Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #6: Because I Said I Would with Stephen Gray
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On this episode of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast, Jonathan talks with Stephen Gray, author, speaker, and "emerging elder." Stephen is the organizer and MC of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, which will be held next weekend, October 24 & 25, 2015 at the University of British Columbia's Buchanan Building, Room A101, Vancouver BC, Canada, where Psychedelic Parenting host Jonathan will be speaking on the topic of "Reclaiming Religious Freedom and Family Values."  Stephen is the Author of the book Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for Emerging RealityHe also has many years of experience with plant medicine ceremonies in both the Native American Church tradition, as well as the Santo Daime religion. Tickets for Spirit Plant Medicine Conference can be purchased HERE.

In this conversation, Stephen and Jonathan discuss the possibility of an emerging distinct medicine tradition for white North Americans, about the role of the sacred feminine in family and religious life, and of taking on the mantle of "elder" as one enters the latter part of life.

The highlight of this interview is Stephen's story of the powerful commitment of a friend and respected NAC Roadman whom Stephen calls "Kanucas." Kanukas made a promise to Stephen to attend and speak at the launch event for his book, and even though he was met with a great deal of personal hardships around the time of the launch, Kanucas fulfilled his promise to Stephen. The story is also recounted HERE on Stephen's blog. Enjoy.


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