happens slowly (or so it seems), until it happens all at once. It may seem all at once now, but the seeds have been growing for decades, waiting for the right conditions for the plant to become full grown. As you have seen wrong be called right, truth be called lies, and common sense be replaced with double-speak, what will you do about it? Will you follow along, or will you speak up to defend your rights? In this episode, Linda shares from a favorite book to remind us that We the People are the true leaders of our nation, and we must answer the call to promote liberty. What will you do? Will you answer the call?

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