146 - Dr Colin Dombroski Different Orthotics & Positive Results
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Dr Colin Dombroski has a PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science and has spent the last 20 years loving every day as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. His research has helped him understand patients can receive positive results from many different types of orthotics; there is no one right way.  

He has treated everyone from Bad Ass Olympians to Octogenarians with arthritis, and he uses his experience as a researcher, speaker and writer to help them back to their feet.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why he chose to become a pedorthist and not a podiatrist.
  • Why do we see irregular feet with zero problems and so-called normal feet with multiple problems?
  • Making different orthotics yet getting positive results. 
  • Orthotic adjustments and patient psychology. 
  • We should be questioning what we are doing.
  • Finding the WHO’s to allow you to do the HOWs - you don't have to be the leader in your business. 
  • Different casting modalities and the results from research - it's not the modality; it's what you do with it that counts most.  

Big Tip:

Be open to the idea of adjusting your orthotics as much as your patient needs them adjusted. 

"Half of everything we’re going to be taught in school will be proven to be wrong in ten years. The question is, your professors don’t know which half"

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