EP22: Visioning To Grow The Business You Want
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On the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast, I teach you how to increase your profits and enjoy your business more. In this episode, you’ll learn how to grow your business by using visioning and vision statements.  

Visioning is about envisioning the future and then engineering your path towards it. When you see what you want to have happen in your business, you can get insights and ideas into how to build it.  

This technique has huge opportunities, but a lot of people aren’t using it. And those that are using it, I find, aren’t using it to the great possibility that they could. 

Key areas discussed in this episode: 

  • I first learned this tool at The Coca-Cola Company when I was in the field (yes, it’s a powerful tool that global multinational corporations are using and you can use it, too). I share exactly what we did and how we used it in corporate business planning.

  • 5 critical reasons why you should use visioning in your business.

  • Vision statements are not mission statements. I share how to create your vision statement and orient towards it.

  • It's easier to achieve what you've already seen yourself doing. I talk about why visioning works and makes it easier to create your reality.

  • How to make your goals more compelling and other ways to use visioning in your business to get clarity and attract what you want. 

Visioning puts you in a position of clarity, control, and decisiveness — and that leads to the kind of action that grows your business. Listen to this episode to learn how to grow your business with visioning wherever you get podcasts or click here to listen and subscribe: https://enlightenedmarketing.com/podcast/.  
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