200: How to Use Futurist Thinking to Transform Yourself
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Are you ready to ditch your fears about your future? In this episode, you’ll learn how to transform your thinking to move you from a place of self-doubt to self-confidence when it comes to your future and success. We’ll dig into the concept of futurist thinking and discuss how you can cultivate this skill to transform your life, become more growth-oriented, and stop playing it safe!  

What’s In This Episode:

  • What is futurist thinking
  • How to think like a futurist
  • How to embrace change
  • How affirmations work
  • Why affirmations are important
The Slow Home Podcast
The Slow Home Podcast
Brooke McAlary
Meditation, acceptance and relinquishing control with Kevin Janks - Life in the Time of Covid-19
We've all heard about the transformative power of meditation, but how can we access it when uncertainty, stress and living through a pandemic make it difficult to simply sit still and breathe?  In today's episode Brooke is joined by friend of the show and founder of Centred Meditation, Kevin Janks, to talk through the power of meditation in challenging times.  Meditation allows us to decompress from 'fight or flight' mode and as Kevin explains, the time investment doesn’t need to be excessive. (Research has found that meditating for as little as 12 minutes a day can have a substantial impact over the course of three weeks). It can also be used to shift our perception of control, which is often the overriding emotion during times of crisis, and by doing so, release us from the stress of trying to control and uncontrollable situation. Kevin also shares how meditation allows us to accept the current circumstances we find ourselves in (not in order to accept and give up, but in order to simply accept the way things are at the moment) and use that freedom to look at how we will move forward when we're able.  There's so much to be taken from meditation, particularly during such stressful times, and this conversation with Kevin is full of tools and takeaways that will hopefully help you.  Enjoy!  Looking for more Slow? Find show notes, resources and links at slowyourhome.com/season6 Follow us on Instagram @slowhomepod Sign up for the Slow Post, Brooke's weekly slow-living love letters  Or leave a rating or review in iTunes Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/slow See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
40 min
Because I Can Life
Because I Can Life
Alison J. Prince
Guide To Getting Your IG Followers Into Your Online Shop
This week, I had an exciting conversation with Anna Macfarlane about turning your Instagram follower into buyers on your online store. She shares some great tips that you can start implementing today! It all starts with chips and salsa... Really! Anna connects how something as seemingly simple as offering chips and salsa can be a game-changer for a business (You’ll have to tune in for that story). We talk about how so many of your business owners out there aren’t utilizing that precious following you’ve been building. And it’s all because you’re not embracing the wonderful opportunity for connection that’s right in front of you. The key is setting the tone for your audience. You want to wine and dine them so that they feel seen and appreciated. I know how thankful you are for your customers, but it’s time you SHOW THEM just how valued they are. Join Anna and me as she drops some serious tips on translating all those lovey feels into actual sales! Key Takeaways * Anna’s restaurant story (02:10) * Why people like Chik-Fil-A (11:50) * Your name matters (13:50) * How to make people feel welcome on social media (15:30) * Make people feel important (18:25) * Go the extra mile (22:20) * Use your time to make better connections (25:00) * Top Takeaways (26:20) Additional Resources Follow Anna on Instagram Check out the 5-day sprint here Connect with Alison: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn >>> Join the $1-100k Program
28 min
Work Less, Earn More
Work Less, Earn More
Gillian Perkins
EP 55: The $10K/month Side Hustle With Keina Newell
One of the biggest changes we’re making in 2021 is how we run the podcast. Instead of pre-recording and editing all the episodes before we release them, we’re now recording the show LIVE each week inside Startup Society, so that the members can listen in and participate by asking questions. As I write this, I’ve just finished recording the first of these live sessions, and what a great interview it was! In today’s episode, I sat down with Keina Newell, financial coach and founder of Wealth Over Now. Keina works with professional women and solopreneurs to create new possibilities with their money so they can save more, pay off debt, invest in themselves and stress less about money. Keina is passionate about her work and finds no greater satisfaction than helping her clients start managing their money with joy because they’ve learned to feel possibility where they once felt shame, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety. We had a great discussion about how she’s built her coaching practice to $10K months -- while maintaining her full-time corporate job. Keina shared a lot of great insights into how to market yourself as a coach (or freelancer) and how to balance a side-hustle with a full-time job. Listen to the full episode to hear: * How Keina’s grown her coaching business from 0 to where she is today * The systems Keina has in place so she can operate her coaching practice while working full-time * How she's maximizing profits with a 1:1 business model Learn more about Keina Newell: * wealthovernow.com * Wealth Over Now on Instagram Learn more about Gillian: * Join Startup Society (promo code: earnmore) * Profit Planning Challenge * Get in touch!
26 min
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