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Episode 44 - How the fear of failure can destroy your dreams
Feb 13, 2020 · 40 min
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Implementation is the key to success!


In today’s podcast, I chat with Andrew and discuss the importance of realising, accepting and overcoming your fears in order reach your potential in all areas of your life. We explore the concept of fear and how this holds us back, especially the fear of failure in business.


Join us as we dive deeper into:

  • How perfectionism can hold you back - most people tend to procrastinate because of this, as they worry about making the wrong decision


  • How you can set up systems to help you make concise decisions, this requires thinking, which most people don’t like to do – most farmers prefer to DO rather than THINK!


  • Implementation is the key to success, not the decision making however this is still a very critical part.


  • Never allow a year, a quarter, a week or a day go by without planning it first - this is the KEY to succeeding - yet most people don’t do this.


  • Stop using excuses to set your goals later - do it NOW!


  • The power of 10-year, 3-year and 12-month goals, quarterly rocks, weekly & daily goals – If you make time to write these down, you will become unstoppable.


  • How taking control of your business and developing systems will help you make more profit and allow your team to become more focused and efficient.


  • If you don’t set goals, your team is winging it which will cost you lots of money, for little return.



Your greatest life is on the other side of fear! We hope you enjoy this podcast and identify the fears which might be holding you back.


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