Living Among Lions
The Benham Brothers
Mainstream media is propaganda. The Hollywood elite wars against morality and virtue. Professional athletes fan the flames of “racism,” while college campuses seek to turn our kids into limp-wristed communists. And to top it off, many of today’s so-called Christian leaders are puppets, taking their cues from pop-culture instead of God’s word. So how do you navigate this new morality? How do you work and play in a new America that has become like old Babylon? How do you raise a family based upon Biblical values when those values are marginalized, demonized, and soon to be criminalized? That’s just a few of the things the Benham Brothers talk about in this podcast! They’ll help you “live among the lions and thrive in today’s Babylon,” and not just merely survive in the midst of the chaos. Nationally-acclaimed entrepreneurs and best-selling authors, David and Jason Benham, were the OG’s of cancel culture as their HGTV show was cancelled back in 2014 for their Christian values. Yet they stood strong and continued to thrive in business and in their families, developing a “bullet-proof” heart of steel ready to live boldly. If you’re ready to get equipped to fight the good fight with two brothers who pull no punches for fear of being politically incorrect, this podcast is for you!
Living Among Lions
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